Wouldn’t that be something?

Mitch Atkins was called up last week by the Chicago Cubs and with the move he made it to the Show. Atkins has since been sent back down, but he will be back up again, when somebody gets hurt or one of the Cubs gets traded to another team or a Cub pitcher gets their outright release.

Atkins made it all the way up to the top coming right out of Northeast Guilford High School, and he was by all accounts, the first player from Guilford County to hit the majors in right at 50 years.

Fifty years is long time baby, but wouldn’t it be something if Jeremy Synan, Mitch Atkins’ old teammate at Northeast Guilford HS, made up to the top as well. Two kids to the Show from the same high school and it took 50 years to get a Guilford County kid back up to the top level of professional baseball?

The dream is alive and kickin’ for Synan. He got called up to the Florida Marlins Advanced Class A Jupiter Hammerheads on Thursday, and now the wheels are in motion for Synan to make it to the Bigs.

Synan left out of Greensboro and the Greensboro Grasshoppers Class A club hitting .291 with 13 home runs and 63 RBI’s and he played very steady defensively in left field. Synan came to the Marlins by way of the college route(N.C. State), checking in as a 42nd-round draft pick in 2008.

Let’s dream on with Synan, that he will make it all the way to the top of the Marlins’ food chain and end up in the outfield for the Fish in Miami. Synan went 0-4 in his debut with the Jupiter Hammerheads on Thursday night, but day two is coming up and let’s see what happens when Synan gets settled in with Jupiter.

Current stop for Synan, Jupiter, Fla., and then it should be on to AA Jacksonville with the Suns and then possibly a stop in New Orleans with the AAA Zephyers. Often times a player can bypass the AAA level and hit the majors straight from AA. (More times than not, it depends on the team and the system.)

At this rate, all of the Jeremy Synan fans will need to be patient, but with around a two-year time table, let’s hope Synan can be headed to Miami and be a part of the Florida Marlins’ new stadium.

The dream is alive, and wouldn’t that be something if Guilford County had two kids from the same high school(Northeast Guilford) in the major leagues playing baseball at the same time and it took 50 years just to get a kid back to the top…..

Wouldn’t that be something?????

And on down the road, with the Luis Paula kid showing steady growth and improvement, you never know…..Paula, from Northeast Guilford, is doing quite well, currently at the Colt Baseball level(15-16 year-olds) and he appears to have a bright future ahead of him.

His dad, Miguel Paula, was a Colt All-Star, that was part of a Greensboro team that made it to the Colt World Series back in 1983.

As the old biblical tune/hymn used to say, “There’s Power in the Blood”, and there might just be something in the water out around Northeast Guilford with all the baseball talent that’s coming out of that community these days.

Mitch Atkins and Jeremy Synan from NEG High School, playing Major League Baseball at the same time, and possibly against each other in the National League with the Cubs versus the Marlins?????

Now, “Wouldn’t that be something”?

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