Some numbers on Peguese and Wiggins, plus raving on Riddle

Brandon Wiggins(LB) from Smith High School and now Elon University from the Phoenix 19-12 win over Furman last Saturday afternoon…
1 6 7 . . 1-0(7 Total Tackles 7 with 1 solo and 6 assists plus 1 Fumble recovery.)

Brandon Peguese(LB) from Grimsley High School and now Hampton University from the Pirates’ loss last Saturday to the Hornets of Delaware State….
1 2 3 . . . . . . . 2(3 Total Tackles with 1 solo and 2 assists plus 2 Quarterback hurries…..

We’ve got to be Raving on Riddle with Scott Riddle from Eastern Randolph and now at Elon in the Phoenix win over Furman, as Riddle led Elon in passing, rushing and he was the Punter…..A busy day for Mr. Riddle and just look at these numbers:
*****374 yards passing, 28 yards rushing and 38.3 yards per punt average……*****

PASSING Cmp-Att-Int Yds TD Long Sack
Scott Riddle 35-48-1 374 1 40 0

RUSHING No. Gain Loss Net TD Lg Avg.
Scott Riddle 7 28 6 22 0 14 3.1

PUNTING No. Yds Avg Long In20 TB
Scott Riddle 7 268 38.3 47 1 1

*****374 yards passing, 28 yards rushing and 38.3 yards per punt average……*****


  1. Andy, Just wanted to let you know also that Matt Heavner is finally getting some love at Davidson. After not moving the ball at all for 3 games, the former Ragsdale star his chance against Jacksonville. Even though Davidson lost, Matt came in the 3 quarter and directed 2 touchdown drives, the second ending in a touchdown pass. The 3rd drive saw Davidson driving for a score that would a possibly won the game, but a receiver slipped on 4th down with the field open for him. Hopefully and for Davidson’s sake we will be seeing and hearing more from Matt.

  2. Wasn’t Matt battling a kid out of Ledford for the Wildcats’ starting job earlier?

    Good to see him back in charge of the ‘Cats. We all feel he belongs in there after what we saw him do at Ragsdale.

    Matt the Cat, now how about that!

  3. Scott Riddle has turned out to be a great college QB. I know there has to be some bigger schools out there wondering why they didn’t recruit him. As a Ragsdale fan I was sure happy to see him leave Eastern Randolph . I don’t think they ever beat him and if they did it was only once.

    And that’s good to hear Heavner is getting some playing time at Davidson. He was a solid QB but he didn’t get the chance to throw the ball at Ragsdale as much as his brother Luke is now. If Luke keeps his great play up I expect to se him with some nice offers before he’s done.

  4. James Pegues from Southeast Guilford has been getting a lot of playing time at Winston Salem State. in the losing effort to Hampton he had 4 tackles(1 solo) and 3 hurries.

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