HS Football Saturday morning rewind

Our picks go (9-1) last night, with the only loss being the upset by Southern Alamance winning over Western Guilford. We stand at (43-5) over the past 5 weeks and this picking process is really picking up some steam.

Unbeaten for two straight weeks, if not for WG falling at Southern Alamance, and what about that game?

WG’s Aaron Jones got ejected from the game for over-celebration when he jumped into the end zone on a touchdown run and I saw it on TV and maybe Brian Hall was there and can give us a better interpretation, but I am not sure about this one. By watching it on the Friday Football Fever Show and hearing the explanation on TV you wonder what was really going on here. Aaron Jones would have made a big impact on the outcome of that game and he did, cause he was missing for Western.

Nothing missing in the Ragsdale win over Northewest Guilford eccept for points in the first half. A helmet-smack to the Vikings for their defense and those Vikings worked their tails off and they were on the field much of the night. Ragsdale has out-scored their opposition 128-0 over the past four weeks and now 163-7 over the previous five games.

The Tigers had two beautiful pass plays from Luke Heavner to DeSean Anderson and Tyquan Roberts and D’onavan Smith was running hard for the Tigers and I was also very impressed with his backup at tailback, a hard running little back, Barry Brown. Roberts gives Ragsdale a huge target and DeSean Anderson is the hardest working motion man in the state. Ellison, McNeil, Jones, McCoy, Grimes and the All-Area linebackers Sparks and Stone did a great job as always, and Avery Washington had an exceptional game for the Tigers on “D”.

The difference in the Tigers is that they have quality players all the over the field and nobody is going both ways. Kicker Kasey Redfern had an off night, but he will have two weeks to get that out of his head and to get ready for Glenn. Ragsdale will get to see Glenn-High Point Central next week and we still might get to see the Championship Game with Ragsdale-HPC in High Point on November 6.

High Point Central took care of Parkland last night, as QB Drew Adams connected with WR Derek Grant and Teasley and Monk took care of the running. Jimmy Moorman, Akeem Langham and Evan Aguilar did their job on defense and now HPC has to do the job against Glenn next week. There was a lot of heat between Central and Parkland before and after the game and HPC needs to turn up the heat for Glenn now that the Parkland Mustangs are in the barn.

I heard that Keenan Allen had right at 3TD’s rushing last night and he may have had a few TD passes too and if you go to www.news-record.com you can check out all the Nothern Guilford phots with Keenan, Rocco, Maurice, Joseph White, Daniel Downing and others in the photo section by Nelson Kepley. Keith Tolbert also has a fine write-up on the Ragsdale-NWG game at their site.

Page put up 21 points early at Smith and then the Eagles out-scored the Pirates 19-14 the rest of the way, but the Pirates are one of the teams to beat as they are getting ready to head over to Dudley in two weeks. The Pirate Ship becomes the battleship as the 21-0 first quarter lead held up last night and the reports came in that said Thuc Phan was out last night, but Drew Rogers had three rushing touchdowns for the Pirates and that was more than enough and I heard that Bruce McCoy and James Summers both did a fine job at QB for Page.

I saw our man Josh Morehead running wild in the 4th quarter on Friday Football Fever for Eastern Guilford, as they won out over Rockingham County and EG can still slide into the playoffs if they can run the table and win out the rest of their games…..

Some of the big games coming up next week will include HPC-Glenn, Smith at Grimsley, and with Western losing last night, that 3rd spot in the playoffs has opened back up again. You also have Dudley at Western Guilford as the Hornets will be going for the upset and Dudley is running Alex Moore and Davarris Martin at QB and still no signs of Demetrius Dick.

We have a few teams that will be off next week, but we will be off and running with all the games and all the covearage even when our computer crashes as it did for a while this morning killing some of our stellar content, but we still came back with more and that will test your fortitude in a hurry……


  1. if EG makes it to the playoffs, what a story to start off 0-5 and make the playoffs i believe they can but besides Josh Morehead who will step up, got my chance to watch Billy Morehead and to me his an average athlete he make plays but not alot of them…. By the way are the Morehead’s related by blood

  2. I was sitting near the end zone where Aaron Jones dove into the endzone. There were 2-3 defenders he dove over to score. The flag was thrown while Jones was still in the air to avoid would be tacklers. I hope there is a reprimand on the officiating.

  3. Page came out of the gates sailing high but quickly found themselves in a dog fight. Give credit to Smith though, because they played hard all the way through. Very good #7 running back. Fast as lightning and easily hides behind his o-lineman. Smith is a very young team and returns a ton of players next year, so they should be scary next year…

    I can’t say enough about the Page team, because they held tough and pulled out the win. All of the players have done a great job. They look like a “team” this year. No matter whats happens the rest of the season, they appear to have a good group of boys playing as PAGE.

    I missed watching Thuc Phan play this past Friday, but my oh my what a player Drew Rogers is growing into. This kid is solid every single Friday night. Note: HE IS JUST A SOPHOMORE. If this kid continues to work hard in the classroom and in the weightroom, then I see no ceiling for this kid. Very strong already and has two more years to get stronger before colleges come a calling. Him and Thuc Phan compliment each other very well. Hopefully, Thuc will be back this Friday night.

    Last, James Sommers is looking great too. He didn’t make the great throws in the Smith game that he had made a week before against Grimsley, but this kid has lots of potential to be something great as well. Lots of heart this kid seems to have, and it looks like he wants to carry Page on his shoulders. Guess what? HE IS JUST A SOPHOMORE TOO. Good job PIRATES

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