The Morning Run

I have been on a posting schedule of Monday-Wednesday-Friday for The Morning Run this week, and next week, I’ll probably hit here with the Tuesday-Thursday reports.

The runs continue every day, but the posts probably need to stay on a semi-regular course so we don’t use up all the original material.

Today was a combo-day. The Morning Run began indoors with the rain coming down outside and then when the rains let up, out the door I went. Running indoors is boring and if you can get outside and hit the street, then do it.

The rains were coming and going this morning, so that meant a stop or two under a stoop and a little of the running in place, until the showers had subsided. They always seem to eventually let up when we are having the warmer temperatures and that was the case this morning.(There’s a little extra humidity thrown in for good measure.)

A bit of The Morning Run under a church door stoop, but then back to the road to leg out the remainder of the route. An abbreviated route today, to say the least, and sometimes that is fun and it makes it a good thing, since you have a little break in your routine….

The run got done and while I was at it, I figured out how I got this rash on my arm. It seems/appears to be a bit of the poison oak instead of a rash and I believe I picked it up on last Saturday’s afternoon run when I had to run into the woods and answer nature’s call.

When nature calls, you can’t just hang up, you must respond or you will pay the price and the price may be a new pair of shorts if you are not careful and respond in due time. The trees in that area of woods must have been part oak and even though I may have picked up a bit of the poison, I will close for this week with this important Rodney Dangerfield line and it fits the call of nature perfectly.

“Do what you have to do, but always look out for #1 and try not to step in #2″………..

Another dose of, The Morning Run.