Did time run out on Tighe? What happened to Tommy?

He is one of the best in the business, but I haven’t heard him at all this season on the Westwood One NFL haltime or pre-game shows. Tommy Tighe put it out there like nobody else could. Very creative and if you have ever listened to football or NCAA basketball over the years then you know Tommy Tighe and what I am talking about here. The way he did the names and the games, it all flowed together and it was so creative and original.

Westwood One has a new guy on there this year, but he is not making an impact. I for one say Westwood One, bring back Tommy Tighe. Make it “Tommy Tighe Time” again on Sunday afternoons and Sunday evenings, when we are driving around with the car radio on, listening to the games.

We want Tommy, who’s with me here? Is it over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Did the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor????? I thought someone said it was the Japanese. Hey you get the idea.

I might be sounding like a big ‘ole baby on this one, but Westwood One, some have their “Miller Time”, and I think we need a shot of “Tommy Tighe Time” again.

If Tommy died or joined the French Foreign Legion or something like that, then my bad, and we can move on. But if Tommy is still out there somewhere and Westwood One gave him the Big One(The Big Boot in the Butt), then we have a problem on our hands and we are running our of time, “Tommy Tighe Time”.

It is already Week #5 of the NFL season and if they have any thoughts at all of bringing Tommy back, then they better get busy.

In closing our segment, we say, “Tommy where are you man”?????

Heres an entry on Tommy from Wikipedia and this is not recent and it probably needs to be updated:

Tommy Tighe is a sports radio broadcaster who works for the Westwood One radio network. He’s been employed by the network since CBS radio days, hired in 1987 as a reporter and a commentator.

Tighe is Westwood One’s primary studio host for its sports broadcasts. He hosts the pre- and post-game studio shows for The NFL on Westwood One, as well as the network’s coverage of NCAA college basketball and football (except for Westwood One’s Notre Dame football coverage, which is produced separately from the weekly college football package Westwood One airs). In addition, he hosts the Westwood One recap show NFL Sunday, which airs an hour prior to the Westwood one Sunday Night Football broadcast.

Also, prior to 2004, Tighe hosted the pre- and post- game shows for Monday Night Football on the network, but was replaced by Jim Gray.

Tighe’s other credits for Westwood One include U.S. Open tennis coverage, a weekday sports recap show called “Sportstime”, and a weekend sports report segment known as “Sports Central USA,” which he did prior to taking over as pre-game host for nearly all sports broadcasts on the network. Mr. Tighe is also the captain of the three-time champion Thursday Night Bowling team ‘Tommy’s Tools.’


  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I too miss Tommy, especially on MNF with my FAVE Boomer Esiason

  2. This is for my boy, Andy, in Greensboro. No, Andy, I am not dead, nor did I join the foreign legion, but if they were willing to pay me, I’d consider it. Yes, I did get told my services were no longer needed after 23 years at CBS/Westwood One. The big old boot was indeed surprising, but there are many people in this world much worse off than me. Glad to know I am still wanted and am working locally throwing the same stuff out on the airwaves for the Miami Heat radio network. Thanks for your support, Andy. It is truly appreciated.

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