Smith Golden Eagles ready for Dudley after 44-0 win over Charlotte Waddell

Smith Golden Eagles 44
Charlotte Waddell 0

Page Pirate JV’s 28
Northeast Guilford 20

*****Page(4-0) also won this game last year on Labor Day Monday at Page in what was a coming-out party for Pirate QB James Summers and RB Drew Rogers.*****

Ragsdale JV’s 34
Person County 0

High Point Andrews JV’s 20
High Point Central 7

SEG JV’s 53
Eastern Randolph 8

Dudley Panthers JV’s 40
Durham Hillside 20

Smith improves to (3-2) tonight while Waddell falls to (1-4)…..

The Smith Golden Eagles say they are now ready to take on the Dudley Panthers, at Dudley’s Tarpley Stadium next Friday night.

The Golden Eagles are back and they are on the Attack! Tonight for Smith, Codie Davis had three touchdown passes and Duke McCoy was the leading tackler on defense.

RB Elijah Jordan was out with an injury and Mike Milner picked up the slack and Orlando Lopez was nailing his kicks, PAT’s and other boots……

The Smith Golden Eagles now at (3-2), boy things are changin’ fast over on Holden Road!


  1. Thanks for including the Page JV score on this post.

    To the other football fans out there please send in the JV scores. These kids work just as hard as the varsity teams and deserve the attention.

  2. Ragsdale JV’s 34
    Person County 0.

    Ragsdale very young. Start 10 freshmen on defense. Good QB in Garrison Herndon. Last of the Romer kids coming through at WR , Brandon Walker at WR (Coach Walker’s son), a kid named Bangalow that can hit, and another Sparks at LBer.

  3. Smith needs to be very careful in what say.
    This is not the PHI. Eagles and CAR Panthers we are talking about.
    Smith may be improved and Dudley down a bit but still let’s get real.
    Atkins,Waddell,and the Va teeam dont’t have 3 wins between them.
    Blow a 14 pt lead in the last 4 minutes of a game to NW who gets bet by Northern(who LOST to Dudley).
    Get manhandled by HPC(Who has a strong team)
    Improved… yes,
    Ready to see how they measure up…. yes
    Ready to take down “BIG BLUE” @ Tarpley ….NO
    But you have give it to them they got confidence.

  4. Speaking of JV….SEG JV beat up on Eastern Randolph last night 53 -8. Jamal Petty (Terrance Topps’ little brother) had over 200 yards and 5 touchdowns. The starters were pulled shortly after the 1st scoring drive of the 3rd quarter. The also had another running back( #40) over 100 yards with a touchdown or two.

  5. Its about time a Dudley and Smith game have some sort of meaning to it. However look for Dudley to win 40-14 at home. Championship teams know how to get it done. Up and coming teams are just that. Smith seems to be righting their ship but it still has not gotten in deep waters yet. PANTHER land could easily become “Shark Infested Land” for Smitty!

  6. Don’t sleep on Smith. They have their confidence back, and they are playing with a swag. Smith is going to come in with a chip on their shoulder, and a message to prove that they are better than what people think. Those boy’s will be prepared and coached well by Coach Brewington , Coach Reid, Coach Mac, Coach Davis, and the rest of the staff to compete against a decent Panther team. Dudley is playing ok this year, but it’s obvious that they aren’t the same team from their championship run. Now, they are well coached, but so is Smith. Look for Smith’s defense, coached by Coach Mac (defensive coordinator) to play fast and physical, against Dudley’s weak passing game, because that’s clearly all they have. Antwan Nevious (DL), Dushante McCoy(LB), and Demari Boswell(C) are some special kids, and they are going to get after you on defense. Also look for Smith’s offensive line who is coached by Coach Reid to protect Codie Davis as he delivers to Eric Ebron and Anthony Johnson in the air, and for the offensive line to open up holes for Elijah Jordan, Mike Milner, and Marlon Hughes. Smith’s offense is averaging 200 yards rushing and passing. So, don’t think that it’s going to just be a walk in Barber Park for Dudley. Look for a possible upset.

  7. I think Smith called out Dudley first EagleFan, but not to worry. It will be business as usual at Tarpley Memorial. Thanks for mentionning the “playmakers” for Smith as well. The Dudley defense will be well-prepared to send the Eagles back to Holden Rd. with their feathers tucked between their wings in a “who’s your daddy” fashion.

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