HS Football Saturday morning rewind

Some great games last night as Kenny the driver on the East side of town was saying as he was delivering his last pizza of the evening at around midnight.

What was it HPC-HPA tied at the half, 0-0, it was 16-16 Dudley vs. Hillside and something like 14 a-piece for Western and Southern. Page-NEG ends up going 31-28 and WG-SG stops at 28-27, Western.

Excelllent games, another fun night and the best thing of all? We are back, for at least one week, in the picks department. We went (7-1) this week and you want to guess the only team to keep our mark from being the perfect eight and oh????? Did you get it? For who knows how many weeks in a row, they take us down again, “The Southeast Guilford Falcons”…… This has to be the toughest team ever to figure out. I don’t have any idea what they will be doing next, but they have Grimsley at home next Friday night and Coach Fritz says his 9th and 10th graders will be coming of consistant age soon…….

Joe had the call here at the site on Page-NEG and we thank JB for his fine efforts. I don’t know for certain if Coach Gillespie went with the wide right 118 sweep play that little #7 often calls for, but I do know that Page beat a very good Northeast Guilford team. Page has talent and they did a solid job of using McCoy and Summers along with the rotation of Phan and Rogers last night and when do you see a back, Tony Rustin(and a very big back at that, almost like a big bear when he’s back there), put the ball on carpet, have time to pick it back up, and still take it in for the score and Tony did that last night in the Pirates’ win.

I don’t think Page is overrated, I think they are not really rated in a major upper echelon yet, and if they go small 4-A they can make some noise possibly later on and if Ragsdale ends up small 4-A or just plain old 4-A, then they have a great shot.(BTW, Congratulations to Portia Oakley, the 2009 Page Pirate Homecoming Queen. A great kid and fine little basketball player.)

I really like that Michael Sanders kid from NEG. He has blazing speed and he can make some great cuts to get on down the road/field. Congrats to Coach Pursley as well, as he was telling us last night, that his son Brock Pursley, is now the assistant coach up at Brevard, where Paul Hamilton he used to be at Elon and East Tennessee State is in charge. I remember Brock when used to be a little ball boy, just like Coach Gillespie’s son at Page is now, and I know Coach Tommy Pursley is proud of his son and you have to like that name, Brock. I had trouble remembering it this morning, but it is a good football/sports name, Brock……

We have another star and his name is Aguilar, and he joins in with Adams, Grant, Moorman, Miller, Langham and others over at High Point Central. Evan Aguilar has been playing “lights out” defense all season long for HPC and he got two more picks last night and that should give him right at 6 picks for the year and and at least five interceptions. David Amerson of Dudley had 9 Int’s last year and David said he wanted 10 this season and if he gets it, Evan might be even with him…..Central topped Andrews last night, for their fourth win against only one loss.

We have had a look at WG-SG, the extneded look at Page-NEG and some insight on SEG, plus the look back at HPC-HPA and we know that Dudley prevailed against Durham Hillside and Northwest knocked off Grimsley 13-0 and NWG will be facing Ragsdale in a couple of weeks and the Tigers rolled at Roxboro last night. That Ragsdale-NWG matchup might just get more and more interesting……

We keep hearing quite a bit of talk coming out of the camp over on Westover Terrace and with Grimsley at (0-5), we will probably hear more as the Whirlies prepare to face SEG at Southeast next Friday. Lewis Newman is the Athletic Director and he hired Coach Samek to run the football team and that’s what Coach Samek will have to do. The coach will have to coach and if he has to make any changes, I’m sure he will.

Would it be better to run LaShawn Brown at QB and try and break off some sets like Dudley used with Ricky Lewis Jr. the past two years? That might be something that they are looking at. If that is the case then we would see Lay Lay and more running-type backs trying to utlilize the speed of Brown, Ray, Patterson, Davidson and others.

At this point, with so much catching up to do, I’m sure they are ready to try everything and let’s hope it comes together for the Whirlies, although in this real football world, it is not going to get any easier with SEG, WG and Page due up before the Open date hits on October 16. It is very tough to turn a program around, it doesn’t happen over night and we will have to give them some room for improvement…….

Big times coming this week, and let me be the first to start up the hype-wagon. Smith at Dudley and the Golden Eagles say they are ready to ride into Tarpley Stadium and then ride right on out of there after the game with a “Big W” heading back down E. Lee Street. Panthers(4-1) and Eagles(3-2) in the house, this coming Friday night at “The Tarp”.

Page(4-1) will travel out to take on Western Guilford(2-3) in game that should have a load of offensive action with the Pirates using two QB’s(McCoy and Summers) and two TB’s(Phan and Rogers) and two FB’s(Gordon and Harvey). WG has that Aaron Jones kid, who already has 15 TD’s this season. He got three more last night vs. SG.

Ragsdale(5-0) will be at WS Parklanld and NEG(2-3) will host South Granville in the Rams’ Homecoming game. High Point Central(4-1) is at East Forsyth and High Point Andrews(2-3) has the week off. NWG(4-1) will be hosting Glenn in a Piedmont Triad 4-A key conference clash, while Northern Guilford(3-1) is home to Burlington Williams, Eastern Guilford(0-4) gets to host a very tough Eastern Alamance squad, Southern(1-3) Guilford will entertain Trinity and Southwest Guilford(3-1) is home to WS Reynolds.


  1. I tend to agree with a switch at the qb position,the McPherson kid cant’t get it done . . .they are O-fer after 5 games,with him;a change might salvage the season,they have players . . .not a qb. You can’t win with a senior with NO experience,it just want happen. Ray Charles,The Five Blind Boys of Alabama,Stevie Wonder . . .you get my drift can see that ! Then why can’t the coach?

  2. Used to be 3-A and now they are 4-A. Thanks for the heads up we have to keep an eye on this one, since the change has hit and it is not like it was last year with Glenn moving up and NWG moving over from the Metro 4-A.

  3. ol’bawl coach the coaching staff at Grimsley are Blind.They don’t see talent when the talent is standing right beside them on the sideline.They have a OC who has never coached offense and the remaining coaches just can’t coach.A lot of them need to go coach Rec ball first and learn the game,then move up to Middle School then High School. I like McPherson but he’s struggling right now,alot of that is the play calling from the no calling OC.They don’t try and get the ball in their playmakers hands,the kids that start on offense would be on other teams JV roster.They truly think they can win with those kids on the field,not to talk about anybody kids but this is High School football put your best kids on the field.What happen to running screens with your kids with speed like Patterson, Brown and Walden.They try quick passes with the kids that have no speed someone please help them.

  4. I have been to the past two games and last week I saw two dropped passes on for a TD, one for a sure 1st down by these talented players, I also saw one of these talented players miss a sure tackle last night, and one get beat for a TD. Now in all cases the players were where they should have been and needed to make a play so that is not coaching if they are there to make the play. Now the OC might need to go and I have read something about Barry Stewart helping so that side of the ball will get better, the defense has looked good to me and last night other than the blocked punt the special teams looked good so once the Offense gets going Grmsley should be improved. So I am not sold on the LACK of coachingthing.

  5. I have been to all five games so far this season not two and one missed tackle from a kid that has walked kids down and saved atleast 5 TD this season.Plus a kid that hasn’t practiced or played DB sense the first game of the season now you put him out there after not playing or practicing the last month at that position, what do you think will happen? I guess that’s just good ole coaching, kid hasn’t played DB in a month and they stick him out there and think mistakes aren’t going to happen man please.The kid that dropped the pass for a TD is playing with a broke finger but is still out there trying to help his team out.Barry Stewart has been there the last three weeks and still haven’t won a game yet.What good is he when we are running his offense but he’s not calling the plays the old OC is.The defense has always looked good just stay on the field to long. When you don’t practice these kids all week and then stick them out there gameday that’s a lack of coaching.Take time out your busy schedule and watch them practice,then go to the game on friday night you will see a diffrent game plan i promise you.

  6. You are right I have not been to every game, but the last two ga,es it lhas looked to me that grimsley has had a chance to win. I also was talking to a parent and they said that the Andrews game there was a fumble on the goal line and Gimsley could have won that game too so the last three games let’s see

    Fumbel at the goal line Grimsley losses 14-6
    Two dropped passes one for a TD Grimsley losses 24-21
    One missed tackle for a TD and a missed play on 4th and 19 for a TD Grimsley losses 13-0.

    The players are fighting and playing hard and they deserve to win, like i said the OC needs to go.

  7. OneWhoKnows there was a funble on the 15 yard line not the goal line against Andrews in the first quarter,score was still 0-0 when that happened.So i can’t say if we would have gotten any points out of that drive.Not having the right personal on the field on punt team and kick off cost us the game against Jordan not two drop passes,Jordan was up when both passes were dropped.On to the missed tackle the reciever made a good move he broke two tackles before he got into open field and got hawked down by the safety that over played the tackle. Prior to that the same safety on the miss tackle caught the first pass of the game for 30 yards and ran the opening kick off for about 25 plus yards.Again the kid that gave up the TD on that pass play hasn’t played DB sense the first game of the season.He doesn’t even practice at that position.They are fighting and playing hard and i hope they can pull things together going into conference play this week,throw past records out the door it’s 0-0.We can finish the conference strong if we make the big plays and FIRE THE OC AND THE WIDE RECIEVERS COACH AND LET BARRY STEWART FINISH THE SEASON AS THE OC.

  8. Sounds alot like how the Page games were going down back when Page went 0-10.

    Alot of close losses, and games that got away from them because of broken coverage or bad plays.

  9. everything about grimsley is horrible. the coaches, the ad, the oc, the dc, the basketball team, the baseball team, the soccer team, and especially every kid wearing a football jersey, especailly the mcphereson kid.

    *****The blame is going around, but you canâ€t lay such a heavy load at the feet of the McPhereson kid. I am sure he is giving his best effort and will continue to do so until they take him out. No man/kid takes the field and dogs it under the current conditions. They are trying to turn it around, but it is not working. Hang in there McPhereson and Grimsley and letâ€s see what happens next.*****
    Andy on edit.

    Posted by everything

  10. You really can’t blame everything on McPherson,it’s the coaching staffs job to put him in a offense that fits him.If you know he doesn’t have a lot of speed why continue to roll him out? They should have left him in the Shotgun Spread,he’s a better passer in the pocket than on the run.That’s the reason Grimsley’s coaches are getting dogged out on the message boards.If parents,fans and alumni can see what’s going on then why can’t they see it (Grimsley’s Coaching Staff.) Also the players have to make plays every opportunity they have.I really think they should try a new QB this upcoming game,it’s worth a try what more can we lose. UNTIL WE GET A PROVEN OC AND WIDEOUT COACH OUR OFFENSE WILL SUCK.IT’S REALLY LOOKING LIKE A 0-11 SEASON FOR THE WHIRLIES.I KNOW COACH SAUNDERS IS SITTING SOMEWHERE LAUGHING HIS BUTT OFF WHO CAN BLAME HIM.

  11. Saunders inhereted a team that was a state contender and went 3-8 last year, why should he be laughing, this staff inherited a 3-8 team so I do not get it???/

  12. Grimsley finished (11-2) with the team Coach Saunders inherited. Coach Saunders was the interim coach in 2007 and they beat some pretty good teams and they had some real good talent…..

    Here’s how they closed out the year from Greensborosports.com:

    Grimsley had to travel to Charlotte and they found the going tough against the top-seeded Lions of West Charlotte. The Whirlies made a good showing for themselves before going down 22-14 and ended their season at (11-2). Bobby Grier and Darius Thomas were tough for WC, but Zach Maynard kept Grimsley in the game with two TD passes, one to Kelsey Stevens and the other one going to James Scales III. The Whirlies held the vaunted Lion passing attack of Darius Thomas to 192 yards and two TD’s. Thomas finished the night 15-19 with one interception.

  13. Dear maybe,
    How does having the kids from Northern make the team any better if the coaches are the problem? Maybe rhe kids left for a reason—-they were smarter than all you complainers.

  14. Actually grimsleys basketball team has been good the past two years and should be one of the best in the city this year. dont hate on them just because the football team sucks

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