Bringing them back: Fantasy football Page vs. Grimsley

How about we line up some of the names from the past as the Pirates and Whirlies get set to go at it this Friday night at Jamieson Stadium.

How far do the “Bragging Rights” go when we bring back the top talents from the past 40 years or so, and let them do battle here on the site.

Let’s put up a few names for your approval/investigation and let you see what you think? Who would really win if brought back the “best of the best”?????

How about we start at quarterback and examine Todd Ellis and Jeff Dunn for Page and then look at Mike Elkins and a recent hybrid of Zach Maynard and Josh Stewart for Grimsley……

Ellis went to South Carolina, Dunn to Alabama while Elkins is third all-time on the TD passing list at Wake Forest and Maynard threw for 210 yards and at least a TD for Buffalo last Saturday and Stewart is not at QB, but he is on the team at UNC and maybe they ought to give him a look; Mike’s brother Rod did a good job for UNC at QB and probably belongs on our list too……..

Elllis held records at South Carolina for many years and he is currently the play-by-play man for USC Gamecock football…..

Who are your QB’s and would you take Elkins over Ellis in a solo call or do you have another man in mind???????

We can also make a strong case for the kickers with Page’s recent talents such as Matt Millisor, Tucker King and even little Donald Moore. Grimsley can get a nod with Kirk McGuinn who kicked that 10-7 OT winner in the playoffs back in the mid-80’s and Gavin Segall-Abrams got two chances to kick one(after a penelty) for the win for the Whirlies about 5 years back and he nailed the second to win it for the Whirlies at the end of regulation….

Donald Moore hit the first one and then had to kick it again after a whistle, and he nailed the second attempt for Page, and gave the Pirates a win on a field goal in what would be probably about 6-7 years ago and Page had another kicker by the name of David Taylor, who kicked some pretty important boots in his time.

Who do you take when the kickers go head-to-head, maybe McGuinn vs. Millisor?????

We can go on and on when we look at the matchups…….Page had some excellent receivers in Haywood Jeffries, John Newman and Tripp Welborne. Keith Welborne could catch it too….For Grimsley, you had Bernard Farrington, Delton Hall did some receiving and I think Reginald Tonkins went out for few passses before track practice got started…..

Page has a big edge in that receiving department and let’s not forget two more Pirate BIG NAMES in Stafford Moser who shared time at QB with Ellis and later lined up to catch passes from Elkins at Wake Forest and how about Mack Jones, who led Page toward a State Title and later went on to start at N.C. State…..

I would say the Pirates have the edge here at WR unless Grimsley can come up with something…..

Bring on the Whirlies tight end Ethan Albright and can anybody top that for a big receiver????? Maybe John Newman would want to jump in here, he was really more of a tight end than a WR for Page wasn’t he?????? (Page had another tight end who went on to play at N.C. State and I believe his name was Willie Wright not Willie Young.) Willie Wright is coming back to me better now, he was a big receiver, who also played basketball for Page…….

I bet Ethan was a pretty steady long-snapper back in his day too and if you line up his brother Stuart Albright beside him, you have two very reliable blockers for your offensive line…….Page lineman, Steven Bell made the East-West All-Star team and he went on to play at UNC and Jeff Nall was quick off the ball for the Pirates when he was coming up out of his three-point stance back about 8-10 years ago………Oh, and you better tell somebody about Reuben Davis who was one of Grimsley’s best-ever “O” linemen and he went on to play in the pros and he was at UNC and a Tar Heel like many of the others and we are correct with Davis on offense right, or was it defense?????? I’m still thinking defense. I ran into a big former Grimsley lineman yesterday, Mark Sugg, and he also was a starter for the North Caroloina Tar Heels on the “O” line.

Grimsley may win the “O” line battle and who was the best of all?????? Was it Ethan Albright?

Runningbacks, well let’s just look at a few before the list gets real long. Carlos Doggett(N.C. State) really gets it at Page and I think Tripp Welborne lined up some back there too, plus in recent years, Remene Alston wasn’t bad at all. A real fullback, when you back a few for Page was Phil Wise. He’s now dead, but he nearly killed a few kids himself when ran over them at Page and later on at North Carolina…..Grimsley running with Shawn Brown and Robert Lane could not go wrong, but based on what I saw, Doggett has to be the Top-Dog????? What’s everyone else saying?(Page also had another runningback/receiver/return man that many people called “White Lightning”, and that was Mark Ellis, the brother of Todd Ellis…..)

Looking over at the defense a few of the Page Pirates that would step up would be Clayton Henry(LB), Kevion Latham(DL), Mike Sheley(LB), Henti Baird(DB), Tripp Welborne(DB) and maybe you can think of a few more for us?????? It seems like the offensive names go further than the defensive guys do……(Millisor at Punter was a plus.)

Grimsley on defense, you have to still love the name of that NFL-bound DB Beltin’ Delton Hall and guys from the recent years such as Lionnel Shoffner and Brandon Peguese……

Start matching these guys up, you know them and their history better than we do, and how do you see the edge, when you stack these players up??????

Who are some of the boys we have left off the teams??????

This would make for a wild game today if you could bring back the Albrights, the Elkins, the Ellises, the Welbornes, the Browns, the Moores, the Newmans, the Joneses, the Dunns, the Davises, the Halls, the Walls, and all the others……

This could be a good game-week topic!


  1. A few names from the mid sixties may ring a bell for some old timers:
    Carey Metts
    Robert Hughes
    Terry Skinner
    Jack Underwood
    All of these guys played at Page and were very good.

  2. i personal think that if you line those guys back page will win nine out of ten time simple because i think page has a better team and plus some of those guys that were mentions play on state champion ship teams and went on to play on at the next level.

  3. When you think about Page receivers you have to think about Brandon Copeland as well.. Him and QB Kevin Marshall were a pretty good tandem back in the early 2000’s.

    Also you have to think about RB Jamar Carter for Page.. I think he played from 99-03, he put up some huge numbers during his career..

  4. Smith would kick both of their butts. Claude Manzi and his single wing with Vince evans, Ike Oglesby, Mike Porter, and Curtis Johnson to change things up. Opening the Holes will be the Bostic Brothers and Tim Gillespie. Vince Evans might not even throw a pass.

  5. How about Tony Kirkpatrick(the OC at Dudley) at QB for Page,the most prolific passer in Page history . . . . . .

  6. there was a all american kicker at Grimsley by the name of Bryan Carter who went on to N.C.State to play football. It was a huge competition between david taylor at page and bryan carter at grimsley, i would give the nod to bryan carter

    THe best punter to come out of grimsley was none other than class of 1987 in me, just kidding. If we had known back in the day that ethan would be a career longsnapper than i would not have had his brother Judge Stuart Albright hiking the ball to me but had ethan with the job.

    On the lighter side I was a ok punter but back in the day you had to choose between soccer and football in the fall . It looks like now that a lot of the kids who do kick and punt are just coming out from the soccer team to play kicker for the night.

    GO WHIRLIES GO WHIRLIES and better bring your A game to bryan park for the golf tournament on friday morning cause i might just crack the 100 mark on the players course.

    There is a video out which shows some of the highlights from tripp welborne in 1987 and it was nice to show my son just how incredible this person was back in the day. Punting to Mr. Everything Tripp and saying to myself should i punt it out of bounds or
    to him? Wrong choice he ran the punt back for a touchdown and my jockstrap went right into the page bench. Final score 49 pqge to 15 grimsley.

    Great times with a great rivalry and now i am married to a pirate as well.

  7. Andy,
    Tucker doesn’t have a brother named Frank. His name is Quincy. Yes Kirkpatrick and Doggett were there together. All time best offensive team Page ever had under head coach Bill King. Also don’t forget Grimsleys Rolo Robinson and Jr Troutman. All Lewis Ctr kids that led the Whirlies to their first win over Page in 20 some years. If your putting together a fantasy team then my number one pick for Page is Tripp Welbourne at Free Safety Kick Returner. I think Grimsleys best kicker was the Leone kid….. I think he kicked at GT.

  8. It seems like there was another kid Grimsley had that might have played at State as a DB and maybe he played some QB for the Whirlies and that was Brian Gay. He was one heck of an athlete and quite a name back in his day.

    Keith is the money with Bryan Carter, he was money for the Whirlies. Carter kicked at N.C. State and Tucker King from Page kicked some for State and Frank(Quincy) King, Tucker’s brother, and I believe a QB at Page, became a fullback at N.C. State.

    Old Bawl Coach, a very good call as well on Antonio Kirkpatrick. Was Tony at Page when Doggett was there as RB or was Tony there at QB earlier??????

    There are many good names out there and we are still leaving some out…….

    Does anyone remember when Craig Fuquay was the Page Pirate QB and he had Big Bob Via up front along with former Dallas Cowboy Tom Rafftery’s brother and they had Michael Stephenson at nose guard……About that same time, Grimsley had two outstanding runningbacks in Herman Thacker and Cessie Love……

    Lots of names still out there and we need to put together a Fantasy Football Top 11 for both schools……..

  9. Got to give the TE position to Grimsley……..Page didn’t use a TE for nearly 20 years. Andy I believe your thinking of Willie Wright, Willie Young used to be the coach at Dudley. Regardless of who you pull for come to the game. This game is crucial to both schools financially. Don’t forget Rueben Davis, Grimsley, UNC, Chargers Super bowl ring etc.

  10. Coach Bill Kings win/loss record at Page (after Kirby left and before Via got hired was when he coached) was very jaw dropping.. I can’t remember what it was exactly, but the guy was a great coach at Page.

  11. and not to mention he was my weight training coach back when I went to Page.. in 2005 (my junior year).

  12. Good guys all but they all played at the same time. I’d like to throw out the name of an OL at Page Beau Fisher. Started at Center for Page in 45 games when High Schools were only 3 years and they played in State Championship all three years.

  13. Joe I think Bill King lost 5 games in 5 years. He was a great coach that a lot of people don’t remember. Andy hate to keep harping on you but Coach Edwards and Coach Brantley were the same guy…….Brantley Edwards. I remember Lou Hallow…..also coached the short lived semi-pro team here the Greensboro Redskins that played at War Memorial Stadium. Speaking of War Memorial……..why don’t we go back to letting middle schools play some football there like they used to. Keep the place being used and give the High School fields a much needed break.

  14. The other guy that coached with the late Brantley Edwards was, and I think it had to be Jerry Stanley…..I heard a lot about Coach Edwards and Coach Stanley over the years and it’s good to see their names resurfacing……

  15. Just an outsider looking in. Im a Dudley Alum and former football player. I dont have a dog in the fight, but how in the world could you guys leave off Teddy Patterson Rb from Page, Monroe Patterson slot back from Page. Chris Harris QB from GHS, Greg Franklin QB from GHS, Shawn Brown RB GHS, Cedric Combo WR GHS, Mike Wall, WR GHS, Lamont Walls RB GHS Mark Harris Slot back from PHS Marlon Kiel, Slot from Page, James Gavin QB from Page, Wes Altman OL Page Lamont Burns DE from Page, ECU and NY Jets. LAmont Bethea RB Page. Come on guys I thought you were historians.

  16. Just for the record Todd Ellis was a High School All American at Page and they were ranked #4 in the country by USA Today.

  17. Reuben Davis played on the D-line at UNC and in the pros for a decade. He did not win that Super Bowl, that went to Steve Young and the 49rs.

  18. here is a little history for you guys,
    the 1985 varsity page football team battled the odds to get to the championship game where they miracously defeated the sanford bulldogs 26-20

    Time out. 9 seconds left. Sanford plans to kick the winning field goal to win over page. Wait… could it be possible? Page lose the championship game? Lose the third championship in a row? Lose the number one state ranking? No way- not this team. Too good, too well coached, too much talent, too much tradition.

    The ball is snapped and Tripp Welborne breaks through the line and smothers Sanford’s attempt. The ball is quickly picked up by Wayne Brame. He sheds a few would be tacklers, and rambles 75 yards for a touchdown. Page 26-20

    from the page yearbook.

  19. Don’t forget Keith that that game was played at Jameson stadium om Grimsleys campus.

  20. Is this geared more towards how the players played just in the Page/Grimsley game.. or how they did through out their high school careers?

  21. I wish some of these names you mentioned for Page would come around the school more often (that is if they still live in the area)…It would be awesome to meet these guys and relive some history…The past players definitely deserve the recognition…The present players should always have respect for these past players and what they have done for the Page program. Maybe one day the present players could get that chance and make that a tradition to never let the history/ past die…I view it the same as when talking with Coach Marion Kirby…It is like talking with a legend…He is an awesome guy and awesome story teller, and if anyone gets the chance they should speak to him…Very nice and fun guy to talk with…

  22. just a few more names. lee rouson spelling may not be correct. haywood james. michael brooks. ryan rennie

  23. A few more names to mention on the Page side…Haywood Jeffries a WR with Page, NC State and the Houston Oilers(Titans), Tyler Lawrence a LB with Page and NC State. One of my favorite memories of the Page vs. Grimsley rivalry, was my senior year when our center kicked the winning field goal….Mac Stout. And of course, it was Jeff Robinson a WR made the miracle catch from Lamont Cheek.

  24. The name of Michael Brooks (LB) from Page really brings back some fond memories.

    I remember him in his college career at N.C. State and I believe his last game was a bowl game and the Pack came out on top. He fought through injuries and even made a brief stop in the pros. This man worked hard and overcame many obstacles to finish a winner.

    It seems like back in the day, that many of the Page players went on to N.C. State and that many of the Grimsley players became Tar Heels in Chapel Hill….

    This is more than just the Page-Grimsley games from days gone by, this is a standard of tradition between two schools that spans the ages from sons, to fathers to grandfathers and beyond…….

    As mentioned above, let’s bring some of these men back and honor them at the game!

  25. Turbo, thanks for bringing Tyler Lawrence into play. I was tryig to place him and Clayton Henry together while at Page as LB’s and then later on at N.C. State.

    Got to make sure we differentiate between Clayton Henry and Clayton Nance who were both at Page with Ken Page….

    Some great names from the past!

  26. What about WR Erik Barnards Page/Grimsley game heroics 2 years ago when Page upset grimsley 24-23? His 25 yard screen TD catch forever etched his name in the Page/Grimsley rivalry lore.

    Actually that whole game he had 6 catches for 116 yards

    Instant hero?

  27. btw, what ever happened to our good friend.. Jamos 24? He was one of the regular Grimsley supporters on

  28. Joe, I think Jamos 24 might have been a student down at UNCW. He was Grimsley through and through, the real White and Blue, and hopefully we will hear from him again sometime this week and I agree with you, we haven’t seen or heard from him in a while……

    Where have you gone Jamos24?????

  29. I’m really enjoying this thread,i played ball with Greg Franklin,Bernard Farrington,Shawn Brown,James Cole,Jodie Tonkins,Lawrence Williams,Rolo and R Robinson,Ethan Albright,Kelly Hahn,Keith Horn,Corey Walker,Gernaldo Caldwell(RIP),Jeff Neely.

    I haven’t read anyone mention Chad Garrett RB Grimsley he carried that whole team on his back.What about Scottie Arant i think that’s his name,also Fulton Mechum,Charles French. Keep’em coming.

  30. Which high school has produced the most NFL players? Looks like it might be Page but it could be close?

  31. Andy,

    For the real scoop on the history of these schools you have to talk to Joe Franks at Grimsley and Tim Via at Page. Long time employees of each school and longtime friends. I would love to read what they have to say.

  32. Tim (Doc) Via was my favorite teacher at Page..
    All of the students call him Doc Via.

  33. It would be great to get that Page-Grimsley perspective from Doc Via and Joe Franks. If anyone has any direcet contact with these guys tell them we would love to hear what they have to say about this series from over the years…….

    As the Marx Brothers might say, to be Franks with you, is there a Doctor in the house?

  34. Andy, we should start a new article and start talking about the current Pirate and Whirlie football players!

  35. What about the high scoring “game in the rain” (1997 I believe ) where Chad Wright and Carlos Doggett were both unstoppable? I think both of them had over 200 yards rushing and Page was the winner in a wild and entertaining game!

  36. Keith, please do get in touch with Coach Franks and ask him to join in here. It would be great to get his thoughts on the game and the game as it has been played over the years.

    I spoke with Doc Via last night and I am hoping he gets a chance to send us something.

    I was trying to reach Coach Joe Franks, but I got the other Coach Franks(Dennis) who used to an assistant football coach at Page and he was with the Philadelphia Eagles and his character was in the movie Invincible which was about that walk-on receiver, Vince Papale.

    We will try to get more in gear toward this year as we head into the Shane’s Rib Shack Show(Football in Focus) tonight with the Grimsley and Page players…If anyone knows any of the cheerleaders past or present encourage them to stop by Shane’s between 6-7:30. It would be neat to get their thoughts about this game and what it means to the student body……

  37. Page v GHS trivia time:

    Who can name the player to draw first blood in this series by scoring a TD against Page in the very first matchup? (Cue the Jeopardy music)

  38. the greatest runningback bar none was Shawn Brown for GHS!
    The greatest Greensboro Highschool player Tripp Welborne!
    names yall have not given credit to from Page are Tony Mcmillian,James Basset,BooCat & Mike Foster,Teddy Patterson,Rony Oliver,Marlon Keil,Jerome Booker.etc
    for GHS dont forget about Mike & Lamont Wall,Fatdaddy Shawn Walden the cities alltime leading takler,Willie Harris,George Williams,Shawn Tipps,Bobby Peay,Derek Maynard,Chris Harris had a cannon for an arm,OJ Polk,R.I.P Mike Davis & Jernado Caldwell,


  40. We were the first class to graduate from Page. Names to remember from that team- Robin Cobia, Ronny Kaplan, Hank Barden, Jeff Devin just to name a few.

  41. The only player in the history of playing against Coach Marion Kirby that he feared on the football field was hardly missioned in any of the paragraphs. #11 Willie Harris of Grimsley High School.If you all was not aware of the fact that this young lead the team in receptions through out the two years he started at the school. There has been alot of mention of other players that were on the team that could not carry his helmet out to practice.The 87 season was carried by the three horsemen of Greg Franklin, Shawn Brown, and Willie Harris who never get the respect they so deserve.Go back watch all the film you need to watch and see that those three made the offense.87 reception are alot when you have a running back that averages 13 yards per carry.So let keep it real and not go off the name of players that went to big time colleges.ENOUGH………. THE FUTURE

  42. Grimsley is a 4-A school with a strong athletic program, including sports teams in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming & diving, golf, wrestling, cross country, track & field (both winter and spring), soccer, softball, volleyball, and lacrosse. GHS has won more athletic team state championships than any other high school in North Carolina—the first being in football in 1907—as well as many individual state championships. Grimsley has won the NCHSAA 4-A Wachovia Cup (for the most outstanding 4-A athletic program in North Carolina) five times: 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1990.
    An athletic “boosters program,” alumni, and the annual Grimsley-Page football game generate much of the funding for the sports programs at GHS.

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