Can Dudley stop Allen and Harris or even slow them down? All-Guilford checklist

Some heavy numbers for Keenan Allen and Maurice Harris of Northern Guilford in the first two weeks of the season and you have to start asking the question, “Can Dudley stop Allen and Harris or even slow them down?”…..

We will know more as the week unfolds and here are some of the key numbers we have been tracking from last Friday night’s games and if you have more please send them our way…….

Ragsdale Tigers:
Passing-Luke Heavner 187.5 yards per game with 4TD’s….
Rushing-D’onovan Smith 93.5 yards per game 1 TD…
Receiving-DeSean Anderson 111.5 yards per game with 2TD’s….
Tackles-Darius McQueen 8.5 per game
Walt Sparks 8 per game
Cedric Ellison 7.5 per game
Billy Stone 7 per game
*****Two-game totals for the Tigers.*****

Smith High School:
Passing-Cody Davis 111 yards per game with 4TD’s…
Rushing-Elijah Jordan 70.5 yards per game with 1TD….
Receiving-Anthony Johnson 50.5 yards per game with 1TD…..
Tackles-Antwan Nevious 6 per game
*****Two-game totals for the Eagles.*****

Northern Guilford:
From the 26-20 win over NEG…
Keenan Allen 18 yard fumble return for a TD and a 52-yard punt return to set up a touchdown. Punted and made a game-saving tackle after a punt when Michael Sanders of NEG was headed to the house for the game-tying touchdown. PAT would have won it for NEG, but Allen was there again….Coach Tommy Pursley of NEG said he had never seen anything like it….

Maurice Harris 52-yard TD reception from Rocco Scarfone

Rocco Scarfone 2 TD passes….One to Harris the 52-yarder and the other to Daniel Downing, an 18-yarder…..

from their 18-8 loss to Ragsdale….
Mycah Gaylord 97 yards rushing….
Alex Moore 67 yards rushing….
Jeremy Reynolds one touchdown catch from 15 yards out from Moore

from the Pirates’ 34-14 win over Davie County….
Drew Rogers 11 carries for 139 yards and one TD….
Thuc Phan 11 carries for 109 yards and one TD…..
Lenny Gordon 9 carries for 56 yards and 2TD’s…..
QB Bruce McCoy hit for 2TD passes………

High Point Central:
from their 28-0 win over Grimsley
Al-daquan Teasley 1 TD and right at 100 yards on the ground….
Drew Adams 1 TD pass and 1 touchdown rushing…..
Derek Grant 1 TD reception….
Jimmy Moorman 14 tackles and 6 were unassisted with 2 for losses….

Western Guilford:
Receiving-Jabir Ridenhour 147 yards per game 1 touchdown…..
Tackles-Joe Turkson 7 per game…..
*****Hornets numbers based on two-game totals.*****

If any coaches have any more numbers for us please send them our way( and we ran the kids names in BOLD today that we did not mention yesterday in our Stats Checker from Monday…..


  1. Whats funny about this article is.. before the season started everyone was ready to go ahead and crown Dudley as the title favorite again and the best team in Guilford County.

    Now there are articles about wither or not if Dudley can stop 1 or 2 players.

    Just kind of funny to me.

  2. Told you all along things may not be the same,we;ll see after Friday night’s games,at the moment Page is by far the best team; there will be a couple of sleepers once they get a win under there belts . . . . .just watch and wait

  3. Page has played average at best Parkland and Davie so far …………Page also started on a high note last yr if I recall and we saw happened as the season wore on. Smith is really looking good, Grimsley is trying to find its identity and Dudley needs to lace ’em up and start executing. As for county’s best i’m gonna save my opinon till later in the season. Watch out for NEG though; they will be in the mix later on….

  4. Page will be fine. They slumped in the middle of last season, pulled together and made a strong playoff run. They seem to have more options than last year. I expect a strong season from the Pirates.

  5. Yes Page did lose some games last year. But let’s recap. The referees screwed Page out of a victory against Ragsdale by calling a nonsense penalty during the play that the QB ran in for what would have been the tying score. Gillespie and Co. screwed Page out of the Dudley game by putting the 11 members of defense on the field in addition to the punt returner during 4th down and would have been our last shot to get a touchdown. The result was 12 men on the field, first down for Dudley and opportunity to at least send the game into OT gone.
    Page lost to DC and East Forsyth last yr. legit. That Davie comeback shouldn’t have happened. And if Will Newman did not get injured vs. Seventy-First Page would have had a fighting chance. Page should have been 11-3 at best, but things happen…9-5, a great season anyway.

  6. To continue, Page returns a very experienced defensive unit and even though the offensive unit is young, it is not a one man show this year. The starter QB Bruce McCoy is much improved from last yr. and Page also has a very strong running game. While an undefeated season looks far-fetched, things look good on Alma Pinnix for the Page Pirates.

  7. Hey Joe! Where you going with them suspect facts. I used to get tired of people being all wishy washy with our Pirates’ winning ways when I was in high school. Now this looks like the same thing today with Dudley. Of course, they are the champs so people are gunning for them. But Joe, where did everyone say Dudley was a lock to win in football this year? And mopre importantly, where are the articles about Dudley being able to stop one or two players. I only saw onew. Given their performance in the Ragsdale game, it IS a good question. But everyone was NOT on the Dudley bandwagon at the start of this year. We knew they had the same chance every team had – especially at 0-0. The fact that you can see a single blue car and a single red car go down the road and assume ALL the cars in that town must be blue or red….that’s funny to me.

  8. One of the real keys for Dudley that would help them slow down Northern is to get pressure on the NG quarterback Rocco Scarfone.

    If Dudley gets to Scarfone, then that will hinder his chances to have TIME to get the ball in the hands of Keenan Allen and Maurice Harris.

    It is all about TIME for the QB. Luke Heavner had time last week for Ragsdale to stand in the pocket and get the ball to DeSean Anderson and Luke Sonrricker. When the pocket broke down, then Heavner rolled to the outside and he was able to release the ball to his receivers for positive yardage. When he was pressured, Heavner merely tucked the ball, ran for some extra yards and then got out of bounds….

    You have to get to the quarterback when the oppositon’s strength is the passing game, it doesn’t matter who is back there as the QB you have to get to him.

    Keenan Allen and Zach Maynard were able to attack the Dudley defense back in 2007 and hand the Panthers one of their few loses of the season on the way to Dudley’s first 3-AA title.

    All said and done, you have to get to the quarterback, and often times it is easier said than done. but it sure would be fun to back there chasing him………

  9. On another front, not to be looking ahead, but it is always good to be prepared, Page at Ragsdale is looking mighty strong for Sept. 11….9/11…..

  10. As a former Dudley player and now a fan who has seen a lot Dudley games over the years I will add my two cents worth. Yes Dudley defense must get consistent pressure on the QB. I don’t care who the QB is and who the receivers are if you give any QB time he will complete passes. Getting to other points I’m trying to make it is early in the season and Dudley just loss their first game since October of 2007. Two State titles later and a slew of players now in the college ranks Dudley is a very young team right now. With than been said anyone who saw the Carver game to open the season saw we should have beat Carver 28 or 35 to 7 easy. The Ragsdale game we had our chances we left two touchdowns in the redzone. If our team can execute and stop turning the ball over we will be just fine. Has anyone asked the question can Northern stop the Dudley running game? Can Northern play physical football with Dudley for four quarters? From what i’m reading Northern has two players Allen and Harris. Good players I will but can the two of them carry a football team week in and week out? What happens if a team takes one of them away?

  11. To: Page Fans
    I understand that you guys have a very good team this year and have always had a good coach in Gillespie, but I can’t understand why you feel like they are the best team, “by far”, in the area. Until Page beats Ragsdale, I vote for Ragsdale as the best team around.

    Facts: Ragsdale has won the past 2 years and I believe the past 9 out of 10 games played between Page. Ragsdale returned many players from last years 13-1 season. To date, Ragsdale has defeated the higher rank 4A team in Dudley (as high as 3rd in some polls).

    We will not have the final answer until next Friday night.

  12. Another thing you have to or should respect about Dudley is that they are willing to play anyone! Look at our non conference schedule over the last 5 years. Even in the 3a ranks we play all four of the city 4a schools, Richmond County, Carver etc and this year playing Ragsdale, Durhman Hillside, the team of Raleigh, and a Northern Guilford team that at one time looked like they would have Kennan Allen, Maurice Harris, Christian McCain, Gabe King, the other Corner who transferred can’t remember his name. But the point is we make it a point to play a tough non conference schedule. Playing a tough schedule you find out what you have early and if you can survive it really helps you come playoff time because you are battled tested.

  13. There is no question that until Sept. 11, Ragsdale will be assumed to be better than Page. When Ragsdale beat Dudley last wk., I was amazed. That is great, but lets get one thing straight. Dudley came into this season a young team living off of last years 3-AA Championship team’s hype. Dudley was given 3rd best team in the state because of the 16-0 team last yr. Dudley is still a powerhouse don’t get me wrong, but other powerhouses are starting to form. Ragsdale has turned into a powerhouse. Page is developing into a powerhouse and probably has a powerhouse team this yr. It is great to beat a team such as Dudley, but how surprising can the loss be when the team lost lots of seniors from last year’s team?

    P.S. I’m looking forward to Page-Ragsdale. If both teams win this Friday, there will be a huge game going down at Miller Stadium on 9/11. Perhaps bigger than Ragsdale-Dudley was.

  14. Hey hitman,don’t get yourself in a tizzy,your coach has often mentioned “3peat” in the offseason,it’s just the chickens coming home to roost . . .that’ all! It happens to EVERYBODY sometime or another . . .just might be PANTHER TIME! ! ! ! Ya’ll will lose more than you thought you would . . . .you’ll see

  15. Allen is a one man show. Maurice Harris benefits from Allen. From what I saw, Northeast was much better, and
    they outgained Northern. Mistakes will kill a team. Northeast had it’s share. Dudley has better athletes playing defense than Northeast does. If you “D” up those
    two guys from Northern you will not have any problems. The QB will be running for his life.

  16. Page isn’t worried about Ragsdale right now…They are worried about Northern Durham…Page still has a lot of growing to do…Lots of young guys in skill positions, but they do have tons of talent…Ragsdale is the top team right now no doubt…Hopefully, Page can win this week against Northern Durham and then knock off Ragsdale next week, but until Page goes 3 and 0, then they won’t be thinking about Ragsdale…

    Page, in my opinion, has the most to prove…Davie County has been a major hurdle for them thus far, so as long as they focus and win this Friday night against Northern Durham, then we will see how good they are the following week…

  17. This 2009 Dudley team is starting out slow , just like the 2007 team did with a new QB. We will bounce back and round into top shape come playoff time. There are no chicken’s in PantherLand!

  18. ol’ bawl coach, I’m not in a tizzy………… All I stated were facts! Some of you guys seem to be in a Tizzy because we lost a game. Correct me if i’m wrong but confidence starts from within right? If the head coach has no confidence in his team why should anyobody else? One thing about Dudley teams is that they expect to win and not hope to win and that is what seperate good teams from average teams.
    Ok you say we will loose more than we expected this year? I’m sure you are probably one of the ones not expecting us to win in years past.

    Did get me wrong I respect what you are saying but we are not going to lay for anyone. Give these young group of kids time to jel and get some in game experience and I guarantee the team you see on the field in October will be a better team that is one the field right now. By the way what team you claim?

  19. All the talk about Page when was the last time they beat Dudley? In my honest opinion Page hasn’t played anyone yet.I don’t see them beating Dudley this year,people looking at that one lost like it’s the end of the season LOL.I don’t see Page beating Ragsdale.Again when was the last time Page beat Dudley?

  20. Looking back over the history between Dudley / Page it seems that these two teams have dominated each other in stages. I know when I played ay Dudley from 91 through 94 we lost two close games to Page and In fact we had a long loosing streak against Page. Now the series seems is being dominated by Dudley. When I say dominated i’m not talking about the outcome on the scoreboard i’m just talking about wins and lossess.

  21. btw, I wasn’t stating earlier that Page is the best team in the area just yet.. just that everyone was picked Dudley to be. Clearly they arnt.

  22. Regardless on who picked picked who in the preseason………..time will tell come playtime. I mean look at what has done over last 6 seasons. I mean why would Dudley not be the overwhelming choice.

    Let’s not forgot in Coach Davis first year as the the Head Coach at Dudley they made it to the title game and lost. They also made it to the title game during the Martel Thatch, Demario Pressley & Jamal Edwards era in 2004. Outside of Charlotte Indy, Richmond County, Reidsville, Thomasville this Dudley program has been one of the strongest in the State that last 7 years or so.

    I’m saying this from a highschool fan perspective.

  23. Another point i would like to make is this!

    If i’m a fan or newswriter, or the great coach who always coached from the stands but never actually coach and lets say in Guilford County I had to pick between Dudley, Ragsdale, Smith, Northern, Page, Northeast, Grimsley etc and someone told me to pick my preseason favorite as the best team in the county or conference.
    By far I would Dudley bases on recent success. A good indication of future performance is to look at past performance. Now with that been said I mean no disrespect to the other teams in the county. Beat for the last few years Dudley has been the best. In fact last year I will say there were the best team in the entire state regardless of classification. Now

  24. KH is right…Dudley, has had the success and everyone probably thought they would have beaten Ragsdale…Ragsdale now, is the top team in Guilford until proven otherwise…I’m really hoping and praying that its next week…That is why its time for the Pirates to step it up…Hopefully, they push hard this year…

  25. Preseason rankings are what they are: Preseason

    Of course the young Dudley team will struggle. That is how men are built..out of struggles.

    Competition is great! I look forward to a great football season. Full of competitive and not dominating games.

    Aren’t all of you

  26. Page has the best team they have had in many years. Probably more power on offense than Ragsdale while the two defenses are about equal. I like that Page has no bad harmony among players while having a great off-season training.

    Don’t count Dudley out of anything. They have the potential to be dominant at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. They’ll be in the mix come November.

    UNCMTH 13, please enlighten us all about the “nonsense call” against Page when they were inside the 10. I thought when you jumped it was illegal precedure. Next play Will Newman was sacked and put out of the game. I’ll give you this, Page could have won that game last year. They were a good team last year and they’re a better team this year.

  27. The Oline is really what sets this years Page team to last years. They are big and they sustain blocks like I haven’t seen at Page since the 90’s. They really do get some big time push up front and create holes for the running game.

  28. Mike, I agree. Don’t remember a nonsense call in that game.
    KC I agree Page has to beat Ragsdale to be considered better and yes Ragsdale won the last 2 but I don’t they played each other before then.

  29. Mike and ad4deacs,

    The nonsense call that he is referring to is when the left offensive tackle wasn’t set on the score that would have given Page the chance to tie the game up 21-21…The very next play Will does get knocked out of the game, and Page still had another shot at tying the game up until one of the boys intercepted the ball from Bruce McKoy…The offensive tackle never jumped early though…Will Newman got the snap right as the tackle’s hand was placed on the ground…You have to be set for at least one second prior to the snap of the ball and the tackle didn’t make that second eventually costing Page that touchdown…Never-the-less a penalty is still a penalty, but I guess some people can view that as a tacky call…The official made the right call though…You would like to see them just let them play, but it was the right call…

    I did believe that Page had the better team last year…Page left so many plays on the field…Dropped balls when receivers were wide open…Mental mistakes everywhere…Two dropped “possible” interceptions and one that would have kept Ragsdale from scoring before the half that would have left Page up 14-7…Well, Ragsdale tied it up before halftime and the rest was history…

    Page will hopefully get past Northern Durham this week and then hopefully look at returning the favor to Ragsdale next week…First, let Page get past Northern Durham…No one needs to be looking ahead…

  30. Did anyone catch that hitman25 posted “What happens if a team takes one of them away?” about Allen and Harris?!?!?!?!?

    WOW! That is some serious trash right there! Lets all watch closely Friday night for #25.

  31. A penalty is a penalty. What we can probably agree on is we all hate when the refs decide the want to be part of the game at a crucial moment over something ticky tack. If you look hard enough you can probably find an infraction on every play. Kinda like when the refs starting sending Ragsdale players to the sidelines on 3rd down against Dudley for not having their shirt tucked in, yet it was obvious a couple of Dudley players did not have to leave the game. Got no problem with the rule but since it is new tell the coaches you will be enforcing it. The week before it wa never called.

  32. nighthawk1,

    Seems you are jumping to a lot of conclusions and should fully get and understanding of what it “Means to take one them away”. I’m a grown man and In no way was I talking about physically hurting a kid. What I mean is this. If a team is been driven by two players what happens when a defense double teams either Harris or Allen and the other is forced to beat a team by himself? Dang do you really watch sports? What happen in during the Jordan era when he was forced to score 50 and would still loose because teams took away the other 4 players? What happen to the Detriot Lions when they had Barry Sanders and he would rush for 200 yards but the defense would contain everyone else? What happen to Cleveland this past summer in the playoffs when Lebron was forced to 1 on 5? So nighthawk1 fan that was not trash talk but a QUESTION? Man I really hope you now have an understanding on what it means to take a player away. Again i’m a grown man and have no ill towards any player. Come on man we are talking about kids. At the end of the day the worst that can happen is that a game was played and some team will loose………………….I tell you if all i had to do was worry about if Dudley win or loose a game life would be great or either i would need to get a life.

  33. Was just being sarcastic! Sorry for the misunderstanding. Was just pointing out that this all seems so serious! Dudley has been a powerhouse and Allen and Harris are getting looked at and we need to leave it at that. Seems we are all making more out of it then is there. Liked your comment about at the end of the day a game was played and some team lost. Good luck to both teams, everyone come out and see a great game!

  34. Good luck you guys as well! I actually look forward to watching Allen and company on Friday night. Yes I agree I think sometimes us grown folks take high school games so serious. I just want to see a good game and the kids shake hands when it’s over and everyone walks away to play another Friday.

  35. My opinion…. I feel like if dudley can’t score 30 points, they can’t win. northern will hit you with quick hitting td’s when needed and dudley will have to grind it out.

  36. It will be a great game on Friday! I’m sure everyone will have a lot to talk about on Monday morning about all the great football we watched!

  37. Northern has to have the ball to score. The way Dudley grinds it out you may not get the ball that much. Last year and this year Dudley had an 8 minute and 10 minute drive on us. Tough to score when you don’t have the ball.

  38. Dave I agree. Can’t score if you don’t have the ball. Dudley may not play pretty football on offense but it has been mighty effective against everyone as of late. Although Dudley lost the game Friday night that grind it out offense keep Ragsdale offense off the few for long stretches. Please do not confuse Western Guilford or Northeast Guilford Defense to Dudley defense. Not saying who will win the game but I don’t expect many teams Northern or whoever to be able to go up and down the field on Dudley’s defense as easy as some are predicting that Northern will do on Friday. As someone from Ragsdale mentioned earlier in one of these post that although Ragsdale won the game they could tell they were in a battle because Dudley plays physical on both sides of the ball. But the clock is ticking and 7:30pm is getting closer and closer so soon it will be put up or shut up time. Dudley may not be championship caliber right now but I think they will be fine after these guys grow up.

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