Christopher Daniels and Hurricane Helms raising a few glasses/bottles

You hate to report the bad with the good, but here it it….


TNA wrestler Christopher Daniels (a/k/a Daniel Christopher Covell) was charged with driving while impaired last Friday night in Smithfield, North Carolina, according to He registered a 0.14 on the breathalyzer test. He was released on $2,000 bail.

Multiple websites are reporting that TNA wrestler Christopher Daniels was drinking with WWE wrestler Shane “Hurricane” Helms before Daniels was charged with drunk driving on Friday in North Carolina. Daniels was arrested a short distance from Helms’s home.

Daniels and Helms posted Twitter messages that evening and commented on a drinking contest they were having. Helms also posted a photo of the two of them with bottles of booze in their hands. You can check out the photo by Clicking Here.