Positive people making an impact on the community

I got this news earlier this week and I want to thank Reggie for reminding me about it so we could get it up here on the site.

Congratulations to Brennan Wyatt(Dudley High School) on his scholarship offer to the Naval Academy. Brennan will now have the chance to join former Panther football standout Josh Jones at the Academy.

As many of you know, Brennan is one of the top point guards in our area and does a super job of breaking down defenses and stretching them out. He followed Josh Chavis in a long line of productive PG’s at Dudley.

We look forward to hearing more positive news about Brennan and other players in our area.


  1. That is great news. An appointment to the Naval Academy is one of the highest honors a student can receive. He will be challenged both athletically and academically. I look forward to following him at the Naval Academy.

  2. Not many people know this, but I was appointed to the Naval Academy back in 2004, my sophomore year at Page, by Congressman Coble. It was a great feeling and I am very happy for Mr. Wyatt.

  3. Andy,
    Thanks for acknowledging Brennan’s accomplishment and all the positive things that the youth are doing in the community. Brennan received offers from Brown, Columbia, Citadel and the Naval Academy. I’d also like to thank Reggie Perkins for reminding you.

  4. To Joe B.
    There is no such thing as an appointment to USNA in your sophomore year of high school! Congressman and senators do not even have their interview commitees set-up to interview and rank candidates to recommend to Howard ( or Hagan, etc.) to submit formally to the respective academy for consideration–that is for consideration because even being the congressman’s top recommendation does not guarantee admission. You still have to fulfill the requirements including passing the physical. People don’t even submit their applications until late in their junior years or most during the summer before their senior year. Athletes have their files opened earlier in aome cases, but most, if not all, go through a formal application process and the recruiter for the sport they are being recruited for will have their file ‘flagged’ once file is open.
    Go Navy! Beat Army!!!!!!
    PS. Congratulations to Brennan as well. If I am not mistaken, he will be the second Dudley plebe since Brian Crosby and Kenyatta martin graduated with the class of 2001 (????).

  5. Joe,
    You are busted!!!!!!! There is is fact no such as a sophomore appointment to any of the academies. Just a piece of advice, since you are young, there’s always someone who knows more than you, so don’t lie on the message boards. I hope that’s not your rael name, because you can and should be embarrassed ( or even embareassed!!!)
    Class of ’88

  6. Now that’s a shame that Joe lied and took away from the honor that Brennan Wyatt received. Why can’t people tell the truth?

  7. Sometimes you really wonder what gets into people or what’s missing in their lives that they need to build themselves up with a lie.

  8. The fact is you have to be at least 17.

    So if he were 17 and a sophomore then he can get an appointment…..

  9. I just now read this, from when I originally posted my comment.. I graduated from Page in 2006, and my Junior year was 04-05.. and that is what i meant to say. Not my sophomore year. Sorry for the miscommunication. My father and I were talking to Congressman Coble as early as my Sophomore year about the appointment. That is where I got confused with my earlier post. Also, after my appointment.. I even went to the campus in Annapolis, MD for a tour/visit.

    As for trying to take away from the honor that Brennan Wyatt received. That was not my intention at all.

    My sophomore year, I was ranked as Command Master Chief in NJROTC at Page. A rank that normally a Senior holds. I was brought up in a military household, and strived to do my best in ROTC. I was commander of the rifle team, and I was on the drill and academic teams, as well as the color guard.

    My father is a disabled Marine Corps veteran (He is 1 of the few survivors that was involved in the terrorist bombing at the US Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983), and my mother is also a USMC veteran. During my junior year in high school, really opened my eyes with the war in Iraq starting to heavy on my fathers PTSD, which started some other family issues at the time. I decided that a future in the military was not what I wanted to do, which is why I am currently not at the USNA.

    Also, I never said I was admitted to the academy, just that I was appointed. As One Who Knows pointed out, there is a difference.

    Seems like you guys are trying to be negative more then anything. I did not lie. Period.

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