The Morning Run

In our on-going weekly series with the weather changing on us, the runs are running along nicely.

This morning it was not the sights of all the people in cars, trucks and buses that filled the log, nor the sounds of two dogs barking as they were fighting that caught my attention. It was the smell…..

A sesonal smell and a good smell. The smell of a fire burning, wood burning in a stove or fireplace and the reinforcement of that smell, with the smoke coming out of someone’s chimney…..

A smell and sight of the seasons changing as we head deeper in the Fall of the year.

Another venture or ad-venture of the morning run, was the return of “Women in Song on the Morning Run”. Today’s name was that of Trudy. It comes in from an old Charlie Daniels tune where Mr. Daniels says, “Call up Trudy on the telephone, send her a letter in the mail, tell her I’m stuck up in Dallas and they won’t let me out of this jail”…….

Another Charlie Daniels tune that goes along nicely as you are headed down the road on The Morning Run rings, “The train of Grinder Switch is moving right on time, those Tucker Boys are picking down in Caroline, there’s ZZ Top and you don’t forget, ‘ole Brother Willie’s getting soaking wet, and all the good people down in Tennessee are hearing Barefoot Jerry and the CDB.

Mr. Dainels was referring to the fact that the South is going to do it again.

Maybe we should call in the Flying Burrito Brothers?????

Next time on The Morning Run………