Last week 8-5, 78-38 for the season, let’s see what I can do with what looks to be a great set of games for this week.

Though this is not one of them…

Washington at Atlanta: Can the Skins get any worse? At least they didn’t lose last week. Atlanta 31 Washington 10

Arizona at Chicago: Tom Wolfe was right, you can’t go home again, then again the Cards haven’t played in Chicago since the 50’s. Doesn’t matter I am sure their presence will make some octogenarian’s blood boil. Actually this should be quite a game, but got to take the Bears at home. Bears 24 Cards 21

Baltimore at Cincinnati: The Ravens are no longer just about their defense while the Bengals have relocated their offensive swagger from a few years back. This one might short circuit the scoreboard. Bengals 31 Ravens 27

Houston at Indianapolis: The Texans have really caught fire lately and seem on the precipice of fulfilling their anointment by many as the next big thing out of the AFC South. However the Colts are quite entrenched as the status quo. Perhaps the Texans get this sort of breakthrough win at home, but not on the road. Colts 31 Texans 23

Miami at New England: Pats use this one as the springboard to sprinting towards another division title.
Pats 27 Fins 17

Green Bay at Tampa Bay: Ah, the Berman-esque ‘bay of pigs’. This used to be a lot more fun when these two were in the same division. Of course this year Tampa is having no fun whatsoever. Look for the Packers to pile on that misery. Packers 28 Bucs 13

Kansas City at Jacksonville: If a NFL team wins at home and no one is there to see it do they make Sports Center? Jacksonville 20 Kansas City 16

Detroit at Seattle: Seahawks in a relative breather. Seattle 24 Detroit 13

Carolina at New Orleans: If the Panthers make any noise in 2009 the upset last week of Arizona will be seen as a turning point. And in light of what I saw from the Panthers I give them a fighting chance this week in the ‘city that care forgot’ but forget is what you can do if you think the Panthers actually win this game. Saints 38 Panthers 28

San Diego at NY Giants: Teams traveling cross country tend not to do well, but the Giants are beat up and the Chargers are showing signs of rounding into form. Chargers 27 Giants 20
Tennessee at San Francisco: Wow Vince Young looked like a different man last week. And he will give the Niners all kinds of issues. But Singletary’s crew is going to be in desperation mode as they cannot afford to drop another game in the playoff race. Niners 23 Texans 17

Dallas at Philadelphia: winner gets inside track on the NFC east title. Going on a hunch and taking the Cowboys because this is the time of year when Romo has usually played his best. Of course the question this year will be, just like it is every year, can the Cowboys close down the stretch. Dallas 28 Philly 23

Pittsburgh at Denver: Sometimes the schedule maker gets lucky. The Steelers will still have their say down the stretch but the Broncos get back on track. Denver 21 Pittsburgh 20