HS football Saturday morning rewind

*****Just a small footnote on the way in. We were 8-1 on our picks last night and now sit at 24-4 over the past three weeks. Let’s not take too much credit here, but put the pub where it belongs, on the kids….*****

Just got through listening to some of the game from last night with Northern Guilford at Eastern Alamance, with the final going 24-23 Northern and that had to be one heck of a game with the Nighthawks improving to (5-1) on the season and Keenan Allen hitting Daniel Downing for a TD pass while I was listening to the game on 920AM radio and Rocco Scarfone was connecting with Maurice Harris for some solid gains with Muhommad Kellis having some nice runs and Attaway(didn’t catch his first name) and Joseph White also in there picking up the offense….The annoucers said that Keenan Allen was doing everything, but selling popcorn. I did hear him at QB, DB, punter and in return modes.

Big win for NG in what was probably the game of the night and next week Northern will be hosting Eastern Guilford and the Wildcats got a big win, their first of the season, up at Morehead, 47-22. Big night for Josh Morehead(plus EG’s Devonte Andre and Cedrick Johnson) and we’ll see the Morehead-Allen matchup at NG next Friday.

Western Guilford may well have the best receiver in our area this year in Jabri Ridenhour. The kid and his QB Josh Thompson were on fire last night over at Grimsley as the Hornets defeated the Whirlies 31-7. This was the only game we muffed on our picks and you have to give all the credit to Coach Causey and the Hornets, they had a great game plan and they executed it, to near perfection. We will take the blame, as we should for the loss. We were a bit blown away, on the way in by Grimsley’s 35-0 win the previous week over Southeast Guilford.

But again, let’s give all the credit in the world to Western, they deserve it. Multiple formations, varied sets and it looked like everyone knew where they were going with stack to left and to the right with Ridenhour, Hatfield, Jones, Simpson and others all getting in on the act. A short stack with three guys to the right side and when they stack up over there, you have no idea where they are going when they break off of the line, but QB Josh Thompson does. Keenan Allen is still the best athlete around here, but if Ridenhour is not the best receiver, then I want to see him.(Maybe an arguement for Luke Sonrricker at Ragsdale.)

Josh Thompson hit on right at 20 passes for 365 yards and 3TD”s and at least 12 of those passes went to Jabri Ridenhour for over 150 yards and 2 TD’s…..Grimsley has some work to do, and they will have to have at it, with the Page Pirates coming into Jamieson Stadium next Friday night.

Western only has the one conference loss to Page and the Hornets schedule favors a playoff shot with WG hosting Smith next Friday and on the road to Southern Alamance, home versus Dudley and then a road game at SEG to close out the season. That Smith game will be major determiner for both the Hornets and the Golden Eagles as they put their post-season hopes on the line next week…..

We had all the scores up here on the site for you here last night, and we got the last one in at about 12:15am with the Eastern Guilford at Morehead being the last one to arrive….

Ragsdale(7-0) stays hot and their schedule is going to be fun to watch. The Tigers are at SWG next, then they host Northwest, have an open date and finish with Glenn at home and then High Point Central at Simeon Stadium. Glenn only beat Parkland by one last night, but it looks like for Ragsdale, their schedule gets just a little bit tougher each week and that the competition gets just a little bit harder each and every week and that makes the ending even that more interesting….Solid win last night, 31-0, over East Forsyth….

The schedules are the fun thing to start watching now with Dudley at (6-1) with an off date now followed by SEG, WG, Page and Grimsley. WG and Page the toughies with Page the real toughie, but it’s at Dudley for the Pirates and the WG team will be a handful for anyone the rest of the way if that Western offense is working like it was last night…..

Page has Grimsley, Smith, Southern Alamance, Dudley and SEG left; with Dudley and Smith looking the toughest right now. Grimsley has Page, Smith, SA, and Dudley. Smith has WG, Page, SA, and Grimsley.

It looks like WG, Smith and Grimsley become the wildcards and maybe not in that order, but who knows????? SEG and SA look out of the picture completely right now…..The key as the coaches would say, is you have to take them one game at a time, but it is fun to study those upcoming schedules as the season begins to close quickly….

In more chart watching, Northern is home to Eastern Guilford, they have McMichael on the road, it’s home to Rockingham County at Morehead and home to Western Alamance to close out the season. Right now, based upon the way those teams are playing, WA looks to be the toughest of that bunch…..

Northwest Guilford, after that 6-3 OT win last night at SWG, has High Point Central at home up next, followed by the trip to Ragsdale, WS Parkland at home and a road trip to East Forsyth to close it out….HPC and Ragsdale very hard, should handle Parkland and EF. High Point Central has NWG, Parkland, Glenn, SWG and Ragsdale, giving them five to go and possible meeting with Ragsdale at home to end the regular season……(Maybe for the Title?????)

Just some looks and some talk for your Saturday and we hope we have made some points that have made some sense and maybe some of these talking points will carry over into next week…….


  1. everyone talking about Northern is taking the easy way out by saying repeatedly that Keenan is doing it all…come out and see a game to get the real story…yes Keenan is playing a lot of different positions, and is awesome at it all…so what…he is only doing it because he can…

    there are a lot of playmakers on NG team, don’t console yourselves or dismiss NG victories by saying we lost to Keenan, not NG…

  2. Smith sure does get alot of LOVE on this site…. Doesnt one of the Coaches at Smith work on the Greensboro Sports Staff? Just Curious… Still waiting for the GOLDEN EAGLES to beat somebody RESPECTABLE…. NO CUPCAKES ALLOWED!!!! LOL

  3. Poor Grimsley those coaches just don’t get it FIRE ALL OF THEM.You have to go in a Zone or Cover 2 againt that formation WG came out in.Why would you continue to blitz your LBers and leave the middle of the field open.Then have your DB’s playing man all game having them jam the recievers at the line of scrimmage.Once they got by the DB on the slant the middle was wide open because the LB was blitzing.

    It took Grimsley coaching staff to go down 24-7 at the half to make adjustments,after that they only scored 7 points in the second half.People are always saying Parents,Fans and Alumni are always blaming the coaches and not the kids.The kids are doing what the coaches tell them to do point blank.

    It’s been time for a change at the QB position or change the offense to fit our QB do one of the two.I guess we are going to ride it on out with what we have and don’t make any changes.


  4. Why would anone ever want send their kid to Grimsley for sports with all the complaining?

    The coaches are in the 1st year with a very young team. Give them some time.

  5. No surprise there….I think I get more information about Guilford County teams down here in Charlotte than I did when I was living in Greensboro.

  6. I did see the DB playing off and it looked like cover 3 and the corners still got beat there goes that theory. I suggest the you whirlie fanornot put in for a coaching job, I mean you sound like Vince Lombardi on here. Cover 2 are you serious cover 2, yea just give them the deep out or fly, it sounds like to me you have no knowledge of the game, I also saw three int’s dropped, one by a DB and two deflections by the MLB so it seems that there was no blitzing the middle backer.

  7. To all you know it alls on here,this is the third(3) head coach these seniors have had in their time,the second for the sophmores and juniors . .now could you put in a system with that type of turnaround. Also it’s the 4th offensive coordinator,and 2nd,defensive coordinator . So, I guess all you so called “sideline,ticket buying coaches”can win a conference, or state championship with that type of turnover. This isn’t an estalished program like the powers of Dudley,Northeast,Reidsville, etc. where the staffs have been together at least 8 years or more. Give it a break,you know ‘nunthin’,but you know ‘everything”. That’s why you probably pay for your ticket every Friday nite so you can sit and criticize. Your kind isn’t hard to find my “fair weathered friend”. MAKE NO MISTAKE,WHEN the Whirlies do get back up, stay off they azz,ok,cause you might just get run over from all your buddies just like you,jumpin’ on the wagon . . . .nuff said !!!!

  8. Coach so people know more about coaching than you think. If the fans can see it then the coaches must. I know that you think coaches know everything but they don’t and this staff knows very little. The first thing you must know if your players and you have to do Whatever it takes to get to know them and their skill level. That is what a Good coach does!!!! It is always the coach who should take the blame or the success from his teams not the KIDS……Think about it….The Coaches at Grimsley don’t know the Kids and their skill sets,if you think I wrong just come to the games and see what we are talking about. Lala is one of the best running backs in this area, he was sitting on the sideline in the second half and did not get many touches… Think about NG sitting Keenan for a whole second half. Think about it.

  9. And,I suppose that YOU are qualified to know these kids;well ther is an amendment for “freedom of speech”; but talk about what you know and not speckulation. There is a reason for eveything, and somethings are better left unsaid. Did you ever play varity sports in high school? Were you a coachable athlete, or a painin in the butt? Which are you?

  10. I did play varity sports and I have also coached kids in this area but most important I am a parent of a player at Grimsley. I am not one of those parents who would go up to a coach after a game and say something about his coaching good or bad. But I thought this was an outlet for me to voice how I feel. Now in the summer, I went by and watched Grimsley pratice and notice the drills that they were doing or not doing. I can tell you that my kids went through the Lewis Center program and the Coaches at Lewis do an outstanding job with teaching our young children. These coaches are not teaching our high school kids and the drills are not there. I feel bad for the coaches at Grimsley because I think they just don’t know how to coach kids. Now who suffers in the situation, Our KIDS and that is the truth. If this offends you then you have the problem. But truth is truth.

  11. Get Real Amen THEY REALLY DON”T GET IT. People LIKE ONEWHOKNOWS can say what they want i have seen it first hand also.I stayed at Grimsley all summer and those kids did nothing at all.ONEWHOKNOWS do you have a son at Grimsley are you a coach?How often are you at the school sense you know so much? What game were you watching Friday because Grimsley Blitzed those LBs most of the game until the second half,that’s why they run the 3-5-3 defense.I tell you what get with Mr.Patterson buy the DVD and watch it again,you may have been at the wrong game.I did see the DB playing off and it looked like Cover 3 LOL that’s funny and it looked like Cover 3.Why do you think after half time we came out in Cover 2 and they didn’t score but 7 points in the second half. You know nothing about football,the teams that beat WG all played Cover 2 or Zone,do you need the DVDS to watch the other games they played?

  12. Get real and slowly, you two deserve each other. You two keep on complaining and dissing that staff out there,just keep on and maybe ,just maybe you’ll accomplish whatever it is that you do so well . . . .smacking your jaws; in other words from the book of Brown”talkin’ loud and sayin nunthin”!

  13. No I am not a coach or parent just a fan and reading these posts I would not want to be a coach or players parent at Grimsley with paernts like you guys, would not touch that place with a 10′ pole. But one thing I do know is the difference between cover 2 and man and Grimsley never ran cover 2 friday, even in the second half, so maybe you do not know what you are talking about

  14. Get real and going down hill, I did a little research on the coaching staff at Grimlsey, starting with the HC, what I could find was he was at Mt. Tabor for several years the last two as the Defensive coordinator, I guess he coached in two state title games while he was there, last year he was at East Forsyth. The offensive coordinator was the HC at Tabor during that time and also was the HC at Grimsley years ago, the other coaches on staff have coached at places like Mt. Tabor, Carver, Smith, Dudley, and from what I can read two coaches that has college football. So I think they know a little bit about the game, probably more than any of us.

  15. We already knew that,you just now finding that out LOL. You must be a fly bye night fan,tell me something i don’t know. Just because you have coached before doesn’t mean Squat. They get caught up in the way they want things done and don’t listen to anyone one else are other coaches.If they are all so good coaches why haven’t a change been made at the QB position? Why continue to do sweeps to the shortside of the field? Why continue to roll your QB out to the left and have him throw to the right? Why continue to jam the recievers at the line of scrimmage and blitz your LB and leave the middle of the field open tell me WHY? If going thru two OC in lees than 4 weeks don’t tell you something then you just don’t get it. Maybe yall don’t have kids on the team and see what’s going on first hand,if that’s the case go to some of the practices and not just the games on friday you DIG.Please tell me something i don’t know.

  16. Going down Hill, thank you your comments. I can’t speak to Old Coach because he wants to make personal attacks and I was just voicing my opinion by the status of Grimsley football. He is more concern about not hurting some grown a– coaches, not concerned about what our kids are going through. I am a parent of one of the players and I see how hurt he is after Every Game not this Coach. I know football, I played football, I live football and this is not the only son I that has gone through a football program. I was there to see with Coach Sanders what a pratice is suppose to look like,I have seen and been a part of what winning programs pratices look like. I can tell first hand that Grimsley does not have that. So thanks again for understanding.

  17. Here is a little stat for all you who think that you know it all, what do these records have in common
    They are the first year records of the current coaches at Page, East Forsyth, NW Guilford, RJ Renyolds and Bishop McGuiness
    Now what do these records have in common
    They are the records of the current coaches at Page, NW Guilford, RJ Renyolds, and Bishop McGuiness, Last year I thin East Forsyth had a good year, so it takes time to make it work. Remeber I was here last year too, and Grimsley was awful last year too, I think 3-8 was the record, they had barely 30 kids on the team, I counted near 40 this year. Give it time, it will happen

  18. Like AI said “Pratice we are talking about Pratice” that is what it starts with. Go take a look at Pratice and you will see what I am talking about. These coaches don’t know how to teach. By the way our JV teams are losing 40+ to zero. They are not teaching them either,so it has to start somewhere.

  19. I think that the JV’s lost in 3 OT last week???? Is that true or did I not read that. Well it looks like you need to go to Guilford County website and apply for a job, or ask the coach if you can help coach the team.

  20. Yes we played WG JV and it did go to 3 OT last week. But check the other 5 games scores. As far as helping this coach that can’t coach, no way. I would not put myself through the hurt that see my son is going through. By the way, I promised my wife that I would not get involved and that is very hard for me. This is my only outlet so you are it.

  21. Oh I see, well it is easy to make noise on a message board and point out problems from the stands. Well best luck to your son and Grimsley the rest of the way

  22. Get Real onewhoknows don’t no nothing,he needs to change his name to onewhowouldlike2know. I’m still laughing at i thought i saw them in Cover 3 LOL.Every coach on that list could win with the talent we have,yes we were 3-8 last year.didn’t our starting QB go down 3rd game of the season? Talking to you is like talking to the wall,get from behind the key board and go to some of their practices.

    You can’t tell me nothing if you just show up to the games on friday.Most those kids played at good Rec Centers Lewis good program,Warnersville and Guilford College all good rec programs.That’s what i call a practice not what we do Monday thru Thursday.You get a head coach job then bring an OC who has never coached offense,what kind of mess is that.You are setting yourself up to lose from the start.Get Real it’s a waste of time talking to some people,they just don’t get it.

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