Central Carolina Sports Academy Football Schedule

Here is the upcoming fall schedule for the CCSA Warriors and they must be setting this up like a Hargrave format(HS and College entries) with the players taking classes through and at GTCC…..

Warrior schedule and to get more info go HERE.


September 27th @ Webber University Fla.

October 2ND Friday night Football Home

October 4th @ Averett University Va.

October 10th Football Festival Home

October 11th @ Delaware Wesleyan University

October 17th Football Festival Home

October 18th @ Guilford College NC

October 23RD @ U.S. Naval Academy Maryland

October 25th Football Festival Home

October 31st Football Festival Home

November 1ST @ Maryville College Tenn

November 7th Football Festival Home

November 8th @ Notre Dame College Ohio

November 14TH @ George Mason University VA

November 15th Louisburg College NC

November 21st Radford University Home

November 28th Turkey Bowl Greensboro NC


  1. Since they are now taking regular high school students for football, will they also start doing this for basketball as I know they have a basketball program. If so, that could wreak havoc for some high school coaches, but it especially could cut into some of the kids Coach K might get because they could play at CCSA without having to deal with any of the military stuff at ORMA.

  2. Coach K would have to comment on this himself, but I think he intends on having a stable roster set at Oak Ridge and I like you, was surprised to see that CCSA had added basketball. In the intial stages, I thought they were just going to specialize in Football and Lacrosse…….

  3. Since basketball has been added, I wonder if Chris will be playing basketball as well. Either way I look forward to seeing him play in either sport

  4. Coach K better get em rolling in quick at ORMA with some donation or some ballers with some money. Heard they were anticipating starting the year with 100 kids and enrolled only 40 something kids to start the year.

  5. I hear they got this kid named Joel Air Jamaica Wright from NYC. He is supposed to be really good for their program. Easily their biggest name for their BBall program

  6. Dear sir
    my name is okere maruf am 18yrs of age from Ghana and a footballer. in all my life my wish is to be in your football academy i have the talent to show who i am that why i mail you sir so please help me to be in the academy thank you i hope to hear from you thank you

  7. Can you check up on how the CCSA is doing. The schedule is showing the first game to be September 27. @ Webber University FLA. and November 4 @ Averett. It is not showing either University to be playing CCSA on their schedule.


  8. Is it true that CCSA is not accredited within the NCAA? I was told by a parent that has a son in CCSA, that she called the NCAA and they did not have any information on CCSA and said that they had never heard of them. How could this affect the ball players, especially the ones that are taking high school course there? My thought is that even if a 4 year university wanted them, would they be hindered by ineligibility?

  9. Andy, can you please help with the concernes with CCSA. This is a big issue if the coaches are not on the up and up. You have kids that has turned down other schools to attend CCSA. Please respond soon. Thanks. 09/19/2009

  10. I did see on the CCSA website the victory against Webber. With the three concernes that was postedand others asking questions, this makes me feel alot better. Good luck CCSA.

  11. Parents please please investigate this program before you give them any money. I made the mistake of paying them money for this program which has turned out not to be as they told us (the parents). I asked all the right questions but I did feel as if something was not quit right but we took a chance and tried it anyway. They are not consistent on what the cost is for this program. The cost is different for different players (how is this fair). Also, the tutoring and study hall is not at all what it should be. They stress academics but the program is not academically sound. My advise to the players, please study hard so you can go to a “real school” if you want to be an athlete.

  12. It is my understading that CCSA is a “club team”. Club teams would not be NCAA approved. If the players are students at an NCAA Junior college…there is nothing to be concerned about education wise. If the players complete the NCAA required courses, they should be able to transfer to any NCAA school that accepts JC transfers. As far as being on the up and up…I am not in that loop.

  13. Andy,

    I was an active member of the Central Carolina Sports Academy coaching staff. I joined the team to work with Head Coach Gary Dandridge. To my dismay both the General Manager, Charles Clayton Banner, Jr., and the CFO, Peter Basil Carpenter were deceitful, self-serving and fraudulent. Although CCSA coaches worked diligently often times performing duties outside of their responsibilities (for example using our own vehicles to transport team material, washing cloths, monitoring study hall, etc.), CCSA has not met their payroll obligations. Many coaches are camping out at the bank hoping that their checks will clear. CCSA is causing many hardships. However, Banner and Carpenter insist on moving forward as if nothing has happened; often times commenting on the upcoming football and basketball programs as well as expanding to other cities. If this happens it would afflict additional hardships on coaches as well as students. The number of athletes participating in the program drastically dropped directly due to Banner and Carpenters misappropriation of funds, poor interaction with the students, and not delivering on promises to parents and students. Since CCSA is not paying their coaches I can’t help but to wonder where the money is that was collected from those students that are still in the program. Bottom line, the coaches are scoreless in this situation and Banner and Carpenter seem to be just fine.

    Our society must take a stance against the type of people that inflict this sort of pain and suffering on the innocent. CCSA should be disassemble and certainly not allowed to expand nor receive grants to continue their programs as they plan on doing. Sources indicate that this is not the first time that Banner and Carpenter have been involved with fraudulent activities. How many more coaches, parents, and students must suffer at the hands of these two?

    Michael Davis



  16. I am Operations Manager for Brown Charters, Inc located in Reidsville, NC. We provided bus transportation for CCSA for their football game at Louisburg College on November 15, 2009. We received a check for $850.00 which bounced. After numerous phone calls to the academy and promises to mail the check, we finally sent the owner of our company to their office. They said that funds were being processed, and they gave us another check for $850.00 and guaranteed it was good. Well, that check bounced also. So we are still in the process of trying to collect. Their old address is 6901 Downwind Rd, and I have researched and found out they have changed their names along with their new address of 7616-b Business Park Dr. From reading the posts here, evidently they are scam artists, and I will surely report them to BBB. If anyone has any more information, please post.

    Thank you!

  17. we too were stiffed by CCSA. They did not pay their invoices and closed the doors in the middle of the night and left their poor staff to handle the fall out. We are attempting to sue them so if anyone knows where I can find either Charles Banner or Peter Carpenter please post something on this website. I advise not to do any business if they are involved.

  18. Brenda, go to footballscoop.com and navigate to the Message Board. Once there click on The Scoop and look for the post Banner CCSA. You will find a lot of information.

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