Ben RAWthlisberger(Roethlisberger) shows up BIG on Monday Night Raw

Big Ben versus the Big Show, you never know, but here you go to the and the word on Ben Roethlisberger’s appearance on Monday Night RAWthlisberger…….

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Here’s the inside as Big Ben stepped inside the ring on Raw:

PITTSBURGH — While the buzz of the sports world on Monday night centered on Brett Favre challenging his former team, the eyes of Pittsburgh fans were on another NFL quarterback as Ben Roethlisberger stepped into the World Wrestling Entertainment ring to guest host “Monday Night RAW.”

Those looking for an alternative to the Vikings-Packers “Favre Bowl” certainly got it as Big Ben kicked off the WWE’s live show at Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., with his own “Diva Bowl.”

The match featured the WWE’s female performers competing in football uniforms, with one team wearing Steelers jerseys. For those keeping score at home, the Black & Gold squad prevailed.

Later in the show, Roethlisberger engaged in a verbal war of words with WWE Unified Tag Team Champions the Big Show and Chris Jericho, prompting the two-time Super Bowl quarterback to call an audible and summon his offensive line for backup.