Paul’s Pro Pigskin prognostications week 8

Last week a solid 9-4, 70-33 for the season, now let’s see if the first half of the season can be closed in style.

Houston at Buffalo: Every time that the Texans seem ready to really turn the corner something smacks them back to the status of also ran. Classic chance of that happening here, I may well be fooling myself but I think the Texans are starting to show in stretches what they have done in spurts for the last two seasons and that is be consistent. Consistent teams win in situations like this, Texans 21 Bills 17

Browns at Bears: The Monsters of the Midway will be in a foul mood following the embarrassment performance in Cincinnati last week. Of course the Browns are embarrassing every week. Bears 31 Browns 10

Seattle at Dallas: Cowboys rounding into shape. Dallas 34 Seattle 17

Rams at Lions: No way the Lions are going to let the Rams out do their accomplishment from last season. Rams 13 Lions 10

49ers at Colts: The Colts could be the class of the deep AFC. But this is the type of spot where Singletary will really have the Niners ready to play. Something tells me this is a potential upset special. San Francisco 28 Indianapolis 27

Dolphins at Jets: Don’t look for Mark Sanchez to be crushing hot dogs on the sideline this week but do look for the Jets do a better job this time around against the wildcat. Jets 27 Dolphins 20

New York at Philadelphia: If the Yankees can get Mariano the lead… Whoops wrong match up of teams from Gotham and the city of Brotherly Love. Look for the Giants to put forth a great effort after back to back losses. Giants 23 Eagles 21

Broncos at Ravens: Denver has been a great story, but Baltimore will be desperate as they can ill afford to fall any further back in the division and wild card races. Baltimore 19 Denver 17

Jaguars at Titans: The QB may have changed in Tennessee but look for the results to remain the same. Jacksonville 20 Tennessee 13

Raiders at Chargers: Hell Week part 2. Oakland puts their best foot forward, and proceeds to see it stepped on. San Diego 31 Oakland 16

Panthers at Cardinals: Panthers still have yet to recover from the beat down the Cards inflicted last year in the playoffs. Arizona 31 Carolina 14

Vikings at Packers: Too bad there is no Sunday night game this week because this one would be custom made. Brett is public enemy number one for going to their biggest rival, but it was the Packers after all who shoved him towards the rocking chair. Revenge is a dish best served cold and the soon to be frozen tundra of Lambeau Field is just the place to do so. Vikings 28 Packers 17

Falcons at Saints: Perhaps the most underrated rivalry in the NFL. These two always seem to get into wild contests, this will not be an exception. Saints 34 Falcons 31