There are two Rules in Sports: Work your butt off or do as you dang please!

With that said, that being, “There are two rules in sports, work your butt off or do as you dang please”, which one will you choose to follow?????

The fall practices have begun and you can approach the new season one of two ways, “Work you butt off our do as you dang please”.

When Ben Walton grew tired of life on Walton’s Mountain he asked his parents if he could go live with Yancey Tucker. John and Olivia(dad and mom Walton) said, “sure you can give it a try”.

After Ben got settled in at Tucker’s place, he asked Yancey Tucker what his responsibilites would be now that he was living at the Tucker residence/cabin/shack.

Yancey Tucker told Ben there was only one major rule around his place and asked Ben if he’d like to know what the standard rule was at Tucker’s place.

“Sure said Ben.”

Tucker told Ben we only have that one rule at his place and that rule was, “Do as you dang please”!

That sounded real good to Ben in the beginning, but after a few days he realized if he was ever going to get anywhere in life, he would have to work hard and follow all the rules, not just the one that said, “Do As You Dang Please”.

Ben went back to Walton’s Mountain and he jumped back in line and began to follow the Walton’s Way.

The same goes for these new fall practices. You can either work you butt off or do as you dang please. If you choose rule #2 you won’t last long in 2009.

Sure you can just get by, and then you won’t go any further than the HS level and the colleges will not want a thing to do with you. Bad news travels much faster than good news and you don’t want your future to be like a trip to Yancey Tucker’s place.

Bust your butt and you will get results. Do as you dang please and you will get splinters in your butt.

I talked to a lady this morning and she told me her grandson was playing for Southeast Guilford and that he started the season at 230 lbs. and now he was down to 214. The kid is built like a rock and his name is Seth Stone.

Stone is ready to play both offense and defense this season for Falcon coach Fritz Hessenthaler and you’ve got to believe that Stone has been working his butt off and we know that he is already in line to be one of the team captains for this season.

I’m sure there are plenty of other Seth Stone stories out there and we are ready to hear them.

For every Stone left unturned there will be quite a few Yancey Tuckers showing up too and for the Yancey Tuckers out there just remember, Payday Someday. It didn’t take Ben Walton long to find out that you can’t go through life following Tucker’s rule of, “Do as you dang please”.

Ben Walton was glad to get back in the fold and he had plenty of team support from Mary Ellen, Erin and Elizabeth plus John Boy, Jason and Jim Bob.

There are two rules in sports. Which one will you choose to follow?????