CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest Week #7 results

A good number of entries this week and here are our results with the first five or six games almost being locks Green Bay, Houston, San Diego, New England, Pittsburgh etc…..

This weeks winner was Mick and he’ll have his pick of Pizza at CiCi’s.

The results:
Bamm Bamm(10-3)
Bro Man(9-4)
Big Walt(9-4)
Big C(9-4)
CAR Fan(9-4)
Jeffrey Sykes(8-5)
C Jones(8-5)
Ken M(7-6)


  1. As Ric Flair would say……….. Wooooooo!

    I felt with that line up it would take 11 or 12 wins to take home some pie. Finally.
    Let it be known I blew the tie breaker numbers AGAIN!


  2. I thought the Minn-Pitt game was a classic. As a Steelers fan, I took Minn so I didn’t jinx my team.

    I was surprised the Cards whooped the Giants so bad. I guess a west coast team coming east can play well if it is a night game.

  3. I do not think anyone in our contest picked the Cards so you were far from alone there.

    I was a long long time Raider fan. Blanda, Stabler, Casper, Otto, et al. I no longer pull for or even like the Raiders anymore but I still hate the Steelers. Every time I see that play I still hope it hits the ground ….. never happens though.

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