HS JV Football tonight

There are a couple of make-up games we know of that are scheduled for this evening with:

Dudley at Southeast Guilford 6pm
High Point Central at WS Parkland 7pm


  1. Hangin, im surprised Southeast is even on the score board, they dont have no offense. There varsity team hasnt had any offense for years. I feel sorry for there boys.

  2. This is the JV Game and the JV team at SEG in one of the best in Guilford County. They have plenty of offense over 30 a game

  3. Red Cat – SEG always has a good team. They have dedicated boys just like everyone else, maybe even more so. To make my point, let me say I was shocked Friday nite when they mixed it up on three punts and ran and passed for first downs. Dudley was stunned. Any other team, and you wouldn’t have even thought twice about it. But this was SEG, they run a offense that’s stuck in the 1990’s. But my point is the boys can play ball, but they have to run the plays their coach calls.

    I wish Ragsdale got to play SEG this year, they always brought a tough D.

  4. Working tonight. Protecting the citizens.

    I didnt mean the Southeast boys can’t play ball, its just that they don’t have a game plan. I know most people thought Dudley was going to score 75 points, thats why we picked them for home coming. But they played tough, sure didnt quit. I respect that.

  5. Dudley’s JV squad gets the victory 26-14. I will get more details later, but the word I’m getting is that SEG played a sloppy game. Drove the ball deep in the second half a couple of times to turn it over on downs.

    Hotdog 321….I have to completely agree with you on your comments regarding the Varsity Squad. With the exception of last year, SEG has had successful JV teams that haven’t reached their potential on the varsity level.

  6. Damon, in my opinion SEG will be a contender whenever they install a new offense. They are so predictable, two years ago during the SEG-ER game, I was told ER’s Coach Cates called 95% of the SEG offensive plays before they ran the play. Coach Tommy at Ragsdale could do the same thing. It’s a lack of skill and imagination to call a game, it’s like they have half a play book. Ultimately it’s Coach Hessenthaler responsibility to change the system and fix the problem. His boys deserve a fair chance.

    I’m curious, what’s the SEG varsity make-up? How many seniors started last year? How do these stats compare to Dudley and Ragsdale?

  7. Hot Dog Man- I hate to say it – but you are right tonight. Our boys come from the same neighborhoods, they can play ball. Take some risk, if they afraid to call a risky play then maybe they should coach something else.

    Got to go, good win Dudley!

  8. Hotdog321 is dead on correct on the SEG offense. Ragsdale usually knew what they were going to do. Historically SEG loses some players once they get their drivers license and can work a job. They see some attrition. Tough team though. Always played hard and has their share of athletes.

  9. Southeast must have a good team, cause Dudley JV is the best in Guildford county. This game was way to close, had Southeast not come up short on three 4th down plays it would have been even closer. At least the Southeast didnt act intimidated and unsure. The only thing I saw that Southeast needs to fix is the tackling, they got there quickly, but didnt tackle the Dudley ball carrier.
    Dudley needs to carry the ball threw the right gap, the boys ran everywhere except where they was supposed to go. But they pulled this out and a win is a win.

  10. I’m sorry, but im going to have to disagree with you TonyPG. Although Dudly does have an outstanding program, they are not one of the best teams in the area. Northwest Guilford and Page are the two best teams in this region. Both of these teams remain undefeated. It will be fun to watch Page take on Southeast Guilford and Dudley for their last two games of the season.

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