Looking back at Page-GDS soccer

Just a few thoughts on yesterday’s game.

I was there for the second half and it was a season’s worth of action rolled into 45 minutes. I guess they play either 45, 40 or 30 minute halves. If it is 35 then it might be time to go back to the drawing board.

Excellent game and I wish we could of had a shoot-out, but they did have the JV game coming up afterwards and since it was a non-conference affair, maybe best left, even-up.

We may well have been watching the best public school and the best private school teams in the state of North Carolina. The action was continually swinging back and forth, with the Greensboro Day School controlling the pace early in the half, as they attacked right-to-left and then Page stepped up their tempo and took over on their offensive end later in half number two.(Page attacking left-to-right.)

GDS had shots going off the top of the cross-bar and the Page attackers sent up shots on the other end that were doing the same thing. One of the Page attackers lifted a shot from about 45 yards out that just floated with force to the top of the bar, but it bounced out and was saved by GDS. GDS had the same thing happen on the other end, but the extremely hard shot hit the top bar of the goal and went flying away toward the football field.

Booming shots off the top bar and off of the side posts were common on Monday, but other than the two first half goals, one each by Page and GDS, nothing was going in, in the second half and therefore the 1-1 tie…..

Tom Jackson(Action Jackson they called him) was a big star for Page in goal, and I didn’t get the name of the GDS keeper, but we will, and we have to say, great effort by both men in goal. Just when you thought GDS was going to take over and control the game, Page came right back and went to work on the offensive attack….

*****GDS keeper was Chris Groce, from Tom Keller News and Record…..*****

We will have to get some stats and find out who had the most shots on goal, corner kicks, saves etc., but from what we saw, this was an evenly played game….

Very good crowd interaction and it was interesting to see both student sections on the same side of the field.

All-around fine game and a great effort from both squads and from both coaching staffs…….

News and Record was there and should have photos from Scott Hoffman at www.news-record.com.

Shots:GDS 24-Page 11
Saves:Page 13-GDS 7
Corner Kicks:Page 5-GDS 4
*****Above #’s from www.news-record.com*****


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