Projected brackets for HS Football Playoffs

Projected playoff brackets from Drew Pasteur at his web site Fantastic Drew Pasteur is a former math professor at N.C. State now teaching in Ohio, who studies the probablity of how numbers and records can match up. Click Here to go directly to his site or check out the projections we have listed below:

4AA Bracket Predictions

E16 Seventy-First (5-5) at E1 Wake Forest-Rolesville (10-0)
E9 South View (6-4) at E8 Leesville Road (7-3)
E13 Millbrook (6-4) at E4 Hoggard (6-4)
E12 Garner (6-4) at E5 Broughton (5-5)
E11 Jordan (6-4) at E6 Pinecrest (8-2)
E14 Panther Creek (5-5) at E3 Lumberton (8-2)
E10 Wakefield (6-4) at E7 Fuquay-Varina (8-2)
E15 Cary (5-5) at E2 Jack Britt (10-0)

W16 Vance (4-6) at W1 Richmond (10-0)
W9 Providence (7-3) at W8 West Charlotte (6-4)
W13 East Forsyth (5-5) at W4 Olympic (9-1)
W12 East Mecklenburg (6-4) at W5 Independence (9-1)
W11 Lake Norman (7-3) at W6 Page (9-1)
W14 Hopewell (5-5) at W3 Mallard Creek (9-1)
W10 North Mecklenburg (7-3) at W7 West Forsyth (9-1)
W15 Northwest Guilford (5-5) at W2 Butler (10-0)

4A Bracket Predictions

E16 East Wake (5-5) at E1 Southern Durham (10-0)
E9 Hillside (8-2) at E8 Southeast Raleigh (8-2)
E13 Athens Drive (7-3) at E4 Middle Creek (10-0)
E12 Smithfield-Selma (5-5) at E5 New Hanover (9-1)
E11 Person County (6-4) at E6 Terry Sanford (8-2)
E14 Purnell Swett (7-3) at E3 Dudley (10-0)
E10 Rose (6-4) at E7 Holly Springs (8-2)
E15 Pine Forest (6-4) at E2 Harnett Central (10-0)

W16 Roberson (4-6) at W1 Ragsdale (10-0)
W9 Mount Tabor (7-3) at W8 High Point Central (8-2)
W13 North Davidson (6-4) at W4 Reynolds, A.C. (9-1)
W12 Western Guilford (5-5) at W5 Sun Valley (8-2)
W11 East Gaston (6-4) at W6 Porter Ridge (7-3)
W14 Davie (5-5) at W3 Alexander Central (9-1)
W10 Watauga (7-3) at W7 Glenn (9-1)
W15 Smith, Ben L. (5-5) at W2 Reynolds, R.J. (10-0)

3AA Bracket Predictions

E16 Western Harnett (4-6) at E1 Triton (9-1)
E9 Western Alamance (8-2) at E8 Chapel Hill (6-4)
E13 Byrd (7-3) at E4 West Brunswick (7-3)
E12 Southern Nash (8-2) at E5 South Johnston (9-1)
E11 South Central (8-2) at E6 Westover (9-1)
E14 Williams (5-4-1) at E3 Hunt (8-2)
E10 Aycock (8-2) at E7 Rocky Mount (6-4)
E15 Orange County (5-5) at E2 Gray’s Creek (9-1)

W16 Eastern Guilford (4-6) at W1 Northern Guilford (10-0)
W9 Hickory Ridge (6-4) at W8 Anson (7-3)
W13 Weddington (5-5) at W4 Northeast Guilford (8-2)
W12 Crest (6-4) at W5 Marvin Ridge (8-2)
W11 North Forsyth (5-5) at W6 Charlotte Catholic (7-3)
W14 Robinson (5-5) at W3 Forestview (9-1)
W10 Erwin (7-3) at W7 South Point (9-1)
W15 Enka (4-6) at W2 Brown (10-0)

3A Bracket Predictions (Back to top)

E16 Currituck (2-8) at E1 Hertford (10-0)
E9 Washington (6-4) at E8 Webb (4-6)
E13 White Oak (5-5) at E4 West Craven (9-1)
E12 Southern Vance (5-5) at E5 Eastern Alamance (9-1)
E11 Ledford (6-4) at E6 Southern Guilford (6-4)
E14 McMichael (5-5) at E3 Cardinal Gibbons (10-0)
E10 Carson (6-4) at E7 East Rowan (8-2)
E15 South Brunswick (4-6) at E2 Havelock (10-0)

W16 Concord (4-6) at W1 West Rowan (10-0)
W9 R-S Central (8-2) at W8 Northwest Cabarrus (8-2)
W13 Freedom (5-5) at W4 Tuscola (9-0-1)
W12 Hickory (6-4) at W5 Burns (5-5)
W11 West Henderson (6-4) at W6 South Rowan (9-1)
W14 West Iredell (5-5) at W3 Asheville (9-0-1)
W10 Hunter Huss (7-3) at W7 Franklin (9-1)
W15 Harding (4-6) at W2 Hibriten (10-0)

2AA Bracket Predictions

E9 Kinston (8-2) at E8 High Point Andrews (7-3)


  1. these are some good brackets. Just a couple of thoughts.
    #1 Butler and Independence will not both be in the top 7 in the 4-AA bracket. The winner of that game will probably get a #1 or #2 seed, but the loser will most likely be 6th or less. Back in 2007 when Independence lost in conference, it was given a 10-seed. Usually the top 7 or 8 seeds belong to conference winner (or the contenders who are the leading team in their bracket like Page) and the bottom 8 or 9 goes to the best wild cards.
    #2 Dudley is going West this year. I know Dudley has always gone East in 3-AA play but I don’t believe the line will go through Greensboro in 4-A play. Also, the bottom is full of bad records. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the schools (probably Roberson) gets dropped and Dudley getting a 2 or 3-seed in the West.
    #1 is sure to happen. I just do not see Dudley going East for 4-A play. If anything, let Dudley and Ragsdale duke it out in the West and give a team in the East a chance to win states.

  2. Dudley will probably go West but they could end up in the east. If so they will be the only 4A-AA Guilford County school that does. It just depends on which 64 teams make it in and how many end up in the west. If there are too many west teams then Dudley is going east.

    Personally I hope thats what happens.

    When Dudley and Ragsdale hook up again I hope it’s in the State Finals. Those are the two best 4A teams out there and the finals is where they both belong.

  3. Wow, that NWG/Butler game looks like a blow out on paper. What IF, NAAAA. Won’t even go there.

  4. Dudley has been in the East for what seems like forever, but I agree with you that they should be in the West this year and follow suit with rest of your conference. Why would you mix a conference up like that and send them to different regions?

    We will come with another Pasteur bracket buster later in the week before the final NCHSAA pairings come out on Saturday.

    It all makes for some good discussion,which made lead to some real cussing or maybe a concussion or two, all of which seem to stem from the key word discussion…..

    Maybe toss in a reprecussion for good measure.

  5. Wow can you believe it Ben L. Smith and Playoffs in the same sentence. Congradulation to him and his Eagles. Now if they win on Friday the Dream come TRUE

  6. This is the updated West 4AA Bracket
    W16 Vance (4-6) at W1 Richmond (10-0)
    W9 Providence (7-3) at W8 West Charlotte (6-4)
    W13 East Forsyth (5-5) at W4 Olympic (9-1)
    W12 East Mecklenburg (6-4) at W5 West Forsyth (9-1)
    W11 North Mecklenburg (7-3) at W6 Page (9-1)
    W14 Hopewell (5-5) at W3 Mallard Creek (9-1)
    W10 Lake Norman (7-3) at W7 Independence (9-1)
    W15 Northwest Guilford (5-5) at W2 Butler (10-0)
    As mentioned, the loser of the Butler-Independence game will fall below the conference winners and conference leaders. Expect Independence to be the top non-conference leader seed. Hopefully, they don’t screw over a school like they did Page in 2007 when they made a (9-1) Independence a 10-seed.

  7. The 4A West bracket is going down to the wire. Davie and Smith both need a win in order to advance to the playoffs. Both of their opponents are very beatable, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of both of them lose. This opens up the possibility of Dudley going West. Despite Roberson’s record, they have an auto-bid to the playoffs. There are big games being played this Friday(Smith, Davie, etc.) that will have a huge impact in the finalized playoff brackets for this year.

  8. Mark,
    Did I miss something? How can Dudley and Ragsdale meet in the finals or even play each other for that matter. Dudley is 4A Ragsdale, last I checked, was 3A

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