Live Scores – Friday – September 18, 2009

Calling it a Night…All scores and teams present and accounted for…..

Paul has a write-up on WG-SG and we should be getting something coming from Joe Barile on Page-NEG and if other readers would like to send us a re-cap or summary on their game or games just put it in the comment box and we will re-print it or send them to….

And thanks for the updates and scores…..

Ragsdale (5-0) – 35
at Roxboro Person (2-3) – 7

Grimsley (0-5) – 0
at Northwest Guilford (4-1) – 13

High Point Central (4-1) – 19
at High Point Andrews (2-3) – 12

Northeast Guilford (2-3) – 28
at Page (4-1) – 31

Southern Guilford (1-3) – 27
at Western Guilford (2-3) – 28

Durham Hillside (3-2) – 23
at Dudley (4-1) – 30

FINAL – (thanks Damon)
Eastern Randolph (4-1) – 26
at Southeast Guilford (2-3) – 21

Smith (3-2) – 44
at Charlotte Waddell – 0

Northern Guilford (3-1)
Southwest Guilford (3-1)
Eastern Guilford (0-4)


  1. Sorry Blue and White, but the AD isn’t the one playing the games on Friday nights. Not going to help you win ball games.

  2. Blue and White our problem is the OC,yes Newman hired Samek when there were coaches that had been HC at other High Schools applying for the job.Samek needs to hire a proven OC,one who eat’s and sleeps football,the OC we have now this is his first time coaching offense.Three out of the five games played have been shut outs.I truly don’t think Grimsley will win a single game this season,i could be wrong.Until they put the best 11 on the field both ways it will be like this every friday.How don’t you start your best recievers that played well last year. Travis Burris,Torian Patterson and Soph Kevin Walden,these three kids should start at wideout.Rotate LaLa Brown,David Ray and Eric Davidson at the running back position.Grimsley has a big OL in David Reader,Jordan Patterson and Terrell Clark all three over 300 pounds.The last three teams we played were small compared to Grimsley,but they were well coached and had the best 11 on the field at all times.With the returning Seniors and Juniors we have i thought this season would be special,to much talent and speed to be 0-5.I have never seen so many mad parents,fans and alumni on friday nights.Joe when your running the same dive play four times in a row you have a problem.It seems like the OC has favorites and plays them instead of the kids that can help you win.I’m all for keeping Samek but fire the OC and the Wide Recievers coach ASAP they are terrible.

  3. I see what you are saying.. but the AD is not calling the plays.. and he definitely isn’t on the field making the plays..

  4. Joe maybe he needs to call the plays( Newman ) that OC we have doesn’t have a clue.How do you hire a OC that doesn’t know anything about offense,i mean nothing about offense and it shows. Until Grimsley hires a proven OC and put the best kids on the field they will not win.You are right Newman isn’t on the field making plays neither are the players.No one can blame these kids for the lack of coaching they are recieving.I wouldn’t dare put a person who hasn’t coached offense period as my OC,i blame Samek for that.They wanted Saunders out of Grimsley they got that now we start 0-5.Saunders was a offensive minded coach i can say that.Anyone who has been to a Grimsley game this season will tell you that we are getting out coached not out played.

  5. everything about grimsley is horrible. the coaches, the ad, the oc, the dc, the basketball team, the baseball team, the soccer team, and especially every kid wearing a football jersey, especailly the mcphereson kid.

    *****The blame is going around, but you can’t lay such a heavy load at the feet of the McPhereson kid. I am sure he is giving his best effort and will continue to do so until they take him out. No man/kid takes the field and dogs it under the current conditions. They are trying to turn it around, but it is not working. Hang in there McPhereson and Grimsley and let’s see what happens next.*****
    Andy on edit.

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