Paul’s Pigskin Prognostications week 7

Last week saw a slide to 8-6 taking the Pigskin Prognostications to 61-29 for the season.

San Francisco at Houtson: Niners have had a extra week to regroup after their meltdown against the Falcons in week five. And you never know which Texans team will show up. Niners 24 Texans 21

Green Bay at Cleveland: This will be almost like another bye week for the Packers. Green Bay 28 Cleveland 10

Chargers at Chiefs: San Diego is reeling but the Chiefs are just awful. Chargers 26 Cheifs 13

Colts at Rams: Could the Rams run the table in reverse? Colts 41 Rams 0

Vikings at Steelers: Vkes due for a letdown, Steelers due to make a statement. Steelers 31 Vikings 24

Pats at Bucs: Bucs also prime contenders to ofer 2009. Pats 38 bucs 3

Jets at Raiders: Cue the Heidi game clips. Raiders have a little confidence after upsetting the Eagles, Jets losing more by the week after a turnover plagued loss to Buffalo But I do not trust the Raiders to turn in two winning performances in a row. Jets 21 Raiders 13

Bills at Panthers: T.O. is in town, go get your popcorn, too bad he doesn’t have anyone who can get him the ball. Reality will set in for the Panthers soon enough, just not this week. Panthers 20 Bills 17

Bears at Bengals: Cedric Benson sticks it to the team he claims tried to blackball him. Bengals 28 Bears 20

Falcons at Cowboys: This will be fun.All things being equal I would pick Atlanta here, but the Cowboys have had their open date, that makes the difference. Cowboys 31 Falcons 28

Saints at Dolphins:Miami building momentum after a slow start and they have had an extra week of preperation. Classic trap game. Miami 30 New Orleans 27

Cards at Giants: Arizona does not roll over when coming east like they used to. But the Giants will be in a foul mood after getting torched last week by the Saints. Giants 31 Cards 21

Eagles at Redskins: The most entertaining thing about the Skins is the rants ex players keep going on. First Sonny J, then Riggo, even Theisman is getting into the act. Dead man coaching. Eagles 24 Skins 3