Baseball Road Trip To Kannapolis

A few members of the K-Zone drove down to Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium, home of the Kannapolis Intimidators. It was a nice drive from Greensboro to Kannapolis. There were a few other Greensboro fans in attendance, including some of the Grasshopper staff.

We’ve got a lot of photographs; we should have taken more.

Ticket prices were in the same range $6 and $8 (Greensboro is $6 to $9); children (under 12) pay $1 less. Parking is $2 – there is NO Alternative parking as the stadium is in the middle of a large rural setting. They allow fans to Tailgate as well and come and go from inside to the parking lot.

Prices were almost $1 lower across the board for concessions. 12oz Can Beer was $3 (Grasshopper 16oz can beer is $4.50). 32oz Draft was $5.75 (Grasshopper 20oz Beer is $6.00). Soda Bottles were $2.50 ($3.50 in Greensboro). Good variety of food, including a “healthy” menu featuring turkey burgers and hot dogs – food was also less expensive.

Monday, the Intimidators feature 50-Cent Hot Dogs. Tuesday – tickets are half-priced.

The Pre-Game Promotion Saturday Night was the Chick-Fil-A Cow Drop. Immediately, I recalled the WKRP Thanksgiving Turkey Drop; but this was no such disaster. Little stuffed Chick-Fil-A cows with parachutes were thrown in small groups are almost 30 minutes. The cows floated down everywhere – on the field (where several Grasshoppers quickly hid them in their pockets) to the parking lot (where fans were allowed to go outside and retrieve them). There were more than a few than landed on the roofs of the buildings in the park. A few parachutes didn’t open; but the stuffed toys were so light weight that they just fell a little faster that the ones with working parachutes. It seemed as if they dropped close to 2,000 cows.

Post game fireworks were nice and Old School. The Fireworks were launched by hand (using a road flare to ignite the fuse) and were spaced out to allow you to enjoy each explosion in the sky. (Similar to the Grimsley fireworks.) There were probably as many firework explosions in the Kannapolis Post-Game fireworks as Greensboro; but it took over 10 minutes for the full show. There are folks who like Greensboro’s rapid fire shows and those who prefer the slower pace – both are great for getting fans in the stands.

It was a different experience as we could hear the sounds of nature all around us. They were NOT pumping loud music all the time and reading ads at every break in the game. They had a decent PA announcer, an On Field announcer (for the 2 or 3 on field events) and a Crowd Motivator, who worked the crowd from the walkway in the stands that separated the front and back seating sections.

Robert Stutts even won one of their Give-Aways, once again proving that 1. You can’t win unless you enter and 2. Robert is very lucky.

It was a very nice experience. We even talked to folks from Kannapolis who loved our field as well.

Greensboro Sports' 2009-08-08 Kannapolis photosetGreensboro Sports’ 2009-08-08 Kannapolis photoset

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  1. Nice pics. Looks like the K-zone crew had great time. There should have been at least one more member
    there. Hopefully I can get in on the next trip.

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