Mr. Hardin says Kenny let N.C. State know how he put the “O”(Zero) in Okoro

Kenny Okoro made the big pick/interception that saved/sealed the win for Wake over State on Saturday in Winston. Kenny “O” Okoro said, zero tolerance, I’m not giving up any ground and he pulled off “the play of the day”, to snuff out any chance N.C. State had of beating Wake Forest on Saturday inside Groves Stadium on the BB&T Field.

Eat your heart out Russell Wilson, as a Guilford County kid ripped it out, before you could push the Pack back in front…….(Mr. Wilson will live to pass for the Pack again.)

The Dudley Panther product(Kenny Okoro), beat Northeast Guilford a couple of years back in the playoffs, with a “Hail Mary” pass, as the Panthers’ #3 quarterback and he has been making big plays ever since.

Ed Hardin of the News and Record hit on the local spin for Ken, with a very solid piece in today’s N&R:

WINSTON-SALEM — Kenny Okoro was minding his own business Saturday afternoon when he saw an entire football game coming his way. He’d been waiting all week.

Okoro, a redshirt freshman from Greensboro in his first collegiate start, intercepted a pass in the end zone to end N.C. State’s final drive and preserved Wake Forest’s biggest win of the season. Just as he assumed he would.

After a week that saw Wake alter its entire makeup as a team, making a series of moves that finally unleashed senior quarterback Riley Skinner, the Deacons left Okoro on his own. Saturday became the freshman’s education and an entire season in 60 minutes, ending only when Skinner ran out of passes and State ran out of time in a 30-24 Wake Forest win.

For all intents and purposes, the game was in Okoro’s hands all along. But with about two minutes to play in a game that had already lasted the entire afternoon, State’s quarterback sensation Russell Wilson threw his last pass. A packed stadium saw exactly what Wilson saw — Okoro on an island all by himself with a wide-open receiver running into the end zone.

“I was waiting,” Okoro said.

Read it all from Mr.Hardin and enjoy when you Click Here.

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  1. Congrats, Kenny! Well deserving. When he went to Dudley, I looked up to him because it seemed like he always knew the right thing to do. Im proud of u man and keep up the great work!

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