Paul’s Pro Pigskin Prognositcations week 6

In the words of Peter Noonan, 2nd verse same as the first, 11-3 once again making me 53-23 for the season.

Houston at Cincinnati: The Bengals have been a very nice surprise. The Texans still underachieve but they do have a lot of talent. This should be a barn burner. Cincinnati 34 Houston 27

Detroit at Green Bay: The Packers have had two weeks to try and get healthy. The Lions are a little better but still light years away. Green Bay 31 Detroit 14

Baltimore at Minnesota: This is one of those games which show just how much separation there is between the conferences because if these teams were to switch I feel sure the records would be reversed. This is a toss-up and in this sort of situation you can’t go against Favre. Vikings 23 Baltimore 20

NY Giants at New Orleans: Can we start flex scheduling now? The Saints have been insane on offense, but I got to take the Giants though because they are a more proven commodity in terms of consistency on both sides of the ball Giants 27 Saints 24

Cleveland at Pittsburgh: This will be ugly,. Pittsburg 31 Cleveland 3

Tampa at Carolina: This one will not be any prettier, but it will be a little closer. But I do think the Panthers build on last weeks comeback against the Skins. Carolina 23 Tampa 10

Kansas City at Washington: As the team legends start to pile on the pressure starts to build on the Zorn regime. The Skins literally have yet to play a team with a win, though three of their opponents did leave with one, but the two who visited FedEx did not. A lot of prognosticators have the Chiefs as their chic pick of the week, well aside from owning the 45 for Le Freak when I was a kid II have never been Chic. Zorn staves off hangman for a week, though Riggo and Sonny are building the gallows as we speak. Skins 14 Chief’s 13

St. Louis at Jacksonville: Considering how much trouble the Jags have drawing even when things are going well this attendance for this clunker might just approach UFL levels. Jags 26 Rams 10

Arizona at Seattle: Seahawks always tough at home and Hasselback’s return gives them hope. But the Cards have had two weeks to get ready. Cards 27 Seattle 21

Philadelphia at Oakland: The Eagles are seventeen point ROAD favorites which is unheard of in the NFL. Then again having opponents talk about how the lack of effort you put out is unheard of as well. If the Raiders have any sort of pride left they will play tough this week. Problem is Jamarcus Russell is still the QB. Look for the Eagles to go for the quick knockout, and get it. Eagles 34 Raiders 7

Tennessee at New England; The Titans are tumbling faster than the stock market did last year. The Pats are still the Pats as both of their losses have been to teams who coaches are former assistants. New England 33 Tennessee 14

Buffalo at NY Jets: Terrell Owens meltdown starts in 3….2…1 Jets 28 Bills 13

Chicago at Falcons: Falcons with a little better offensive punch. Falcons 21 Chicago 17

Denver at San Diego: Broncos are due to be brought down to earth. Chargers will be desperate. Chargers 24 Denver 17