Will Dudley be State Champs again, now on the 4-A level?

A poll question for you to look at with Dudley moving up, but still loaded with quite a bit of talent, can they come back and win another State Championship, this time on the 4-A level?????

A bigger question might be will Dudley be big 4-A/4-AA or will they play as 4-A when the playoffs get going in November????? If Ragsdale settles in at 4-A and Dudley gets the call to be 4-AA can we say Dudley trey, and Ragsdale on the way?????

How will they play and we might even see the Page Pirates right there ready to make a run if they get positioned at 4-A for the playoffs…….

Plenty of ways to slice it and it’s not too soon to be looking ahead, remember, the season kicks off this Friday night and will Dudley get it rolling against WS Carver and begin their quest for a third straight State Title, albeit this time on the 4-A level?????

What do you think?????


  1. I’m making the playoff call now. Dudley will be in the 4-A playoffs, not 4-AA. Dudley’s 1600+ students just made them a 4-A school. You have to be big like NW Guilford (2300+), or Grimsley(1990+) to qualify for 4-AA. And just off the record for the people who do not know, good football doesn’t mean 4-AA. The amount of students enrolled at that school determines whether it will play in 4-AA. If Dudley gets 4-AA, Grimsley, Page (1800+), and NW will get 4-AA also granted that their teams play well this season. Good luck to all of the teams this season. And as a former Pirate, I have to give a special shoutout to PAGE!!! Lets go PIRATES!!!!

  2. Both Ragsdale and Dudley will be 4A. Ragsdale has under 1600 kids, but not by much. Dudley will be good again but maybe not as good as last year. Ricky Lewis was truly a difference maker as well as Josh Jones and company on that D-line.

  3. I like Dudley and think that the things they have done over the years are outstanding. But the answer is No, because they will have to get past at least 3 of the Charlotte teams to win a championship in 4A. I also would like to point out that when you play a teams like the Charlotte teams with all of their talent you have to have a balance attack. Greensboro’s football teams for the most part, Dudley included don’t have Strong passing games which tend to hurt them against the better teams. What I would like to see is some of the Coaches in the middle schools work more with the young Quaterbacks so Greensboro teams can be well balanced with the High schools teams. So the answer is NO!!

  4. Dudley would not have to face any Charlotte teams until the state championship game if DHS remain in the east. It is true that Dudley lost a lot of talent and experience, however, they are probably one of maybe 4-5 teams in the entire state that have 2nd and some 3rd tier players just as athletic and just as good as the starters. I would not count the “Big D” out… Winning is an ATTITUDE and Coach Davis is a great motivator. If Dudley comes through the non conference with a 4-1 record, then I have to believe they could be playing in GAME 16…

  5. Actually, Dudley would have to face Charlotte teams to get to the championship. Unlike 3-AA. there are more Eastern teams that make the playoffs which would place Dudley with the Charlotte schools on the Western bracket. Out of the 32 schools that make the playoffs in each subdivision (1A, 1AA, etc.) the 16 most eastern schools play in one bracket and the 16 western schools play in one with the eastern and western champions meeting head-to-head in the state championship. Granted that Dudley is 4-AA (which it will not be), it will have to go through Charlotte schools in the western bracket. As I mentioned, Dudley is a legit 4-A school and will not play the likes of Richmond Sr. and Independence in the playoffs granted that the Panthers play well to get there. However, 4-A will not be a cakewalk. My Forecast: Dudley will be a good team; not a state champ, and will not go undefeated this regular season.

  6. I’ve looked at the 08 4a playoff brackets… Fuquay Varina 10 – 1 (#1) SE Raleigh 10 – 2 (#2) SO Durham 8 – 3(#3) Rose 6 – 5 (#4) AND Mt Tabor 10 – 1 (#1) AC Reynolds 9 – 1 (#2) Crest 7 – 4 (#3) Chapel Hill 8 – 3 (#4) championship game had two # 8 seeds from Fayetteville (Byrd and 71st) an area not known for talent but teams that will hustle and get after you, same as Dudley will. 4a better get ready for the Panthers.

  7. The 08 4a playoff’s had Fuquay Varina 10-1 (#1) , SE Raleigh 10-2 (#2) , SO Durham 8-3 (#3) , JH Rose 6-5 (#4) and the other half had Mt Tabor 10-1 (#1) , AC Reynolds 9-1 (#2) , Crest 7-4 (#3) , Chapel Hill 8-3 (#4). The championship game had two #8 seeds Fayetteville . Seventy First over Bryd 28-7. An area not known for talent , but teams that will hustle and get after you , same as Dudley. the 4a had better get ready for the Panthers.

  8. It’s not fair to judge the teams by their seed. Fayetteville Seventy-First was a number one seed who was trumped out of the top 7 because they did not win their conference. In the 07 playoffs, Independence was bounced to number 10 because of their conference loss to Butler. Since we (Page) were the seventh seed, they played us in our house. It was dumb of us to even believe that we could win that game. Independence beat us bad 54-7 and advanced to become runner-up in 4A. Seeding rules keep non-conference winners from having the top 6 or 7 seeds but do not discount the 4A because two 8th seeds made it to th championship. Dudley may favorites in 4A this year but they may not even run the conference this year. 4A ain’t cupcake. This year, we will find out who the premier team in Guilford County is.

  9. Here’s an idea……let the games begin so we don’t have to try and predict who wins what.

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