Positive people and places making an impact on our sports community

If you saw today’s N&R insert page you might have noticed that the Guilford County Schools have named their Excellence in Education awards and one of our local Guilford County coaches has made the good list.

The High School Teacher of the Year award goes to Darren Corbett, from Grimsley High School. Coach Corbett is in charge of the Whirlies boy’s varsity basketball program and I believe he teaches English at Grimsley.

He has always been stong in the Academics, going all the way back to when he was a student at Southern Guilford. Coach Corbett’s dad is Don Corbett, the legendary men’s basketball coach, who spent many years on the sidelines at N.C. A&T State University.

Coach Corbett was at Page High School prior to moving over to Grimsley and while at Page he was the head JV Basketball coach and he was an assistant to head Varsity coach Robert Kent.

Major congratulations are in order for Coach Darren Corbett and his family, on receiving this prestigious award, and continued success in the classroom and on the basketball court.


  1. The baseball coaches from High Point University spent their saturday night dancing at a senior living facility with seniors. Earlier in the day they worked the opening of the Miracle Park in High Point for handicapped kids.

    The HP coaches also coach a showcase team and they had several of their 15/16 players out volunteering at the event also.

  2. That sounds like a good deed, but wouldn’t that be an NCAA violation to coach plaers you could be recruiting?

  3. Nope, not if they are within a specific geography or mileage. now don’t quote me on this but I was told it was kids from a 70 mile radius.

    This is not new. The coach at A@T coaches a team. The High Point coaches coached teams in Florida where they came from. They took a team from youth all the way through HS and most played after HS.

  4. Coach Corbett saw my kid working out at Grimsley with his AAU squad summer before last. He said something to my son and my son, who did not hear him, replied, “Sir?” He told a group of kids with him that this is how you address an adult. He asked where he was going to school, etc. for about 2-3 minutes. Then he talked about academics for over an hour! He warned him about how hard he’d have to work. He let him know about the security of an academic scholarship. He even talked about dating girls who do not share your values. He did all this for a kid he does even know. I am very thankful that this coach took this time out for my child who he did not have to speak to at all!

    Congrats Coach Corbett. If our experience with you is an indication of your everyday demeanor and care for our young kids, you certainly deserve it!

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