Paul Pigskin Prognostications preseason preview continues…AFC/NFC west

After a bit of a hiatus Paul’s Pro Pigskin Prognostictions preseason two a days continue. Since last time around we broke down the AFC and NFC East, this time lets break down the west.

AFC West:If the Chargers do not run away with this division I will be shocked.

4. Denver Broncos:Afer the greatest tank job in league history Denver now has, a new coach, a new QB, a tough schedule and a contentious offseason for your bear player and it all adds up to a long year in the Mile High City. Paul’s Projection: 4-12

3. Oakland Raiders: If the Raiders were a Jethro Tull song without doubt they would be ‘Living in the past’, though in the case of Al Davis ‘Too old to rock and roll, too young
to die’ might also apply, though the Jerry Garcia side project Old and In the Way is most apt. Richard Seymour’s failure to report after being traded to Oakland from New England should tell you a lot. Paul’s Projection 5-11

2 Kansas City Chiefs: Bringing in Matt Cassel at QB is a step in the right direction towards the Cheifs return to being relevent. And with Larry Johnson still around Cassel will have the running game he needs to take the pressure off, but an unsung WR corps and a underwhelming defense means this team is still a couple of years from contention. But it is a step in the right direction. Paul’s Projection 7-9

1 San Diego Chargers: 2008 looked to be a lost cause with the bolts were sitting at 4-8. But they got hot at just the right time and with the Broncos collapse San Diego found themselves where they were expected to be all along…atop the division. This year will not be quite the rollercoaster ride, Paul’s Projection 10-6 but don’t expect the Chargers to get very deep in the playoffs, maybe past the first round but that is all/

NFC West: This is a strange division. On the surface the Cards appear to be the class of the lot. But I expect them to get a stiff challange from the 49ers and Seattle could figure into the mix as welll after a sub-par 2008.

4: St. Louis Rams: They have one of the best RB’s in the game in Steven Jackson. And Mark Bulger is a very solid QB. Too many questions in the offensive line and the defense in general. Paul’s Projection 5-11

3. Seattle Seahawks: If Matt Hasselback stays healthy this is a team that could surprise. Adding T.J. Houshmandzadeh as a target does not hurt, the defense has some talent, and the schedule maker was very favorable. I could easily see this team finishing on the happy side of .500 but for now.. Paul’s Projection 8-8

2. San Francisco 49ers; Michael Crabtree should be an impact player.. Shaun Hill is turning into a very solid QB, the defense got a lot better as the season went on last year..and Mike Singletary is a firey coach. Paul’s Projection 9-7 and flirting with a wild card slot

1. Arizona Cardinals: What do you do for an encore after the feel good season of 2008 and coming within moments of walking off with a Vince Lombardi trophy? Smooth over the rough edges that’s what. Look for the Cards in 2009 to be a little more physical…but with the passing game they have there will still be plenty of finesse. Long as Kurt Warner stays healthy the Cardinals should continue to climb. But it will be much different being the hunted instead of the hunter. {aul’s P:rojection 10-6 and a solid run in the playoffs though a return to the Super Bowl seems unlikely.