Tough stuff facing Bill Huff in Burlington

Radio host gets North Carolina DWI

Bill Huff, sports broadcaster and host of radio show “Talkline”, was charged with DWI and hit and run following an accident that occurred August 25 in Burlington, North Carolina.

The collision occurred on Fountain Place, but Huff did not stop following the accident. At the time he was pulled over, he was still traveling at a pace indicating he had no intention of stopping. Officers noted slurred speech and imbalance immediately upon stopping Huff.

Huff, 75 years old, registered a .11 percent BAC(Blood Alcohol Content). He signed a promise to appear in court and was released from jail. There is no word as of yet from Huff or his public relations team on the incident. Local radio station WBAG 1150AM has not commented.(Huff is the dean of play-by-play broadcasters for high school sports in this area with over 50 years under his belt.)

Huff champions himself as the “Red Neck” son of a farmer. He is the sports director at WBAG where he has been employed for almost 50 years. For the past 22 years, Huff has also hosted “Talkline,” which focuses on conservative issues.

The hit and run punishments in North Carolina vary based on the crime. Even if no injury was involved, the driver still has an obligation to stop. Furthermore, the laws clearly set forth the need to remain at the scene if an injury is involved.

Huff will face charges ranging from a Class 1 misdemeanor DWI to a felony depending on the severity of the accident. Huff may have a reasonable argument that he was unable to tell the accident occurred.

from the Burlington Times-News:
Local talk radio host Bill Huff was charged Tuesday with hit-and-run and driving while impaired following an accident in Burlington.

Huff, who is 75 and lives on Trail 8 in Burlington, co-hosts “Talkline,” a morning call-in show on WBAG 1150, a Burlington AM radio station.

Burlington police officer G.M. Fitch said Huff registered .11 on a breath alcohol test after Fitch stopped him at 3:04 p.m. Tuesday on Kitchin Street near Overbrook Drive.

The stop came after a collision on Fountain Place near South Church Street.

Huff failed to stop his vehicle “at the scene of an accident and collision resulting in property damage to (a) … Escalade when” he “should have known the vehicle was involved in the accident and collision,” Fitch wrote in a citation. Huff was driving 20 mph just before the stop, Fitch reported.