HS Football Tonight

Our radio game tonight(AM950) will be Northern Guilford at Dudley with the air time of 7pm and kickoff at 7:30….

We also have updates on Northwest at Smith, Ragsdale at Western Guilford, High Point Andrews at Grimsley, Northern Durham at Page and High Point Central at Lexington……

Ragsdale at Western Guilford(Ragsdale)
Northern Durham at Page(Page)
Northern Guilford at Dudley(Dudley)
Northwest Guilford at Smith(Smith)
Ledford at Southwest Guilford(Southwest Guilford)
Eastern Guilford at Northeast Guilford(Northeast)
High Point Central at Lexington(HP Central)
Southern Guilford at Southeast Guilford(Southeast)
High Point Andrews at Grimsley(Grimsley)

*****Comments on each game coming later.*****
What do you the readers have to say about all of these matchups?????

Ragsdale at Western Guilford(Ragsdale) Tigers have Page next week and they can’t be looking ahead. Have to get both phases of the their game, air/ground working this evening with Anderson, Sonrricker and Smith being the game-changers….Heavner has to get it to them…..

Northern Durham at Page(Page) Page a like-wise to what Ragsdale has to be careful. You must not play down to the level of your competition, ND(0-2)….Phan, Gordon and Rogers have taken a lot of pressure off of the QB McCoy and that is what they have to keep on doing…

Northern Guilford at Dudley(Dudley) Dudley has to have a few of their “D” linemen set up camp in the Northern backfield and make sure that they put the heat on Rocco Scarfone. If not, then Rocky will have time to get the ball to Keenan Allen and Maurice Harris and that spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E……

Northwest Guilford at Smith(Smith) Smith will have to step up and slow down the NWG running attack and then be sure and give their backs time to get up the field on offense. Is Smith for real? We find out tonight at 7:30 but, no matter what happens, Golden Eagle coach Rodney Brewington has done a super job of bringing these kids back and there’s not a tougher battler out there than NWG coach Joe Woodruff…

Ledford at Southwest Guilford(Southwest Guilford) Will Southwest pass the test. Mid-term exams come early over off of Highway 68 near Wendover Avenue and Eastchester Drive….Can the Cowboys do it, they did it before back when Brian Williams was there, why not go on another run in 2009?

Eastern Guilford at Northeast Guilford(Northeast) One whale of a game last year at Gibsonville and the difference this is Eastern has not found a way yet to compensate for all the talent that they lost off of last year’s squad. Losing Jason Davis, Gerrod Herbin and Will Gann was tougher than they thought….NEG has the runners and they can leave you winded….

High Point Central at Lexington(HP Central) Drew Adams(offense) and Jimmy Moorman(defense) have to have huge games if HPC does go on to beat the (2-0) Lexington Yelllowjackets…..

Southern Guilford at Southeast Guilford(Southeast) SEG held Asheboro’s Dimitri Faglier to just 59 yards last week and he rushed for 2,400 total in 2009 and he had right at 300 yards vs. SEG…..If SEG could do that, you would think they can slow down Warren Scott and Southern Guilford too…

High Point Andrews at Grimsley(Grimsley) It is time for Lay Lay Brown and David Ray to step up and give the Whirlies a boost and Grimsley needs to first get a burst and get into the end zone and then go on to play smart and with consistancy from that point on…..


  1. Here are my picks

    Ragsdale- By 10
    Page-By 14
    Northern-By 3
    Northwest-By 21
    Southwest- By 7
    Northeast- By 21
    HPC- By 10
    Southeast- By 14
    HPA- By 17

  2. Radio game is Northern Guilford at Dudley at 7pm plus updates on radio(AM950) and on-line on:
    Northwest Guilford at Smith
    Ragsdale at Western Guilford
    Northern Durham at Page
    High Point Andrews at Grimsley
    High Point Central at Lexington

  3. but there wont be any live audio of the smith game, just updates here i take it?

    oh well thanks…

    the dudley game should be great to listen too..

  4. Just live updates on Smith-NWG during the Dudley game, but there will be LIVE re-cap with all details on the Smith-NWG game during our post-game show from Dudley with our man at the Smith-NWG game, Paul Lambeth…….

    Paul will have the full breakdown in our post-game……

  5. Ragsdale better come prepared to play at Western tonight. Western always plays the Tigers tough. Last year was 14-3 in the playoffs and I can remember two times that Western beat Ragsdale during the Baker years. One was a 43-42 shootout game.

  6. Ragsdale was plenty ready. Ragsdale LBer Sparks intercepts on Western’s 1st series and takes it in for 6 and the tigers never looked back. Stifling defense. Western looked a little young although their D-line played well.

    Mark you are correct. In the past Western has been a thorn for Ragsdale. Ragsdale beat them in the 2nd round of the playoffs last year while Western did get at least 1 win during the Baker years. They had a great offense in those years.

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