From under the bridge in Jamestown

Not on the Street, but up under the bridge in Jamestown last night, after the heavy rain and was looking for the ghost of Lydia, who has been seen there under that bridge over where the train used to come through town many, many times over the years, after a hot and heavy rain storm on a those muggy August nights when the moon is full.

Last night around midnight, no ghost, but I ran into a bear who said he had talked to a mole about a tiger and the word up under the bridge was that Ragsdale baseball player Bennett Hixon was leaving the Tigers and would soon be a Trojan at Wesleyan Christian Academy(High Point Wesleyan).

Hixson would get the chance to re-class and in effect have a chance to be seen by more college recruiters and who knows maybe a few pro scouts. Wil Myers had a good run as he finished up at Wesleyan.

This is no bad reflection on Ragsdale and grades have never been a problem for Hixon, this just gives him a better chance when it all comes down to the recruiting time frame.

We have heard quite a bit of other talk coming down this week about players transferring in to schools with the doors set to open up in about three weeks, but this move has been confirmed.

I learned a long time ago, you never argue with a black bear, who is good friends with mole, that hangs out with Tigers, under a bridge that is home to one of the most famous ghosts(Lydia), in US folklore history.