Top Girls HS Basketball Players in Guilford County/area

TOP 20 GUILFORD COUNTY/AREA WOMEN’S BASKETBALL PLAYERS 2009-10 (These are the top players in Guilford County whom everyone will be watching. They set the table for their respective teams success. They are the ones that colleges are lining up for.)

This list is not designed to short anyone, overlook anyone, or leave anyone out. It is based on what has been shown to happen with players as far as the results show. If a player was overlooked then please submit their name with facts because there are several categories for the players to fit into. TOP PLAYERS, TOP ROLE PLAYER, UNSUNG HEROES.


Megan Buckland ( Bishop McGuinness Jr): 9.3 ppg, 4.7 apg: One of the top guards in the State and country. Has nice height and size for the position. Not very quick but makes up for it by being in the right position: Is being recruited by many Division I schools including the ACC.

Breonna Patterson ( Dudley Sr): 15 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 4.0 apg, 4.3 spg: Help lead Dudley to State Championship game along side Helen Terry (Charleston Southern signee). Scored a lot of baskets off of full court press and steals in games that Dudley dominated its opponents.Scored 22 points in the State Championship win 60-58 against Forrestview. Will need to show that she can run the show this year from the point guard position. Should sign with either a low major Division I school or a Division II.

Whitney Knight (formerly of Bishop McGuinness Jr): 10.1 ppg, 4.3 steals, 2…1 bpg: Has a height advantage on many opponents . One of the main reasons for two State Championships since she enrolled.Has a nice skill set but lacks quickness. Colleges love her height and that will bring many to the table. Heard she transfered.

Lakendra Wilkerson (Smith Sr): 14 ppg, 8 rpg, 3 spg. She is one of the main players as to the reason why Smith could challenge Dudley for the Conference Title this season. She has the quickness , agility and skill set that gives Smith a better post player than Dudley and that could cause problems. Look for her numbers to be about the same and if the rest of her team come to play, they could be one of the best surprises in Guilford County this year. Was a Third Team All Area selection and First Team All Conference in 2009.

Catrina Green ( Western Guilford Sr.) 14 ppg, 13 rpg, 3 bpg: Has shown continued improvement over the years. Had a break out season in 2009 and should continue progressing on a Western Guilford team that made great strides last season as they advanced to the second round of the State playoffs. Has the height and with a little more work on skill set, she should land on someone’s college campus next fall.

Kamille Horne (Southern Guilford Jr.) 14.5 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 4.0 apg, 2.1 spg. All Conference performer who did a great job of helping to restore respectability back at Southern. She spearheads a team that is on the rise and will be the main cog for a double digit win season . She has unlimited range and once she learns to put the ball on the floor and drive she could easily improve on last years performance.She is on several colleges radar syatem.

Zena Lovette ( Southwest Guilford Soph): 14.2 ppg, 4.2 rpg, 3 apg: Had a very productive year and should continue to improve on a tough Southwest Guilford team. Has the speed and poise that creates havoc for the opposition. First Team All Conference and Honorable Mention All Area performer.

Cedrica Gibson ( High Point Central Soph): 10.9 ppg, 3 apg, 6 spg: First Team All Conference and Honorable Mention All Area. Came in to Central with a lot of anticipation and expectations. Her numbers should easily read 15 ppg, 6 apg, 3 spg this next season.She delivered very well and should be unstoppable this year and beyond. One if not the best guards in the city. Colleges are already lining up for her services. She has all the tools. She could be Conference Player of the Year.

Samantha Cofer (Northern Jr.) 16.5 ppg, 10 rpg, 3 spg, 2.5 bpg: She is by far the best skill post player in the area. She has put up great numbers for the past two years and has a nice jumper from around the perimeter that most post players do not have. Her numbers should climb in the 18 ppg and 10 rpg range. She can put the ball on the floor and score off the dribble. Was an All Conference Selection two years in a row. Third team All Area in 2008 and Second team All Area in 2009. Definately at least a Mid Major prospect at the next level. Look for college scouts to be present at many of her games.

Desiree Drayton (Dudley Jr.) 6 ppg, 8 rpg, 2.5 spg. One of the quickest small forwards in the area. Averaged 5.5 ppg, 6 rpg, 3 spg as a freshmen.Has the ability to out hustle and out rebound larger opponents. Grabbed 18 rebounds in the State Championship game which became the deciding factor for the Panthers win. Was a First Team All Conference Selection and have many colleges locally and nationally watching her every move. Scoring and rebounding should be in double figures this year.

Chevena Pickard (Page Sr): 15.3 ppg, 5.4 rpg, 1.7 apg. 1.9 spg: Has the moxy to carry a team. As she goes, so goes Page. First Team All District. First Team All Conference. Little Four All Tournament Team. First Team All Conference in 2008 and Honorable Mention All Region in 2009. Should land on a college team come next Fall. She has the basketball acumen to make a coach at the next level very happy.

Capricia Smalls (Eastern Guilford Sr): 13.4 ppg, 5.2 rpg, 2.3 spg, 4 apg, 1.8 bpg: Seems to have recuperated from a knee injury and is ready to lead Eastern Guilford. One of the best skill set players in the area. Has nice shooting touch and knows how to make good passes. One of the best shot blocking guards in the state. Has the size and ability for the position. If she remains healthy and with what she has to work with, Eastern Guilford and its new gym is going to be a welcome relief after being burnt down for three years. This is going to be a steal for a college that lands her if they have backed off because of the knee injury she sustained in her Sophomore year. First Team All Conference 2009. Second Team All Conference 2008: First Team All Conference 2007: Honorable mention All Region 2007 and 2008: Second Team All Region 2009: Don Amos All Christmas tournament team 2007. Co MVP in 2009. First Team All Conference Tournament Team in 2009 : Conference Tournament MVP 2009:Scored a career high 31 in Conference Championship game. Will reach the 1000 career scoring mark this season.

Gretchen Bennett (Northwest Sr): 16 ppg, 2 rpg, 3.1 apg: One of the best shooters in the county. Has a knack for getting open. Opponents hate to face her when she is on fire. She torched Smith for 32 points last season. First Team All Conference two years in a row. Third team All Area in 2009 and Honorable Mention in 2008. Should land on a Division II college campus. Needs to improve foot speed and defense.

Brittany Clancy (Western Guilford Soph): 14.5 ppg, 3 rpg, 2 apg. First Team All Conference and Honorable Mention All Area performer.. She has help to revitalize Western’s girls program. She has the smarts and intelligence to be a top performer through out her highschool career. Has the right size for the position. She has the green light at Western and now must learn to make better shot selections and incorporate her teammates which normally come with experience and leads to winning type basketball. Definately a college prospect.

Ayshia McNeil ( Southeast Guilford Jr.): 10 ppg, 4.2 spg, 3.7 rpg: First Team All Conference and Honorable Mention All Region performer who did an outstanding job in the absence of injured Player of the Year Amy Beasley 2008. She showed great poise and has the foot speed to throw opposing guards off balance. Her presence on the floor is a welcome entity as Southeast continues to dominate their division. If she continues to progress look for her to land on someone’s college roster come graduation time.

Melissa Floures (Northwest Guilford Sr.): 13.3 ppg, 9.7 rpg, 3.0 spg: Conference Player of the Year and Second Team All Area 2009: Her play help NWG dominate their division. She has nice inside moves and knows how to play the game. Good rebounder and post position player. Should get an invitation to play at the next level to either a Division I low to mid major or Division II school.

Denika Harden (Grimsley Jr.): 11.5 ppg, 2 apg: First team All District. First Team All Conference. Honorable Mention All Area. She burst on the scene this year after a stellar jv season and was one of the lone bright spots for a Grimsley team that has fallen on hard times since their four year run. She is very quick and has a good feel for the game. Needs to learn how to make better deisions with the ball at the point guard position for her team to be effective. Look for her numbers to rise because of more experience as she help bring back the shine to the Whirlies girls basketball program. A Division II or III player at the moment.

Megan Tate (High Point Central Sr.) The small/mid-range college hopeful is back in the fold and that should be detrimental for opponents. Her leadership and ability to knock down the long range jumpers with help elevate the young cast of Brittany Gwynn and Cedrica Gibson this year. They could easily have the best tandem in the area. All conference performer in 2008 season.

Ashley Dubose (Smith Sr.):An All Conference performer in 2009. The best overall guard in the city. She has all the tools to take over a game and the ability to set up other players. If she comes mentally and emotionally ready to play for the duration of the season this year, Smith team could become unstoppable and she could get an offer from a prospective college. A proven commodity that has been uproven in other areas at this point, which has nothing to do with her basketball skills. That change could happen this season.

Amanda Harriston (Dudley Sr.): Could be the best power forward not only in the area but in the state. Has shown during Dudley’s State run before losing in the Regionals semifinals 2008 that she can play.. She scored 18 points and grabbed 17 rebounds in one contest and had college scouts drooling. She has the right size for the position and the athleticism as well. She could easily average a Double-Double and could help Dudley reach the finals again. She did not play in 2008-09 season, but that has not stop college coaches from inquiring. Someone will take a chance on this one and if all things are in place for her, she will be playing at the next level.

BEST ROLE PLAYERS IN GUILFORD COUNTY/AREA 2009-10:( Role players are players that help teams consistently win games and on any night they could also be the leader when the leader(s) are struggling)

Molly Tahmaseb (Northern Sr): A very valuable player that takes the pressure off of Smantha Cofer. Does a great job rebounding and can score. Look for her to have a break out season this year. Has scored in double figures several times. A great player that will on many nights lead Northern to victory. 15 point per game and 7 rebounds should not be difficult. A definate college prospect.

Kelly Tessitore (Northern Sr): Shows great leadership: An All Conference performer in 2009. Has a nice mid range shot that keeps defenses off balance. Should be an All Conference performer again this season and look for her numbers to be up. Definately a 13 points and 7 rebound player. A Division II prospect or low mid major Division I.

Tiana Bowden (Grimsley Jr): 9.5 ppg, 3.0 apg: A player who made great strides. A Honorable Mention All Area and Don Amos All Christmas Tournament Team performer. She teams up with Darden to give the whirlies a formadible back court. Has good quick feet and pressures on defense.

Kierra McIvor (Dudley Jr): Played a key role as a back up to either Helen Terry and Breonna Patterson. Very versatile who can handle the ball and run an offense. Greatest strength is being fundamentally sound in a system that is predicated to whole court pressure. Her ability to pass is going to be key in Dudley success this season. Averaging double figures is in reach. A college prospect whose stock could rise even further with a healthy and productive season.

Brittany Drew (Page Jr): Showed great strides this season that should give Debbie Jones a great deal of optimism. She showed the ability to handle the ball and can knock down the mid to long range jumper. Her ability to score should take a lot of pressure off of Chevena Pickard. Look for her to start and finish strong like she did at the end of last season by scoring in double figures in six of the last seven games. She averaged nearly 8 ppg while contributing nearly 3 apg. A low mid major to Division II college prospect.

Brittany Gwynn (High Point Central Jr.): 13.8 ppg, 5 rpg: An All Conference and Honorable Mention All Area performer. One of the most tenacious defenders in the area. A very solid speed type player that plays under control. Only a role player because of the stardom of Cedrica Gibson and Megan Tate. She has already cemented her niche because of what she does on the court and college scouts are watching.

Hannah McIntosh (NWG Sr.): 8.5 ppg, 7.0 apg, 1.8 spg: An All Conference performer in 2008 and 2009. Honorable Mention All Area in 2008 and 2009. Little Four All Tournament Team 2009.She directs Darlene Joyner’s offense and does a great job of setting up Flores and Bennett. Has a good feel for the game and knows how to position herself on the floor. One of the States top assists leaders according to NC Should land up on a Divsion II or III college campus.

Shannon Buchannan (Southwest Jr): 10.9 ppg, 9.4 rpg: An All Conference performer in 2009 and Honorable Mention All Area in 2009. A good player who plays her position well. Definately a double-double performer in the making and that should surface this year. She is one of the main ingredients for a super talented team. Needs to learn to hit the mid range jumper to take game to next level. Because of size for position low major to Division II schools should be in the mix.

Portia Oakley (Page Sr): One of the best defensive players in the county. She takes the pressure off of Chevena Pickard by covering the opponents top scorer. Has shown on occasions that she could score by scoring 17 points in one of the games this past season.She does all the dirty work that helps lead Page to wins. A two year starter who should have a break out senior year with the ability to hit open jumpers. Could be a good find for a Division II or Ill college.

Zhayquondalee Greer ( Smith Soph): 10 ppg, 4 apg, 4 rpg, 2 spg: An Honorable Mention All Area selection has shown that Smith program is in good hands in the years to come. She can hit the long range shots and plays adequate defense. Must learn to become most consistent which will come with experience. She should have another solid season and contend for All Conference honors. Longest name of any girls player.

Amerijah Jamison (Eastern Guilford Sr.): An All Conference performer in 2008. Second Team All Region 2008. All Conference Tournament in 2009. Honorable Mention All Conference in 2009. One of the best rebounders in the State. Finished eight in the State rebounding 11.5 as a Freshmen. Averaged 10.7 and 10.5 rebounds as a sophomore. Averaged 8.6 ppg, 8.7 rpg, 3.2 spg as a junior. Has the ability to knock down the three and has a career high of 24 points in a State playoff game in 2008. A divsion II or III player.

Lindsey Inman (Southern Guilford Sr.): An All Conference performer in 2009 who help SG become a very competitive team. She gets great body position for rebounds and is an adequate scorer with a soft touch. Needs to increase foot speed to help get SG to the next level. A great productive season would be 10 ppg and 10 rpg.

Brittany Price (Southeast Jr): A very good tough nose player that has a good feel for the game. Very effective around the basket with good athletic moves and has the ability to finish well. A very good rebounder and once she start to knock down the mid range jumper on a consitent basis her numbers will be in double figures. Averaging 12 ppg and 7 rpg is well with in range. Left handed players are always very effective. She will be one of the main reasons why SE will be one of the top teams again even though they lost Amy Beasley and Paris Alston (SC State signee); Should be an All Conference performer with the added responsibilty. A low mid major to Division II player.

Kristin Crosby (Eastern Guilford Sr): A three year starter for a team that has won two conference championships, One Conference Tournament Championship and has advanced to the Sectional State Champiosnhip two years in a row. Her play has been critical in the teams success. She has the ability to knock down the three or score inside if needed. A Honorable mention performer in 2009. Had a career high of 19 points against Southern Guilford. A better than average rebounder who snares around 6 per game and leads the team in taking charges. Averaging 10 points or better is definately in range because of her skill set. She is on a team with five returning starters. A division II college prospect.

TOP UNSUNG HEROES OF GUILFORD COUNTY/AREA:( A player that performs no matter what happens or whom they are playing. They tend to always come up in discussions but are not the main discussion. Normally they are many times the second or third leader of their respective teams.)

Arika Shay Jones (Reidsville Sr): Averaged 14.3 ppg, 10.6 rpg, 5.8 apg, 1.8 bpg: An All Conference and Honorable Mention All Region performer in 2009. A very good player who sat in the shadows of two time Player of the Year (Elisha Harriston: Elon signee). She was one of the main reasons that Reidsville had a winning season. She had a career high of 30 points in a contest and played her role very well. She will be counted on very heavily this year and should contend for Player of the Year Honors. Definately a college prospect. Burst on to the scene this year.

Sequaya Jackson (Andrews Sr): An All Conference performer who sat in the shadows of Tonisha Baker (Campbell signee). She averaged 12 ppg, 6 rpg and help lead Andrew to a solid season. Her stepping up her game this year could help them be even better. Look for her to be in the 14-15 point range and show the leadership that leads to wins.

Miranda Jenkins (Eastern Guilford Jr): An All Conference performer in 2008 and 2009: Runnerup Player of the Year 2009: All Conference Tournament performer 2008 and 2009: Honorable Mention All Region 2008 and 2009: Honorble Mention All Area 2009: Don Amos All Christmas Tournament Team 2008: Team Co MVP 2009: A player that plays both ends of the court. Scored 338 pts(12 ppg), 140 assts(5.0 apg), 133 rebs(4.75 rpg), 62 stls(2.2 spg), 56 blks(2.0 bpg) as a Freshmen after starting the last 13 games of the 28 game season. Scored 460 pts (16.4 ppg), 169 rebs (6.03 rpg), 159 assts (5..7 apg), 72 stls(2.7 spg), 51 blks (1.8 bpg) in Sophomore season. Help lead the team to two consecutive Conference Championships, Conference Tournament Championship and advanced to State Sectional Championship game both years. As a Freshmen she had the highest production average than any player in the area in post season playoffs play. (26.3 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 8.0 apg, 2.66 spg, 5.0 bpg). As a sophomore she led in post season play with 20.3 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 7.6 apg, 1.3 spg, 1.3 bpg). Had a career high of 33 points in a first round double overtime playoff win against Goldsboro with the tying shot to send it to the second overtime and scored 27 points and scored the winning basket in the upset win against NW Halifax and Wake Forest signee Lakeesa Daniels 63-61 during her Freshmen year. One of the best shot blocking guards in the area andis an uncanny crafty player that sneaks up on you. Should reach her 1,000th career scoring mark some time during the year. A quiet leader with a passion for winning and a good skill set that works hard. Could be a major surprise when it comes to recruiting Local, State and National women basketball players.

Chell Jackson (Dudley Jr): Played many key minutes for the Panthers this past season and has been on varsity for two years. A very quick and strong player. Should have a more added role this year with the graduation of Porsha Roach and Jessica Farr. Will surprise some with her ability to score. Had a career high of 11 points this past season and could average that. Will not get the media attention that Breonna, Amanda and Desiree will get, but her performance will be much needed. Could win the Most Improved Player Award for the Panthers and make All Conference if the Panthers dominate like they did in 2009. Definately on path for a Divsion II college. A great season and more confidence in her shooting ability could elevate that.. There will be several college coaches in the stands watching Dudley this year and she could catch one of their eyes.


  1. Another player that could be added to the list is VonTreece Hayes of Northern. She has really worked on her game in the off season and will be a strong presence in the middle. She should take a lot of the pressure off Sam Coffer.

  2. Please excuse my mistake. You must not have any relatives with mental disabilities. That was a NWG reaction!
    Just call names and we feel better about ourselves.

  3. Wow…Can’t believe it’s already Basketball season!

    No Child you make the comment about someone calling names then you yourself say “that was a NWG reaction” Just call names and we feel better about ourselves……..What?

  4. Comments are more interesting when they actually say something worth reading. This posting was about some of the best young ladies to watch out for in the area not a few adults hitting below the belt. I love this site because of the positive sports rivalry amongst the readers.

    What I would have wanted to know about each of these girls is what club basketball organization do they play with – Delaney Rudd’s Lady Phoenix, or Rodney Westmoreland’s Galaxy, or any other locate organization.

  5. We added the part about “area” to take in our Bishop listings….

    Good group of kids and some fine young basketball players.

    Looking forward to the start of the season. Practice begins two weeks from today……

  6. This is a great list of girls. It will be exciting to see them play this season. Just a small correction. Molly of Northern is a Senior not a Junior, and Whitney is no longer at Bishop. I am really excited to see Amanda Hairston play this year. She has really worked on her game over the summer and will be a standout in 4-A this season. I also agree with Tom about Vontreece Hayes. She has raised her game 180%. She is currently getting offers from 4 Div 2 schools. It will be a joy seeing them play and dominate the middle.

    Alot of the girls came from the Phoenix organization.
    Phoenix Elite (Rudd) had Breonna Patterson, Melissa Floures, Cedrica Gibson and Sam Coffer.

    Phoenix Purple (Whitaker) had Amanda Hairston, Brittany Gwynn, Hannah McIntosh, Vontreece Hayes, Gretchen Bennett, Kamille Horn, Zhayquondalee Greer, Brittany Price, Ayisha McNeil, and Tiana Bowden

    Galaxy had Chell Jackson, Miranda Jenkins, Brittney Drew, Amerijah Jamison, Desiree Drayton and Portia Oakley.

    Phoenix Clavon had Shannon Buchannan, Kierra McIvor

    Mid-State magic had Kristin Crosby, Chevena Pickard, and Capricia Smalls

  7. This is a well put together list of young athletes that is very well thought through. Good luck this season to each and everyone of them and their respective teams.

  8. Andy I think a player being overlooked is SE Guilford’s Julissa Anderson, a 6’1 senior who can score inside and outside. She’s a good rebounder and runs the court extremely well.

  9. NWG reaction??? you only say that because our students are properly educated unlike other schools in the county!!! BE JEALOUS!!!

  10. This is an impressive list of athletes. I am so excited that basketball season is back. When will this same list be released for boy’s basketball?

  11. I say soon. We are hoping within the next week or so…..

    Watching for:

    PJ Hairston
    Jay Canty
    Deuce Bello
    Reggie Dillard
    Jonathan Frye
    Jacob Lawson
    Brennan Wyatt
    Sam Hunt
    Mitchell Oates
    Jon McBeth
    Dylan Berry
    Michael Neal
    Asad Lamont
    Reggie Perkins
    Tweezie at WG
    Tyquan Roberts
    Benija Wise
    CJ Plummer
    Derek Grant
    Kyle Vebber
    Carter Gourley
    Quashad Williams
    Christian Pulliam
    Jordan Robertson
    Lucas Weavil
    Adam Coble
    The new crew at HP Wesleyan:The Leaks(Deng Leak and Leak Leak etc….

  12. The boys teams got mixed up this year. It will be interesting to see how each does. I hear Brennan Wyatt is no longer at Dudley. Actually no longer in the area. But I hear Sam Hunt might pick up the slack. I hope they also picked up some post players. I think they lost all but 1 with graduation and transfers. But with PJ and Reggie still there, they will still be an exciting team to watch. Northern still has some remaining players and some new ones. It’s still hard to tell what type of team they will be. I hope Keenan and Maurice decides to play. They are outstanding basketball players as well as football players. Then there’s ORMA. I think they will have alot of people talking this season. They have the talent but will they be able to compete? And bench depth helps, do they have that?

    One player to watch out for is Antwon Wilkerson, he was formally at NE but is now at WG or WA. He has many offers and should put up good numbers on his final season.

  13. I think Antwan is Tweezie, the kid above we were talking at Western Guilford. They say he’s a sleeper and one to watch out for this year……

  14. The boys will get their turn and more!!!! Lets leave this for the girls!!!! Also, lets have some fun with all of this!! Who are the best girls coach in town?

  15. You know your right. This should be about the girls.

    As far as coaches….that’s hard. But I would say Whitaker/Odom combo at Southern. Although they don’t have a whole lot of talent to work with, they have a history on getting girls prepared for the next level. A good coaches, coaches with what they have and make them successful. Coach B-Dudley, not fan of how she runs her program but she makes good decisions during a game. She runs her game but knows when something isn’t working and adapts. Coach @ Smith, sorry don’t remember his name. Gotta give him credit with starting the season 0-7 and ended making a run in the playoffs. I think he has a game plan and the kids are finally starting to get it. Should see a lot out of the girls this year. Coach Furlough-Northern, as inaugural coach she took a team of fresh/soph and made a playoff run. I think she really prepares/conditions the girls. Great knowledge of the game and having played and coached at the college level she knows how to get it done. I think this will be the year for her. Oh and Kenny Carter! How could I forget. Gets a lil tempered but he runs a good program. 25+yrs coaching and being successful really speaks for itself. He has a smaller line-up this year but will work with it and be successful.

  16. Many coaches put their heart into the game, but a coach like Mr. Whitaker puts his heart and soul into the game. It’s turn Southern around or leave town for Coach Whitaker. He’s driving the bus back from Northen Vance or where ever and he loves what he is doing. He is giving his all year-round to make the SG team better. He is doing it all……..

    Coach Joyner at NWG has been at her school since she was 14 years old and in high school there as a Viking. She came all the way through that program and has taken them places.

    Coach Furlough played pro ball as Kim J0hnson in Itlay or somewhere in Europe before she got married and Coach Britton has a new outlook on life in a real positve way. That title for her and her Panthers at Dudleywas a great reward for all their hard work.

    He’s not coaching now, but Coach Jim Clontz who is now the AD at Western Guilford, probably has more victories than anyone in the county, if you look at girls only, from his days of coaching Coach Furlough and Lori Phillips and the Clark sisters and many others at Southeast Guilford……

    Coach Weaver at Grimsley won a ton of games and Coach Hank Bullard now at Grimsley has won his share too. Coach Jones at Page, demands effort from all of her players and you can tell by what she puts into the game, that she expects much in return……

    I bet you that Coach Fuqua at Ragsdale has forgotten more than most of us will ever know and you know what, we have some fine coaches here in Guilford County….

    I added Vebber and Gourley to the boy’s list and Weethe will not play this year, due to a torn ACL….Gourley has a smooth outside shot and he will provide senior leadership to Grimsley this year(I guess he’s a senior he’s been around forever in a good way) with Lee Sweeney, the PG Burle “Lowdown” Brown, hopefully Cade Isley is back, Lay Lay Brown, possibly Charlie Jones if he is ready and others. One thing is certan, Keith Manley has moved on and the team will look different in the middle….Max Miller gone too….

    Vebber should work well with Coble and NWG will be a contender in their new conference….Probably good to get away from Page, Grimsley, Dudley, Smith and others this time….EF, WS Parkland, HPC, Ragsdale, SWG and Glenn a better fit for basketball, one would think….

  17. Here is a totally biased opinion. Coach Furlough and her staff are the best. They pour their heart and soul into this team and the girls and the parents appreciate it. Their knowledge of basketball is unsurpassed and they use it to develop each girl. The proof is in the how much better the girls have gotten in only two years. Their passion for the game is being passed onto their players.
    With that being said, I know there are many great coaches in this county. We are lucky to have these people in charge. Most people don’t realize how little the coaches get paid. They are not doing this for any monetary reason, they are doing it for the love of the game. We are the beneficiaries.

  18. I am not familiar with Hank Bullard. Is he the girls or the boys coach? I know the girls head coach from last year is no longer there. I am not too familiar with the coaches at Page and NWG but familiar with their players. Coach Jones lost incredible talent in losing Jasmine Gill, NiNi Whitaker, and Bjon ?. I think they could have faired better last year with making changes. With the new conference line ups, do you think any coaches will change how they run things, or do you think they will continue to run their usual game?

  19. Coach Furlough is doing a wonderful for job with the girls she has, but also understand that her girls have been working out with other coaches. (Phoenix org.) Their are coaches in this area that are not as lucky as some to have the girls groom for them .

  20. Hank Bullard was the girl’s coach at Grimsley last season and before that he was the head man at Smith for several seasons. He had much success at Smith with the Golden Eagles.

    Not sure if he’s back at Grimsley this year or not.

  21. (I know this article is about the top players in the area but it thought it only right to acknowledge the people that are aiding these young women in being so successful.)

    “Please understand”
    You’re absolutely right a lot of had coaches in this area get a lot more credit than they deserve. They are the beneficiaries of the hard work done by other coaches, AAU, high school assistants, etc. As a parent, former coach, and avid high school sports fan I’ve been watching Girls Basketball in this area for a number of years, and I’ve noticed the improvements made from one season to the next in several basketball programs and those who have had a hand in those improvements. The male assistant coach at Dudley has done an exceptional job working with the lady panthers, I can tell that he really cares about the girls. Smith Girls have two very dedicated assistant coaches Perry and ??? (sorry cant think of his name but he’s a bit shorter) I see them at every basketball sporting event, contest or game in Greensboro. Those guys have been working all summer to prepare the girls over at Smith, giving them access to the same types of workouts lots of kids pay D. Rudd and Co. lots of money to provide. There are also many good AAU coaches in the area that spend their summers working with and developing the skills of their players, especially the Phoenix Coaches Sam, Clavon, Whitaker, etc. I don’t mean to leave out any other High School assistants/AAU coaches that should be recognized for the time, energy, and effort they put into these programs. If you know of anyone else comment and recognize them as well.

  22. I think more than just Coach Furlough/Northern have girls playing AAU/Travel Team ball. I believe all of Dudley girls play AAU/Travel Team ball. Not all of the play for Phoenix. Same with Northern, there are some that play for Phoenix but some play for other organizations and some dont play AAU/Travel Team ball at all. NWG, SWG, Page, Grimsley, Smith, WG, EG, EA all have girls playing AAU/Travel Team ball. The list could go on and on. Alot has to do with exposure. These colleges coaches would rather visit a AAU game than a high school game cause they get more bang for their buck. Not all AAU teams benefit the player so they have to rely on their high school coaches for development. I think AAU coaches have a better benefit because they can end up a team of All-stars. Pretty much the teams Delaney coaches. With high school coaches, they coach whoever shows up. Thats why I say, a good coach coaches with what they have and make them successful.

  23. Andy,

    From a Grimsley player and parent, Hank Bullard is no longer the Head Coach @ Grimsley. Whoever the coach is, I hope they are able to re-build the program. After Tremae, jasmine and crew left, it has totally changed. I’m also looking forward to seeing Brandon Apple @ NEG. I think he has learned alot as a first year head coach. with wearing dual hats with being a asst football coach as well, it will be interesting to see if he can pull it off.

  24. True indeed…I just wanted to acknowledge those involved in the development and progression of the lady basketball players in the area.

  25. Brandon Apple is fine young man/coach and it will take him a little while to get the program back to where Coach Wayne Stevens took it at NEG in the short time he was there.

    I think Coach Apple is now coaching football at the Middle School and that should give him more time to focus on basketball…..

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