The Morning Run

If Derek Jeter had these stats in the ALCS he’d be the MVP. I’ve gone 3-3, that’s three-for-three on The Morning Run and no rain.

With all the rain that we have been getting, I would say that my luck has not run out yet.

I am glad that I did not decide to get a haircut this week. With the cooler temps, you need the extra cover up on top. Why is that you can run so much faster when the temperatures begin to drop?

When it gets down around 25-29 degrees, it does change the breathing, but in the 30’s not really a problem. Maybe the colder air makes you run faster because you want to get back home quicker.

I did see one causualty this morning and it was almost out of the old tune from the past. It went something like this, “Crossing the highway late last night, should have looked left, should have looked right, didn’t see the stationwagon car, Possum(skunk) got squashed and there you are, you got your dead Possum in the middle of the road, you’ve got your Dead Possum in the middle of the road.

There is was this morning, without warning, a Dead Possum in the middle of the road.

Dan Patrick said on his morning show that his show associate, Seton, is now in training for the 2010 New York Marathon and my minister at the Pleasant Garden United Methodist Church, Phil DeBerry, said his son was running in the Chicago Marathon this past Sunday morning.

I guess they all are getting, “The Fever”……..

I probably get it(the fever) too at about 102 in the middle of January, when the ice and snow invade The Morning Run.