There were a lot of things flying around after Friday football was finished

There was a possible flying verbal exchange in Jamestown during the game, potential flying fistacuffs in High Point after the game, a player flying over the goal line for a touchdown in Graham and a man flies overseas and he still got to hear the game and the scores on Friday night.

There were things flying around all over the place on Friday night. We had some of the verbal exchange at the NWG-Ragsdale game and then there was the physical exchange after the High Point Central-WS Parkland game in High Point. We also had Aaron Jones from Western Guilford flying into the end zone for a TD during the WG-Southern Alamance game down in Graham. We even had Damon who has flown over to Porgrunn, Norway and he still got to hear the NWG-Ragsdale game and all the area scores on Friday night.

The NWG-Ragsdale game has already been talked about in detail in the Live Football Scoring comment box from Friday night……

The High Point Central-WS Parkland game got a bit chippy at the end and Steve Hanf has the full details in today’s High Point Enterprise:(Go to and click on high school sports to get there entire story with a Jimmy Moorman headline.)

Here’s a portion of what was going on….

When a ruckus at the end of the handshake line sent coaches, administrators and the school resource officer running to restore order, an emotional night came to a feisty close.

High Point Centralâ€s coaches screamed at the Bison to run straight to the Simeon Stadium locker room. Parklandâ€s coaches barked the same orders to the Mustangs.

Following the gameâ€s final play, words were exchanged between a Parkland receiver and Central defensive back after an incompletion, and the emotions boiled over to the handshake line, where the normally mild-mannered Akeem Langham appeared to be in the middle of the action.

“Emotions were running high. Itâ€s one of those things where teenage kids get to each other,” Jones said. “Theyâ€re held to a higher standard than they think they are. Theyâ€re not just representing themselves, theyâ€re representing the team. Sometimes you just have to walk away from stuff.”

That message no doubt was passed along in the lengthy locker room conversation on a night that should have been more about Central improving to 7-1 overall and 3-0 in the Piedmont Triad 4A, enjoying Homecoming festivities and looking ahead to a first-place showdown at Glenn next Friday.

“It kind of taints it,” quarterback Drew Adams said of the chippy play. “Itâ€s still a good win, but weâ€re better than that – High Point Central is better than that. We let that trash-talking and stuff get the best of us. Weâ€ve got to just keep our heads.”

One Central player, meanwhile, remained on the field, some 20 yards from the altercation and blissfully unaware of the turmoil raging around him. Turns out Jimmy Moorman was occupied throughout the tussle – chatting it up with Parkland head coach Deangelo Bell.

“He just told me I had a great game tonight and anything I need, give him a call and heâ€ll help me out,” Moorman explained.

Added Bell: “I was talking to him about any help I could do to get him into college. I know some folks – Iâ€ve been in it a long time.”

On the issue involving Aaron Jones for Western Guilford at the Southern Alamance game, one of our readers said he saw the Jones play and another play(from a different game) which was exactly the same, on Friday Football Fever, and he said Jones got hosed……The plays were identical, said our reader, and on the one play the ref just raised his arms to show a touchdown and on the Jones play the ref showed TD and then gave the boot/ejection sign….

Bill was at the game and here’s what he said:
I was sitting near the end zone where Aaron Jones dove into the endzone. There were 2-3 defenders he dove over to score. The flag was thrown while Jones was still in the air to avoid would be tacklers. I hope there is a reprimand on the officiating.

There really were a lot of things flying around last Friday night.


  1. Parkland’s head coach is an example of what coaching & community is all about. I’ve seen & heard of Coach Davis at Dudley doing similar things for area kids who aren’t a part of Dudley’s program.

  2. yeah that’s a class move by Bell to work for a kid that doesn’t even play for him. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

  3. Jimmy Moorman, is an outstanding kid…!! He’ll definitely be in the running with some others for Defensive player of the year. The next 3 weeks should be very interesting in the Piedmont 4A. All the top teams play each other….Fun time!!!
    *** Ragsdale – undefeated and ranked 3rd in the state
    *** Glenn 7-1 only loss to undefeated and ranked West forsyth 17-6 (ranked 14th )
    *** Hihg Point Central 7-1 only losss to WS Reynolds ( ranked in top 10 in state 20-7)

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