Smith Golden Eagles go 1-1 at Super Six scrimmages

The Smith Golden Eagles topped Charlotte Christian 18-12 in game one, and then fell to Winston-Salem Reynolds in game two 14-9 tonight, at the Claude Manzi Stadium on the campus of Ben L. Smith High School.

No extra point attempts in game one which was more of a half-field setting. Eagles’ quarterback Cody Davis was very impressive in game one, hitting super-Smith tight end Eric Ebron for two Golden Eagle touchdowns and Marlon Hughes grabbed a pass from 15 yards out and took it in for another TD on the toss from Davis.

Ebron is a very steady target and he should help give Smith a very solid air game this season. Elijah Jordan was very active on offense(ground work) and defense in game one and Daniel Boatang was a big part of the Smith defense in both games tonight.

Charlotte Christian had Duke-signee Kelby Brown at linebacker and Brown was one of the top defenders on the field at Smith today…..

Charlotte Christian also had Eugene Robinson coaching their defensive backs and Michael Dean Perry coaching the linemen.

Robinson a Super Bowl starter at defensive back for Atlanta and Green Bay, and now the color commentator on the Carolina Panthers radio network with Mick Mixon and Jim Zoke; and Michael Dean Perry, a former Clemson Tiger and Cleveland Brown and the brother of William “Refrigerator” Perry.

Perry and Robinson very impressive on the Charlotte Christian sidelines and on the field today in the scrimmage format….

Coach Rodney Brewington and the Smith Golden Eagles very impressive today as well, and Coach Brewington told his Eagles after the game with WS Reynolds, that his Smith men had just been out-scored by a team that was in the playoffs last season and that his Eagles will be on the verge of making their way into the playoff field this time around.

“Touch a victory”, said Coach Brewington as his team closed out their post-game talk with the Lord’s Prayer. We used to do it the same way back when I was in school and I do not believe the Lord’s Prayer will ever go out of style.

Reynolds had success through the air versus Smith and the Eagles will work on that area and others as they get ready for WS Atkins this coming Friday night, August 21….

Fullback Marlon Hughes scored the lone Eagle TD in game two as he took it in this time from 60 yards away. That was one heck of a run by Hughes. who two touchdowns on the day, one receiving and one running the ball.

Cody Davis shared time at QB in game two with Antonio Green and Jeffrey Simms. Daniel Boatang again spearheaded the Golden Eagles defense with much-needed help from Antwan Nevius and Elijah Jordan in the game versus WS Reynolds.

All-in-all, the Eagles of Smith High School looked very confident and respectful in their post-game huddle, and Coach Brewington is saying all the right things this time around, as he and others know that Smith has been suffering through a LONG dry spell and they need a win badly this Friday night as they face the Camels of WS Atkins.

Coach Brewington is the right man for the job at Smith HS, but without victories he is just another man in the long line of those who have tried to get this program turned around. Ever since now-deceased Tony McKee left, Smith has not been able to compete on the field of battle, but hopefully with this young, energetic and very sincere coach, Rodney Brewington, Smith is ready to turn the corner.(Coach Brewinton is back at the helm for his second season as the Eagles’ mentor and that’s a positive, as most of the recent Eagle football coaches have lasted one year or less.)

Smith has to get the win Friday and they have to eliminate the big, emotional plays. They Eagles can do it and if it is any consolation, Smith topped Charlotte Christian today and Charlotte Christian pretty much took it to WS Atkins, the Smith opponent this coming Friday.

Smith seems to be working with a system and they should be set to make some noise in the Metro 4-A where they can compete with most all of the teams this coming season, based upon what we have seen so far.

Metro talk means nothing right now, the WORD at Smith is ATKINS, and it needs to be their total focus as they approach this Friday’s game.

ATKINS or DIE should be the cry of every Smith Golden Eagle this week, because now it’s Eagle Time:GAME WEEK IS HERE!!!!!

As Coach Rodney Brewington would say, “It’s time to touch a VICTORY and Winston-Salem Atkins is standing in the way”……


  1. Charlotte Christian also has 2 other D1 signee LBs.

    David Durham MLB 6-3 226lbs going to Ohio State.
    Ty Linton OLB 6-2 215lbs going to North Carolina.

    So, Smith putting up points on that is saying something.

  2. Smith really impressed me today. They look well coached and have talent on both sides of the ball. They will win some games this season don’t know how many, but they will win.Good luck to the Golden Eagles of Ben L.Smith.

  3. Durham and Linton didn’t play for Charlotte Christian on Saturday. Out with minor injuries….

    We hope to have the pictures up from the Smith Super Six later today…..

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