The Morning Run

The hardest part about The Morning Run on this morning was trying to decide what shirt to wear.

Do you go with the thin “T” shirt with the sweat shirt on top of it, or do you just go with the “T” shirt and let it roll, or do you grab the “Bright Orange” thicker Greensborosports/K Zone shirt so you are ready to mix in on the road with the cool, but not cold temperatures.

The decision was to go with the “Bright Orange”. It, in a way, serves two purposes. The thickness is perfect, so you don’t sweat too much and leave yourself exposed to the cool air and the shirt is “Bright Orange”, and all the cars can’t miss you….(Only problem is that you wore it yesterday{Wednesday} and it is still a little bit damp.)

Again, the shirt decision is crucial, because you don’t want to be out there with a shirt that’s too thick, so you end up sweating in that cool air and you don’t want the shirt to be too thin, so you end up getting the Big Chill and you are in Cold territory with a sneeze and the sniffles on the way into your town.

Today is the day you want to run the extra mile or mile and a-half if you can, since the nice fall days won’t be here forever and today was in the Top Ten for perfect days, to be out on the road for The Morning Run.

Next week 8 o’clock will feel like 7 o’clock and it will be at least 7:15 instead of 8:15, if you have been running down the road in that time frame recently. Time change is coming and Saturday afternoon will be be one of the best days of the year to watch the sun go down, as it will retreat with the visible sunlight in it’s extended form, at around 6pm for the last time until the end of March.

There is nothing like watching the sun go down in the west, knowing this is it, no more sundown like this for five months…..

The five o’clock daytime endings will kick in on Sunday and that will kill your late afternoon outdoor basketball games.

We’ll have to make it happen with The Morning Run and we’re not done, follow the sun and and be sure to have fun, when you follow us on The Morning Run………