Former Hornet Turner returns to Greensboro for Grasshoppers game

Brian Turner, Greensboro Hornets baseball 1991, returned to Greensboro Tuesday to take in a Greensboro Grasshoppers game with his family at NewBridge Bank Park.

Turner lives in Ohio, but he was right here in Greensboro back in the early 90’s with the New York Yankees farmhands, the Greensboro Hornets. Turner’s manager back then was Trey Hillman, now the skipper for the Kansas City Royals and Turner has fond memories of his stay in Greensboro and his run with the Yankees farm system and his overall ride through professional baseball.

Turner was a one-time roommate with current Yankees pitcher Andy Pettite and Turner recalled lining up on the field as teammates with Derek Jeter in Tampa, with Mr. Steinbrenner’s Tampa Yankess.

Brian Turner hit professional baseball right out of high school as a 39th-round draft pick by the Yankees and he said if he had it do over again he would have gone on to college at Ohio State, on his baseball scholarship, instead of turning pro at age 18.

Turner played some first base, but mainly manned the outfield while in Greensboro with the Hornets and now he mans a daily foot-route on delivery for the United States Postal Service.

Turner’s connection with baseball continues as he now coaches his son, a 10 year-old pitcher, who dad only allows to throw the fastball and a change-up. “Got to be very careful with the young kid’s arm”, said Turner who still enjoys his time spent coaching and watching his son play ball in the big tournaments and throughout the summer season.

Turner met and later married his wife while he was in Greensboro playing ball back in 1991 and back then he was still playing the field until he settled down and decided to start a family and coming back to Greensboro to visit relatives is always a special treat for the former Greensboro Hornet from the Buckeye state of Ohio.

Turner returned to Greensboro and it was a pleasure to speak with him during the broadcast of the Grasshoppers game on Tuesday evening at NewBridge Bank Park.

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