All-Guilford County Football Checklist for week #1

Some of the names and performances that stood out in week #1 of the Guilford County HS football season….

Northwest Guilford:
Dalton Dillon 4TD’s 144 rushing in the NWG Vikings win over Eastern Guilford…..
Austin Pauley 120 yards on the ground…..
Matt Pawlowski 6-9 passing for 188 yards and 2TD’s…..

Eastern Guilford:
Josh Morehead 2TD’s one a 90 yard kickoff return and another on a 60 interception return for a TD and he also ran another kickoff back 80 yards to set up another TD…..

High Point Central:
Alquan Teasley 102 yards rushing…..

Jimmy Moorman 15 tackles on defense…..

Luke Heavner 2TD passes and one touchdown run and led the team offense from his QB spot…..

Luke Sonricker 1TD catch and 1 TD run…..

DeSean Anderson 1TD catch, solid defense at DB and 4 punts for a 37-yard average…..

JR Peterson 2TD runs and 3 two-point conversion runs…..

Alex Moore 1 TD and ran the Dudley offense that had 332 yards rushing and 1 yard passing…..

Mycah Gaylord 1 touchdown and close to 100 yards rushing…..

Northern Guilford:
Keenan Allen and Maurice Harris 7TD’s scored between these two receivers/runners and they both also double-over and play defense…..

Rocco Scarfone 3TD passes from his quarterback position…..

Tuc Phan 2TD’s while gaining over 200 yards rushing and accounting for over 100 yards in kick/punt returns…..

Lenny Gordon 2TD’s and big gains on the ground…..

Jeremy Collie 1TD catch…..

John Spain 10-plus tackles from his linebacker spot…..

Cody Davis 3TD passes for the Smith Golden Eagle QB

Elijah Jordan 139 yards rushing 1 TD…..

Marlon Hughes 2TD’s with one on the ground and one on a pass reception…..

Eric Ebron 1 touchdown catch……

DL Boswell one TD rushing…..

Daniel Boatang and Antwan Neveous combined for 22 tackles for the Golden Eagles…..

*****Got any other names for us to add to the list?????*****


  1. Sorry, but a few other notes on Ragsdale’s game:
    I never saw DeSean Anderson play DB on Friday night and I’m sure he didn’t punt at all.

  2. This is exactly the type of feedback we need…..

    This Dillion kid has showed up from nowhere and this weekend I was wanting to call him Dalton Hilliard like the former RB at LSU or maybe Dillard Dalton the old tree surgeon our near Summerfield. Where did this kid come from the JV team?????

    Sounds like DeSean is changing his stripes. He’s always punted in previous years and played some DB, but I did hear that Kasey Redfern is now focusing on Football only and he has given up school soccer in the fall. Is he punting too?????

    I have heard that Redfern and many of our local kickers are continuing to train with John Osborne over in Thomasville. He is known as the kicking guru in the state of North Carolina and has been teaching the area kickers for over 35 years……

  3. Sorry, The last name is Dillon and he came up from JV along with the QB. Both are Sophomores and you should be seeing big numbers from both in the years to come. The Pauly’s are JR’s and can play any position as seen last Friday night. NWG may turn into a powerhouse for the next 3 years. We will see.

  4. Andy,
    You are correct! Kasey Redfern is doing all the kicking assignments along with getting some action at receiver. He had, I believe, a 65 yard punt on Friday but did have 1 bad punt that brought his average down.

  5. Andy,
    Ragsdale’s Kasey Redfern is also playing a little bit of wide receiver. He is fast, runs a 4.4 forty and is indeed handling all of the kicking assignments for the tigers this season. He had a busy summer fromwhat I hear and is getting a lot of attention from some Division I schools and a few Ivy League schools as well. He is a very good student as well as a good athlete.

  6. The gentleman in Thomasville who helps many of the local kickers is Don Osborne from Thomasville High School.

  7. Don Osborne. I understand he is in his 70’s and still gets after it. He works with Kickers and snappers. He also worked with the kicker from Page last year. Ragsdale’s kicker (Redfern)and snapper (Sparks) have been going to him for over two years. Anderson does not punt. He may play some defense in the future. Another guy that had a great game was Chris Armwood. Returned a punt for a 65 yard Td and had another called back. Several defensive players played well including but not limited to Ellison, Armwood, McNeil, Sparks and Stone. Biggest difference in the game was the kicking game.

  8. I hear his name pretty much everywhere I go. They say Mr. Osborne wrote the book/manual on kicking.

    He has training sessions every Sunday afternoon in Thomasville and kids come from all over the place to attend and learn and he doesn’t charge them a cent……..He’s defintely helping the kids.

  9. Tiger10, Redfern is fast but he does not run a 4.4. Friday night I heard how he was the fastest guy at the Elon camp. Not true. He did well but was not the fastest guy. They ran by positions instead of timing everyone in the 40 because they had over 400 kids and over 200 walk-ups. Kasey was the fastest KICKER that attended the camp. Then the fastest player from all positions ran against each other. And he ran well but not near a 4.4. Try 4.75. Still highly respectable.

    Bottomline is he is a very good kicker. He helped flip the field on Southern the other night. Hopefully he gets to kick off some Friday night.

    This is how rumors get started. Someone comes on here and posts something they heard from a friend of a friend. Next thing you know he’ll be in the Olympics.

  10. Update on the Page stats..

    Thuc Phan had 172 yards rushing and 1 TD.

    Lenny Gordon had 1 receiving TD and 2 rushing TDs. Had a 83 yard kick off return, and scored on the next play, from 7 yards out.

    Khayri Harvey had 69 yards rushing on 7 carries, 2 TDs rushing.

    Drew Rogers had a 33 yard rushing TD.

    Bruce McKoy and James Summers both had 1 passing TD.

    Jonathon Spain had 17 tackles.

  11. Those numbers by Jon Spain should qualify him for the Top Defensive Performance in the County last week……

  12. Andy, don’t believe everything you read on your own site. You want stats, go to the coaches.

  13. those are the same stats i heard from spain. he was in on almost every tackle. he is the most underrated player around. good size, speed, and a good student. prototypical MLB prospect. from what i hear he trains hard too.

  14. The stats that Joe posted are indeed correct and can be confirmed…The inital stats were a little skewed, but Joe did post the correct stats later (I seen the stat sheet)…

    Drew Rogers (sophomore) also had close to 70 yards rushing on just 5 carries…One being the 33 yard touchdown…Thuc played good, but I expect Drew to come into his own…I look for the recruiters to be drooling over this kid here pretty soon…Very physical runner and he is only a sophomore…Thuc being the sprinter and Drew being a more physical runner…They both compliment each other very well…

    I hope that backfield continues to get decent blocking from that O-line and continues running well…Davie County has a very good defense, so Page will definitely get challenged this Friday night…

  15. The O-line looks to be the best ive seen at Page in about 5 years. Having a stable or runningbacks and a solid fullback makes this a lethal running attack this year for the Pirates.

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