High School Football Tonight: Scrimmage updates 8/14

Dudley versus Eastern Alamance was pretty much all Dudley except for the very last play of the scrimmage when the EA Eagles scored against Dudley’s #2 defense.

Versus Eastern Alamance for Dudley David Amerson scored on an end-around play, JR Peterson caught a touchdown pass from Alex Moore when JR was left all alone after he lined up on the left side and ran up the field for an easy score and Micah Gaylord ran in for another score for the Panthers.

Gaylord also scored on a long run vs. Burlington Williams for the Dudley Panthers….Alex Moore ran in a two-point conversion for Dudley against Eastern Alamance.

Chris Simmons, Major Bryant and David Amerson paced the Dudley defense and Simmons also had several carries for the Dudley offense.

The Dudley “D” was very effective against both Williams and Eastern and neither team had much luck versus the Panthers #1 defensive unit.

Dudley used at least three QB’s tonight with Alex Moore, Davarious Martin and I belive Demetrius Dick in a gold vest, all working with the number one offense.

Moore was #17 and Martin wore #8. Martin also spent valuable time on the defensive side of the football and he was a very solid punt return man for Dudley last year, but tonight was the first time I had seen Martin at quarterback……

Alex Moore is a very tall QB and the center snapped the ball over Moore’s head several times when the Panthers were lined up in the shotgun and Dudley will need to work on that….

High Point Central scored 4-5 times against Eastern Guilford and the Wildcats could only muster one score off of the HPC Bison defense, according to reports out of West Forsyth. Much of the Bison damage was done versus the EG Wildcats #2 defense and reports say that Josh Morehead made a number of key plays for EG vs. the HPC starting squad, but HPC still found ways to score TD’s during the half-field format.

HPC was again paced by junior signal-caller Drew Adams, who got most of the offensive reps for HPC this evening. QB Adams was able to destroy the Asheboro Blue Comets defensive secondary as he lit them up for 4 TD’s and a couple of those did come against the Comets second unit, but Adams is still headed toward mid-season form as the season-opener hits next Friday night……

Jimmy Moorman led the Bison defensive attack while Anquan Teasley was the top HPC runner on the night giving the Bison good, strong yards from his RB spot on offense in the games versus EG and Asheboro. Derek Grant was his usual, reliable self at his receiving/wideout spot for Central.

If anyone has more details for us on Eastern Guilford, please send them our way…..

From down at West Davidson, the Grimsley Whirlies pretty much went man-up with Lexington in the controlled scrimmage with both teams putting up one score each.

Grimsley is still missing at least three key players, including playmakers Lay Lay Brown and Torian Patterson who were both held out of tonight’s lineup to nurse nagging injuries, coaches decision…..

Word is that Ragsdale was looking good in their scrimmage down at West Davidson….

If anyone has any updates for us on Page-Glenn, Southeast Guilford-Northwood, or other games from the NewBridge Bank scrimmages, please send them our way and just put them in the comment box below.

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  1. Page “won” 3-2 in the regular scrimmage. In the game situation it was Page 2, Glenn 1.

    Page had the ball first runs 4 plays and scores. Glenn’s turn with the ball and #10 Jeremy Collie grabs an INT in the end zone. Page would stop Glenn from scoring after their 8 plays. On Page’s next offensive possession, #6 Thuc Phan would end up scoring on a 30 yard run. 2-0 Page. Glenn’s turn on O, and starting 11 score after 5 plays, on Page’s 2nd string defense. 2-1. Page would score again, another Phan rushing TD. 3-1 Page. Glenn tallied again at the end of the scrimmage to make it 3-2.

    In the game situation part of the scrimmage.. both teams had 2 possessions a piece. Page scored on their first. Glenn ended up punting on their first possession. Page scored and then Glenn scored. Making it 2-1.

    Page was up 3-1 and 2-0 before calling off the dogs. Also, Page played without starting MLB/TE John Spain, T Will Foxx, and RB/LB Lenny Gordon.

    Thuc Phan scored 2 TD’s and had a couple of big gainers.
    Bruce McKoy and James Summers split snaps at QB for Page.

  2. Hey Joe, sounds like Page is looking fairly decent. I do believe Page plays at Parkland next Friday. I can’t wait, definitely will be there.

  3. Grimsley was without Lay Lay Brown,Torian Patterson and Eric Davidson.Coach Samek made that call so they will be healthy and ready to go on friday.Grimsley has a big task ahead of them on friday against a tough Hillside team,so they need those young men healthy.Kurt did a pretty good job from what they say only if the recievers would catch the ball,alot of drop passes.

  4. Page scored on both drives in game situation without 3 Starting OL’s and their starting TE. All injuries are minor dings and everyone will be ready Friday. Thuc looked great as did All Conference receiver Jeremy Collie with 2 TD catches. Also need to mention Tony Rustin played NT and busted heads in a few plays at FB.

  5. Northern Guilford in Rockhill vs Northwestern Rock Hill
    NG played well and beat Northwestern Rock Hill 20-7.
    Allen and McCain wre solid. Scarfone wasn’t at his best but was effective when he needed to be. Very solid NG team beating up on a big 4a school from SC.

  6. Great comments on the games and I know everyone appreciates it. Good to see Tony Rustin and other names from the past years showing up again.

    I haven’t heard a word on Gabe King other than the fact that he is still looking for the right situation. Maybe a Hargrave or ORMA later on…….

  7. I know where Gabe is playing next year, but I’m not entitled to say at the moment.

    Its not the 2 schools that Andy mentioned.

  8. So is it Charlotte since that is where you’re at now? Why so top secret as if you are entitled and he is that special?

  9. Ragsdale had no problem with Ledford, but both teams looked good at times. Ledford had 2 INTs. and a fumble while Ragsdale also had a INT. Ledford QB looked good. The offense suits him. Ragsdale moved the ball well and defense played well except for the 1st play which the Ledford QB ran for 65 yards. Otherwise the defense looked good with plays being made by the usual cast. Except of the one int., Ragsdale ran well and both QB’s threw the ball well. Scoring was 4-1 Ragsdale. As expected both teams have some things to work on.

  10. Probably Charlootte Country Day or Charlotte Christian for Gabe King………..why not just go ahead and tell us Mr. Joe Barile……….I mean it’s not like he’s coming back to Page and football practice is already underway with many teams opening the season next Friday. What are you his agent or something??

  11. He hasn’t came out and said his self, so I don’t want to say anything, if he doesn’t want people knowing yet.

  12. It has nothing to do with Joe Barile is so special he knows and you all don’t. Just like if you all knew and others did not. Of course people know where the kid is going but until Gabe or someone affiliated with him comes out and says it first he is not entitled to release said information. Just like Michael Vick, sure people knew he was going to the Eagle’s…doesn’t mean they are at liberty to tell. No need to get your panties all in a bunch because you are dying to know where the kid is headed….

  13. Definitely not Page. Kicked of the team midway through conference play last year, they went 5-2 without him by the way. Enrolled at NG in spring. Shortly after mom was quoted in N & R as saying he was ineligble for a year. Got to be a private school. Good luck to him and I hope this is a lesson to all parents who shop kids around.

  14. Not sure why Gabe King gets so much press?? Saw him play twice last year and was not impressed. Several guys on Page team that were much more impressive. Had the opportunity to see Mario Williams and Julius Peppers play in high school and it’s not even close on talent. Maybe someone sees a lot of potential.

  15. Gabe King is one of the top prospects in the state. Size and speed. The way college football is today what makes a player a top prospects is what they do at camps and combines.

    If a kid is a dominate player he may not be that impressive on the field because other coaches run away from that player. You see the same thing at the highest level of football. A top DB may not make many plays because a team may not throw to his side of the field.

    In Gabe King’s case, he played about half a season of football at Page and tallied about 75 tackles. That’s a good number for a DE for a season.

    Take a look at rivals.com. He has offers from many of the top programs in the country. These coaches don’t recruit unimpressive players.

    Also, to compare this or any kid to a first and second overall picks in the NFL draft is unfair. Even if you are basing that comparison on what you saw them do in high school.

  16. Gabe King is a very impressive kid.He has dominated at the College camps and combines this summer.People can say what they want but with the right coaching he will be a force to recon with in college.Most of the top schools that offered Gabe he attended their camps,so those college coaches saw first hand what he could do.I wish Gabe the best where ever he goes.We will see him playing on saturdays if he stays healthy and no major injuries.

  17. If Gabe had 75 tackles in 5 games, he only had 4 against Ragsdale. He must have played really well in the other 4 games. One of those games was against Grimsley when he went up against D J Reader, a very good up and coming player but a freshman all the same. Against ragsdale he went up against a small, but quick sophomore tackle. He had a sack on the opening series, a TFL and two other tackes. Otherwise he was neutralized. He seems to dominate games at times and then disappear for long periods of time. He definitely shows flashes of brilliance as well as flashes of mediocrity. In his defense that could be said about a lot of high school kids.

    At the camps he showed his physical tools; size and speed. But not everyone is offering him. Two area schools have pulled their offer. He doesn’t fit with every school no matter how well he does in a camp. The question every coach has to ask is, Is he a “combine all-american” or a football player?

    No matter where he ends up lets hope he does well, graduates, becomes a good citizen and enjoys the journey.


  19. Tony Rustin and Jon Spain are the heart and soul of the Page defense. I would say Tony is the true veteran and Spain came on like a monster last season. If he can stay injury-free, Spain should have a banner year. The way he plays all-out and the way he has grown so much in the past two years he has to be a wildman, but still know when to slow down if a play is dead….

    Billy Stone and Walt Sparks are the heart and soul of the Ragsdale defense and those two know how to play the game and how to get to the ball. They also know where they need to be on the field at all times. With the S&S Express. along with Armwood, Anderson, Ellison and McNeil, Ragsdale has solid defense and they play Page early in the season.

    Should be a very good matchup with those defenses……

  20. Tony has always been a good football player, but this year seems to be a little different for him…He looks to have a lot more passion for the game this year…He looks to be going harder every play…He looks to be finishing plays…You can tell that he knows that this is his senior year, because he is coming with the force…Hopefully, he will be able to land with a good football program after his preps career…

    Spain is a monster no doubt…It will be interesting to see what D-1 school picks him up…Great player and an even better kid (or man among boys)…Hopefully, these two boys and the rest of the players on Page can miss the injury bug this year and give us all they got…They could be pretty good…IMO that is…

  21. Andy, a lot of these kids know each other. Several Ragsdale players including Ellison, McNeil, Morris, Cobb, Sparks and Armwood worked out all off-season with Spain and Thuc from Page at Parisi Speed. Some Dudley players were also working out with them. The kids end up getting to know each other and form friendships.

  22. I can verify that my son and Spain as well as Thuc developed a friendship. He and Spain got to know each other pretty well. Spain is a nice young man. They ended up seeing each other at many of the summer camps also.

  23. Back in the day, when I was in the HS ranks, our guys also knew Ragsdale well. Much respect between Ragsdale and WG….

    I still remember players like Reggie Tice, Jerome Lewis(Prince Deese’s half-brother), Joel Saxton, Danny Ingram, John Turner, Steve Vance, Roscoe Friday and others. Tough battlers and great competition and the Tigers usually won, but if you beat those guys back then, you were doing something and it always meant more if you could knock off Ragsdale.

    I can still rememer a game where Steve Vance was QB’ing that day,and I was attempting to steal the football from him and he was crying to ref. I would have stole the ref’s shirt if I had a chance.

    I still remember the games where Ted Johnson, the man now in charge of all of the PTI Airport would ref our games and he was a fair man on his calls, but a bit tight with his checkbook……

    Good days and we ought to bring them back and play as linebackers who are working like strong safeties, like Coach Wooddruff was saying in the paper today….

    The dream job, the LB who gets to play like a Strong Safety…….

  24. Andy,

    What are you thoughts on the high school football preview that the News and Record put out? I moved up here from Florida where I coached football and the local paper down there did a great job of previewing the upcoming season, and I have to say IMO that the News and Record could do a lot better job with these previews. I mean, there are so many more stories and players to talk to. There aren’t any team pictures in the News and Record, which I believe there should be…The preview should be a paper in itself. I guess I could suggest something to the News and Record, or I could ask for a job, so that I could cover it if none of their reporters had the time, but to put five paragraphs of each team is a little under done to me. Maybe there is a reason that I don’t know about.

    Andy, you may be a one man show on here, but there is a lot more that can be done for high school sports…If you look at all the coverage that the recruiting services gives high school players, well, there is no reason why there shouldn’t be tv coverage, especially for this area…You should expand, and you should start covering the area schools through tv…I think it would be a big hit…Pick a game each Friday night to cover in the Piedmont / Triad area to broadcast…Come on Andy, let us see Guilford County sports spring past medicrocy and develop into what every other area would want to be…You’ve started something with the website, so start developing something bigger…This is my pep talk…lol

  25. We will have the High School Football Game of the Week starting Friday August 28 and the weekly Football in Focus web TV show starting on Thursday August 27…

    We are working on it all and hope to have more up and going each and every day.

    Polls, game reports, Radio, Web TV live broadcast and more if we can find it……

  26. Thats good to hear and would be fun, but I didn’t catch your answer on the News and Record preview…

  27. I get the feeling that Tom Keller is doing all that they will let him do. With all the downsizing that they are doing, I think what we got today was a pretty fair shot.

    If you take Sunday’s preview and take what the N&R did today and what is coming the rest of the week, then we would probably have a fair sized preview, again if you packaged that into a seperate one-day special edition.

    John Robinson(N&R Editor) and his crew are limited in what they will be able to do coverage-wise in the future with all of the changes in media and that means that sites like ours need to get to work and pick up the slack……..

    I’m thankful for whatever I can get these days as long as it gives a solid local spin.

  28. Agree with Andy. They have a really small staff. Some guys over there just hanging on with their job for dear life. It’s bad.

    There where this site has an opportunity to fill a void.

  29. Understood…Thanks for giving me that info…At least now, I know that the resources were the reasons for the preview not being top notch.

    So, as far as this website goes, here are two famous quotes from Michael Jordan to hopefully motivate you: “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” and “I’d rather see it being done than hear about it being done.” Hopefully, you can make this a bigger and better site…I look forward to seeing what you can complete…Good luck Andy…

  30. look dudley aint all that all right? there really good but not that great okay… they have us (ragsdale) second game and let me tell you if you think they going to beat us you got another thing comin… and im not trying to speak all big and cocky but im saying its time ragsdale get some respect but i quess we will get it after we have another great season (this year ill try not to break my leg wink wink)

  31. Good luck PAGE! I hope you have a good year. Just play hard and it will all come together for you. Just beat: DUDLEY AND THAT OTHER SCHOOL (THAT STARTS WITH A ( g).

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