Johnny O in the know on Wil Myers’ pro-gress

from Johnny O:Sports Carolina Monthly

Here’s an update on Wil Myers that I posted on my website.

He is ripping the ball at Idaho Falls.

Thomasville North Carolina native and ex High Point Wesleyan star Wil Myers is making a big splash in the rookie league in Idaho Falls.

After signing a 2 million dollar signing bonus for the Kansas City Royals, Myers has proven the Royals made the right decision as he is ripping the ball at a .407 clip.

He has been catching and DHing for the Idaho Falls Royals and has played 15 games to this point. He has 24 hits including 4 HR’s and 11 RBI.

This past weekend he had a dream day at the plate with a 5-5 performance. He is the leading hitter on the squad and has been hitting in the 5 spot since he arrived.

The parent team Royals have to be happy with this start from the star player and they look to see him improve every day until he gets the big shot down the road to join ‘The Show’.

He will play in Idaho until Sept 11 and then will play in Arizona for a 6 week period.

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John Olszewski-Sports Carolina Monthly(SCM)