HS Football Saturday morning rewind

Dudley stops Northern Guilford 12-7 at Tarpley Stadium and that was the biggest game of the night or was the late win by Northwest at Smith the biggest game of the night or was the victory by Southern Guilford over Southeast at SEG the biggest game of the night or was it the Page Pirates putting up 63 points at home at the Kirb or was it Ragsdale wearing out Western early and then finishing off Western at WG or was it the route and roll on the road by High Point Central at Lexington or was it NEG taking back the McLeansville Strap from EG, on the Rams’ turf at NEG…..

Got any thoughts on last night’s games????? Our picks came out (6-3) and Southeast Guilford is becoming the toughest team to call and Southwest Guilford is making their dreams come true and NWG keeps on winning, even though they lost two of the best backs in the area from last year’s Viking squad in Chris Kennedy and Sean Ples….

Keenan Allen proved why he is the area’s and possibly the state’s top player with his work in the losing effort at Dudley. The kid named Keenan, can line up and play at any position on the field. You have to give Dudley a ton of credit though, for their excellent “Team Effort”, in the Panther’s huge home win in what was a rebound game, after the loss at Ragsdale the week before…..

Not much time at all, to look back at last night, because next week is already upon us and staring us right in the face.

Next Friday will be extra large, and it will even get stated a day earlier than usual, with High Point Central hosting Smith at Simeon Stadium in High Point on Thursday night. Both teams will only have two days(Monday and Tuesday) to get ready with the advantage going to HPC, since they claimed a win at Lex. last night. Both teams will have their light workouts on Wednesday….

The extra large game will be “The Battle of the Unbeatens”, in Jamestown, as the Page Pirates(3-0) travel to face the Ragsdale Tigers(3-0) in a re-match of game played last year at the Kirb, that Ragsdale collected on their way to a (13-0) run before their November loss to Dudley. Page had a late play where QB Will Newman scored, to give the Pirates the lead and what would have given them the win, but the play was called back due to a penelty. Newman later had to leave the game after he suffered a concussion. Page is a much more balanced team this year with Phan, Rogers, Gordon, McCoy, and Summers all contributing to the Pirates’ offensive success.

Ragsdale has also gotten better with Luke Heavner taking over and doing a fine job at quarterback for the Tigers, and DeSean Anderson appears to be healthy, plus Luke Sonrricker returns, and we all remember he had a huge game last year versus Page. The key in this case, will be the Tiger defense with Sparks, Stone, Armwood, Ellison, McNeil, McQueen, Grimes and others…..

Again the key will be the Page offense, which has been on fire, facing the Ragsdale defense, which has only given up 24 points all year long……

Other key games on the upcoming slate will show us Northwest Guilford(3-0) at Northern Guilford(2-1), SWG(3-0) at High Point Andrews(1-2), Northeast Guilford(2-1) at Reidsville(3-0), and WG(0-3) at EG(0-3)…..And don’t forget the Thursday game with Smith(2-1) at High Point Central(2-1) in Simeon Stadium, in High Point……


  1. Why would Northern throw the ball first and ten on the one????????? That interception was the game changer.

  2. Good point, and the pass right down the middle, that was picked off by Dudley’s #24 Chris Simmons pretty much sealed the deal in favor of Dudley as the game moved on late in the 4th quarter….

    The pass was flying right down center field….

  3. Probably had more to do with the Northern confidence in Allen to run around and make a big play running or passing and secondly they lacked confidence in running the ball. Most of Northern rushing yards came on Allen scrambling around and picking up yards. Allen is a heck of play and Harris is good as well but again the question will loom the rest of season can those two players carry Northern past quality oppents for the rest of the season? Althoght it was a close battle last night I just think Allen ran out of gas a bit because he stayed on the field the enitire game with the exceptions of a few plays. I know all week long the question was could Dudley contain Allen and Harris and Dudley may have to win in a shoot out. The question I asked could Nothern stop Dudleys running game and play physical football for four quarters. That last game winning drive by Dudley is the point I was making about rather or not Northern could stop the running game. By hey it was a hard fought game and i’m not sure if anyone knew who would win the game for sure until that last int. Great game over all. Does anyone know if this was just a one year deal or will the series continue?

  4. Is Christian Mccain Still Playing Football For Northern This Season????It’s Unusual For His Name Not To Be In The Highlights And Box Scores.

  5. McCain is at the Central Carolina Sports Academy. One of many great players who moved on by choice. Along with the Pauley twins who are now at Northwest. Three starters from last year at the LB position. All three were needed last night.

  6. ‘Don’t recall both Pauleys starting last year at NGHS and both being linebackers. McCain did start last year as linebacker for Northern. He was a strong player.

  7. Regarding Dudley and Northern game – I agree Allen was wiped out at the end. He was in almost every play. Several Northern players were sick or had been sick including QB Scarfone.

  8. Grimsley is so bad. They are a discrace to the game of football. They should not be allowed to play. Coaching staff is pathetic, but worse, the players are the worst i’ve seen in a while.

  9. One of the interesting things is, that Chris McCain #40 was still on the Northern Guilford roster that was handed out prior to last night’s game, but as stated earlier, he has moved on to Central Carolina Sports Academy and we wish him well…..

    One heck of game, but maybe too many penelties and too many turnovers, but sometimes those miscues come from players trying so hard to make it happen in tight situations…….

  10. “Grades”. How does someone transfer from school to school within Guilford County because of Grades. I guess if you can manipulate a SIMS person I guess you can get into that school. Oh, I am sorry I saiod that.

  11. Why is everyone so wrapped up in this kid as well as kids like King? Who cares where they go. Wish them well and move on. Instead of worrying what these kids do why can’t everyone cheer for the kids that are playing and making grades?

  12. Hats off to the boys from Northern. You played a defending state champ and had them scared and on the ropes. There has been alot of talk about Keenen playing so much, what people don’t know is that the regular quarterback Rocco was sick all week and played most of the game that way. I think the defensive effort was super, but is was the factor of being wore out that may have lead to the loss. Men of Northern lift up your heads you have a great season ahead of you and no matter what people say you are “eligible” to be something special.

  13. Rev. Ike,

    I highly doubt those young men over on Lincoln St. were “scared” of anything regarding Northern Guilford football. They knew well ahead of time that Northern would be on the schedule. Conditioning ultimately decided this game with Dudley eating up the clock on that 4th qtr. scoring drive.

    So now that Northern has “officially” been punched in the mouth for this season lets see how the Nighthawks respond……..

    This is Dudley Olde Head and I DO approve of this message.

  14. Coacch Rooscoe better find a few other playermakers besides Keenan Allen if northern is to be competitive down the road. Having your star on the field the entire time won’t cut it. Take nothing from Dudley but Ragsdale or even Reidsville would take out Northern by atleast 3 scores. I, too, am anxious to see how the remainder of the season for the nighthawks turns out.

  15. To really?” It’s not how begin, it’s how you end”, so keep your lipps off my a#% at the end. Y EAH, I SAID IT ! ! ! Sucka ! You probably didn’t get to be the waterboy in high school,sucka . . . . YEAH I SAID IT ,AGAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. To really?” It’s not how U begin, it’s how you end”, so keep your lipps off my a#% at the end. Y EAH, I SAID IT ! ! ! Sucka ! You probably didn’t get to be the waterboy in high school,sucka . . . . YEAH I SAID IT ,AGAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. topfin29, and yea ok. Where did you all play college football, how many offers do you have between you all. Do me a favor. Look at ESPNU on thursady 5:30 pm. Then post your comments. Andy ESPNU Thursady 5:30pm

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