JV Football Tonight and Soccer

*****We are always looking for more results…..*****
JV Football:
Northwest Guilford 49
Ragsdale 42

(NWG now stands at {8-0} on the year.)

Page 27
Smith 0

(Page now stands at {7-0} on the season.)

Western Guilford hosted Southern Alamance tonight as scheduled at 7pm in the Western Guilford Stadium.
Southern Alamance 22
Western Guilford 18

Northern Guilford 41
McMichael 0

JV Football PPD:
Dudley at Southeast Guilford(Moved to Monday night at 6pm at SEG.)
High Point Central at WS Parkland

Greensboro Day School 3
High Point Wesleyan 0

(GDS now {14-0-2} on the season.)

Page-Smith soccer PPD…..


  1. Thanks Joe, GDS 14-0-2 and Page still (10-0-1) and they meet this Monday at Page. One tie Pirates and two ties Bengals..Both still set for the Battle of the Unbeatens.

  2. I was at the Shane’s Rib Shack show with the Northwest Guilford and Ragsdale players. I spoke with the Smith assistant coach by phone. I wish I would have thought more about it and I probably could have caught the end of Page-Smith coming out of Shane’s.

    I might try and catch the Dudley-SEG game on Monday night, either that one of Page-GDS soccer.

    Anyone have that Ragsdale-NWG final for us?????

  3. Ragsdale looked better. Best they have played. As they get older they’ll figure out the wing T.

  4. guess moral victories are the norm for jv fans. nwg vs ragsdale. the kids played hard on both sides, nwg won the game, the next few years will be very good as all the players will get better.

  5. It was a very good game. Frankly I expected Ragsdale to get hammered. Ragsdale Jv’s always struggle every year with the wing T. It’s the first time they have seen it, especially for 14-15 year olds. Then over the years they study it and get reps in practice and shut it down. Tonight will be an example of that. This same varsity group really struggled with the wing T. Over time they figure it out. It’s a good offense for NWG. Nobody else runs it so you don’t see it much. It is comforting to know our program is to a point where people get so fired up to beat our JV team. The boys take it as a compliment. Great offensive scheme by NWG. Future games should be very good. Two contrasting styles.

  6. After giving this some more thought, I think I will go for the double-play on Monday night and try and catch the Dudley-SEG JV game at 6 and then head over and take in the Page-GDS game afterwards.

  7. They changed the start time on the Soccer game, so I may have to re-think that earlier plan, but on another thought……

    Wouldn’t it be a great idea if Page and Northwest Guilford stayed unbeaten in JV football and then they could play a so-called City-County Championship game at the end of their regular seasons…..Play it at a neutral site on the new field-turf at Guilford College.

    Just a brainstorm.

  8. Andy,

    That would be great, but let us not count the chickens before they hatch. Page jv has played great thus far; however, they still have Southern Alamance, Dudley, and Southeast to play. Dudley is always Dudley with good athletes and so forth, and I’ve heard very good things about Southeast. It would be great for something like this to be set up, but Page needs to win these three games first.

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