High School football Saturday morning rewind

As we hit the rewind for another Saturday morning we see our picks from the Friday night games go to 61-9 over the last 7 weeks and after last week’s (8-3) drop, this week we hit the (9-1) mark and that’s the mark of a solid effort.

Were we not right on the money with that prediction on the Dudley-Page game? We said, let’s go with the 18-14 final, and the game ends up 18-15 Dudley. If Page doesn’t opt to go for two on the second touchdown, then we hit that game on the head.

In our pregame talks with Panther coach Steven Davis we talked about how in the previous game with Western that Dudley was getting the athletes from the defensive backfield on the field on offense and that those athletes were making big plays, and none bigger than the job David Amerson was doing out there for Dudley last night.

Amerson caught two TD passes from Dudley QB Alex Moore and on the game-winning drive, Amerson took a reverse hand-off on the kickoff and returned it to the Dudley 34-yard line and then he caught a pass and battled for first-down yardage leading up to the game-winning catch. The game-winning catch came on 4th down and six from the Page 47-yard line as Amerson hauled in the pass from Moore and took it down the left sideline for the TD and jumped over and past two Pirate defenders to complete the tally.

Dudley also gets Davarris Martin and Jeremy Reynolds involved in those pass routes and Chris Simmons can help out in that area too……

The key is that Dudley is getting their best athletes on the field at all times and they are making the big plays. The Dudley DB’s comprise their top talent load on the Panther roster.

Bruce McCoy was all over the field for Page on offense and defense and the Pirates’ sophomore quarterback James Summers had a monster game and he will be something very special before he hangs up his cleats in this town.

Dudley saw it’s defense get active up front when they had to in the game last night with Major Bryant very active as always and Bryson McCall was another Panther that turned in a Conference Championship-type performance for Dudley.

A great effort from both teams and a credit to the coaching staffs for having all the guys up and ready for this BIG GAME setting and we need to remember that Page was down 12-0 at the half and they kicked off to Dudley to start the second half and still the Pirates were able to move ahead 15-12 in this ball game and they were in a position to win the game on the two TD runs by Summers, the Anthony PAT and the two-point conversion pass from Summers to Jeremy Collie.

What a game!

Ragsdale took care of business with Glenn to move the Tigers to (10-0) with a trip to High Point Central to face the “Black Watch” defense coming up next Friday night. Paul Lambeth has the rewind on Ragsdale-Glenn and Dudley will be at Grimsley next week to close out the regular season and Page will be at home to face Southeast Guilford.

Northern Guilford rolled over Morehead 57-0 and next week the Nighthawks have a challenge coming into Nighthawk Stadium as Western Alamance pulls on to Spencer-Dixon Road to close out the regular season.

High Point Central got ready for Ragsdale by whipping the SWG Cowboys and NEG stayed unbeaten in the conference by stopping North Forsyth on the road.

Southern Guilford and NWG dropped games on the road to Ledford and East Forsyth and the regular season is now complete for the Vikings as they finish at (5-6).

Western Guilford snagged that nice 49-30 win over Southeast to end the regular season at (5-6) and Eastern Guilford behind our man Josh Morehead, got up early on Burlington Williams and then held on tight to beat the Bulldogs, 33-31….How about some of that Greensborosports.com karma for the EG Wildcats and Josh Morehead, Ricky Jones and Tyrick Reaves ……

What about those Grimsley Whirlies? They were winners at Southern Alamance last night and now they have 3 wins in the Metro 4-A Conference. Grimsley has now beaten Southeast Guilford, Smith and SA, to stand at (3-2) in the conference. Congratulations to Coach Martin Samek and his staff at Grimsley.(Dudley comes over to Grimsley next Friday night.)

Who did we leave out this week????? Let us know and keep it on Greensborosports……..


  1. so is NG going to be 3-aa in the playoffs due to the ADM #’s that came out yesterday? and will it be west or east? had been thinking 3-a till those figures came out…

  2. Proabaly 3aa, since Northern is in the top half of the class
    39 teams above them
    52 teams below them

    The Triad area is close to the dividing line for the east/west split
    Most teams west of Dudley goes west…but it depends on who gets in the playoffs

    Good luck Northern

  3. The ADMs are out but they are in no way final. Richmond Country for example…their number reflects only grades 10-12 at about 1400 students. They have a “freshman” academy and those kids have not been included in their ADM. Adjustments will be made before next Saturday…these are just baseline ADMs.

  4. There is a man in the High Point Enterprise named San Quieton Quayle that is by far the best man in the triad at picks.

  5. I dont know guys. I think Northern will be 3A. check the #’s If the rules are correct. you have to have at least 4 wins to qualify. there area bunch ofteams like that above Northern.

  6. There wont be a drastic change in the adm numbers
    just a selecet few teams… not the majority of teams

    Andy is the man around here

    32 teams make 3aa
    every team above Northern wont get in

  7. I will kick that Quayle by the tail and into the High Point Jail. I will whip his brother Dan too.

    Greensborosports.com has the best picks. HPE can’t get it off of the tee, take it from me and you will see, 30-3, will be the reality in the upcoming weeks and Quayle will bail and fail to finish the season, just like last year and the year before. He always flies off right around playoff time……

    I’ll be in High Point this Friday night, meet me at Simeon, San Quieton Quayle…….

  8. The usual cast played well Friday night with one player stepping up big, Deshawne Shouse.

    Offensively Ragsdale was led by Heavner who threw for 194 yards, with 116 of those yards going to Shouse on 6 catches. D’Onavon Smith ran for 84 yards on the ground. Defensively DE Daniel McNeil had 7 tackles with 3 tackles for loss. LB Walt Sparks had 14 tackles and a fumble recovery late in the game.

  9. Look at Andy busting rhymes up in here!

    Forget the Enterprise I’m going wit Andy
    All his picks are sweet like candy
    He goes the extra mile and give you “Moore” like Mandy
    When you’re in GA like me, good picks come in handy

    So that’s why I think Anday is dandy
    And Quayle will flop like Michael Olowokandi
    Tha’s why I’m winning all these bets understand me
    Come Saturday morning, $5 is what you hand me!

    Okay I have sufficently embarassed myself! LOL!

  10. Saturday morning I might be eatin’ slop if I flop, but I may make a stop at the IHOP for a pork chop with a pail of quail/Quayle on the side.

    And remember where ever I dine, if it’s half past nine, I be drinkin Cheerwine like a serpentine swine.

    Long live Rhymin’ Jack Simon who was right on timin with his hymen slimin combinin….

    Lunch time/Break time…..

  11. “…stop at IHOP for a pork chop”?!?!?!
    “…drinking Cheerwine like a” snake pig?!?!?!?

    Again, I apologize yall.


    Andy you’re the best! We really love this forum Sometimes, I can look at the caller ID on my cell when a coworker calls and know that you have posted something or some topic is heating up. Thank you for providing a place to chat, argue, and inform!

  12. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m free basin’ or free stylin’, but I guess I would fall into the “Free Style Rapper” category…..

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