The football blotter

More news from the Wednesday scrimmages with the news coming into our offices that High Point Central topped Northern Guillford by one TD with Evan Aguilar taking an interception to the house and HPC got past North Forsyth by several TD’s and HPC Bison QB Drew Adams threw no interceptions…….

WS Reagan rolled over Northwest Guilford as former NWG Viking coach Greg King went up against his old team and Reagan won a big one for the Gipper…..

Northeast Guilford looked good in the workout scrimmage on Wednesday, but we don’t have many details or highlights from the Rams’ camp, but we do know this, with Rayshawn Trader, Michael Sanders and Trey Ingram they have one of the fasteset, if not also one of the smallest, backfields around.

NEG’s Rayshawn Trader has been clocked at 4.3 in the 40 and he is the fasteset runningback in the state of North Carolina.

Northern Guilford will face several stiff challenges to start their season with:
8/21 Western Guilford
8/28 Northeast Guilford
9/4 Dudley

NG QB Rocco Scarfone would be at Western Guilford if he was in his old school mode after coming out of Kernodle Middle, but Rocky entered Northern Guilford two years ago, under academic provisions……..


  1. NG didnt throw any interceptions all day they lost because they got a TD pass called back because of holding

  2. they lost because HPC played good defense, and scored on a deep TD pass. Northern did have a big play called back because of a holding , but it was a definite holding call. NG has a good team, but HPC has a good team too.

  3. If we’re going to argue over a scrimmage I can’t imagine this place once the season starts.

  4. Great Point Dave. It’s why they play the games, so a bunch of Old farts like us with no elgibility have to sit here and argue about it. It’s High School Football Time! Smell the popcorn….hear the band……Go to a game and support your favorite team. By the way anybody know if any ACC teams or area college teams have TV games scheduled for Friday nights? Should be a law against it!

  5. It’s a great time of year. SEG went full out last Saturday morning. My youngest brother, a soon to be freshmen, was up at 0400 for an 8 AM practice. The kid couldn’t sleep because he was so anxious to hit someone. I just pray he hits the books just as hard. I’m going to soak up as much Friday Night Football as possible.

  6. Come on Reagan rolled over NW???? They scored once on our back ups. In fact after the first play of defense vs. Northeast no one scored on the Northeast 1st or 2nd defense. Our offense needs to start tighten up but thats always the case. Northeast looked good- they scored on NW on the first play. Northwest answered on a long drive. NE totally destroyed Reagan, it was one long run after another. NW was 1-1 vs. Northeast and 2-1 vs. Reagan. If you are going to make comments and try and report the news you should get the full story.

  7. Northern held back on HPC. They ran the ball 90% of the game and Keenan Allen only had three touches. That isn’t the Northern we watched last year.

  8. Did Northern have all the players they were supposed to have? Just wondering if there were any surprises of players who might have left to go to Oak Ridge? Not that I think that would be a wise move, but I was just wondering because I had not heard anything one way or the other. McCain, King?

  9. ugh – after reading the back and forth here and on other boards it makes me remember why I don’t put any stock in scrimmages or 7 on 7s. The reality is coaches often play a lot of JV players to see what they can do. They hold out stars to keep them injury free, they don’t open up the playbook. Some players may have come out late and don’t even have enough practices in to play yet.

    As much as I am ready for football season I’ll just wait for the real games starting next week. I’ll start drawing my conclusions then.

  10. McCain is playing for Northern. There are a few players with out with minor injuries. Scrimmages are to try out plays and players. Northern will be strong come game time.

  11. NWG Fan thanks for checking in and putting the word out on the NWG-Reagan scrimmage.

    We have repoters/responders on the road and they send us the info and sometimes it might just get turned around.

    There is so much going down right now, we won’t have the real stable materials until they hit the field for real next Friday night.

    It is still fun to share info and maintain some good back and forth dialouge.

    One caller told me it was Northern versus High Point Central at North Forsyth and that a school from South Carolina was there and that NG and HPC played the South Carolina team, but they didn’t even play against North Forsyth.

    The NEG v NWG sounds interesting as does the NEG-Reagan and NWG-Reagan…..

    Can someone break this down. Why travel all the way the to Winston-Salem for a scrimmage with the economy like it is????? Why not just check in with NEG stopping over at NWG and doing it like that????? I guess they want to get that 3rd team involved.

    You have teams traveling up here from South Carolina and some of our schools traveling down to South Carolina, that seems a little crazy to me when you have teams here locally that you can match up with…..

    Why doesn’t one of our teams hook up with say a Thomasville or Reidsville, that seems like it would be a good test??????

    Just some thoughts and we hope to have more updates this evening on tonight’s action and let’s hope all the kids stay safe. You don’t want any of those stinkin’ or nagging injuries to pop up early here in the season after you have worked your butt off all summer, or at least we hope you have ……

  12. Scrimmages say alot. If they were not important, then you would not have them. You can tell who the good ones are . It can give you a good read on how your players
    will react in game situations. “Good”, and “Established” programs will take a serious look at a scrimmage and evaluate it’s players (varsity)

    NGNWparent…..If Northern is waiting until game time to evaluate its players, then they will have some problems. If Coach Roscsoe knows what he is doing, then he will break down the game film from the scrimmage and grade each player’s performance. He might discover that a player is playing better than he thought, or a player is out of position.

  13. At Northwest Guilford, what ever happened to guys like Dennis Cole, Jack Southern, Bobby Joyner, Mike Green and Rusty LaRue.(We know that they have all moved on, but where are they now?) It seems like they are the legacy of that program and has anyone heard any more about Viking RB, Sean Ples? Is he back?????

  14. Right now NW has an offensive line that is a work in progress, the defense is going to be good and will have to keep them in the game until the O line gels! NW has alot of talent on both sides of the ball and can be a very scary team if the O-line can come around! As far as the scrimmage against NE and Reagan, NW held thier own and even showed at times that they can pound the rock when needed!

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