It’s the last game of the regular season at somebody’s home: HS football Tonight

It’s the last game of the season on a Friday night at home and we will be on the road at Simeon Stadium in High Point to see if the Ragsdale Tigers can stay unbeaten as they face the Bison of High Point Central.

This will be our radio game on AM950(Ragsdale at HP Central), plus we will have on-air updates on Dudley at Grimsley, Southeast Guilford at Page, Western Alamance at Northern Guilford, Southern Alamance at Smith and whatever else we can dig up. We might even get a call after the game from Coach Scott Loosemore to let us know how the Wildcats came out with Gary Whitman’s Phoenix from McMichael……

Also try and hit for a clear signal.

The games, the games said Herv:(Wasn’t that the short guy from Fantasy Island?)

Ragsdale(10-0) at High Point Central(8-2) RAGSDALE

Dudley(9-1) at Grimsley(3-7) DUDLEY

Western Alamance(8-2) at Northern Guilford(9-1) NORTHERN

Southeast Guilford(3-7) at Page(8-2) PAGE

Ledford(6-4) at Northeast Guilford(7-3) NORTHEAST

High Point Andrews(6-4) at Wheatmore(0-10) HP ANDREWS

Asheboro(3-7) at Southern Guilford(5-5) SOUTHERN

Southern Alamance(1-8-1) at Smith(4-6) SMITH

Southwest Guilford(4-7) over WS Parkland(2-9) Southwest Guilford came out the winner last night, 20-6, over the Parkland Mustangs. If I would have known for sure that these two teams were playing on Thursday night instead of Friday, I would have picked SWG to win, since they are a very good Thursday night team….Good job by the Cowboys, now will they get into the playoffs?????

McMichael(5-5) at Eastern Guilford(3-7) EASTERN

Northwest Guilford(5-6) (OPEN)

Western Guilford(5-6) (OPEN)


  1. Thanks for the reminder on the SWG-Parkland game.

    We have it up now with last night’s results as a separate article too.

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