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Beefs Happenings

Baseball, NASCAR, tennis and the PGA Championship highlight this weeks sports schedule.

Most teams kickoff the NFL Preseason this week. NFL Network has coverage.

TEXAS HOLD EM NIGHT Wed. 8 PM. First ten who ask for a playmaker are in.

Future Ideas


Menu- $2 Hot Dog Platter, $3 Two Hot Dog Platter, Burger Platter or Cheeseburger Platter, $5 Chicken Platter

Drinks- $1 Water, $1 Soda Pop, $ 1 Bud Light and Miller Lite Draughts, all other beers and wine at regular price.

The kitchen is closing at 4 PM as the party is being done by our Super Bowl grilling crew.

BounceHouse for kids, still need a couple more people to bring their cornhole set. I have one confirmed, e-mail back if you can help.

1st Annual Beefs Fantasy Football League $25 to play, e-mail back to enter. We have 8 entered already looking to get to 20. Draft will be Sunday Aug. 30 at 5PM here at the store. Buckets of beer special in effect.

Owners Notes

Normal store hours will resume Aug. 31. Pass the word that football season is almost here. Good Luck with the school shopping. As always thanks for your support.

See you at Beefs,
Greg and Ellen