The Captain(Lou Albano) calls it quits

Here’s another blast from the past that wouldn’t last, as Captain Lou Albano called it quits earlier today. I remember one of his quotes when he used to mix it up with the US Express, “Born in the USA”, with the emphasis on Born……

It’s sad to say, but it’s dead in the USA for the Captain, on this Wednesday and may he RIP.(To some kids that grew up in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Captain Lou was bigger to them, than Captain Kangaroo.)

Gone at age 76, from where James Caldwell breaks it down like this:

Legendary pro wrestling manager Captain Lou Albano died at age 76 this morning. According to the Miami Herald, his family says that he was under hospice care at his home in New York before his death.

Wrestler’s Rescue is taking up donations to help Cpt. Lou’s family pay for medical expenses related to an illness that led to his death.

Captain Lou recently released his autobiography with a foreword by Cyndi Lauper, who used Albano in her popular “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” music video that helped bring publicity to pro wrestling during the Rock ‘n Wrestling era of the early 1980s as Vince McMahon took WWE national.

More on Captain Lou Albano from James Caldwell and

WWE posted a message on the “frontpage” of its website today acknowledging Captain Lou Albano’s death this morning. WWE included a classic picture of Albano from his managerial days when he wore a rubberband around his beard.

“World Wrestling Entertainment and its fans are saddened to learn of the passing of Captain Lou Albano Wednesday morning,” said WWE. “An in-ring competitor and legendary manager of champions, the WWE Hall of Famer was 76 years old.”

Albano’s death has been followed by an outpouring of notes and messages on Twitter today. “RIP Captain Lou” and “Captain Lou Albano” are at the top of the list of “Trending Topics,” which Twitter uses to track popular topics of discussion from their millions of users around the world.