The Morning Run

We have been going with the Tuesday/Thursday runs here on the site as of late. Running continues seven days a week, but site reports come better in a double dose or maybe 2-3 days a week.

I had to do a quick drop-in today after The Morning Run for a Friday, with a very memorable note, as the church bell down off of Liberty Road rang out with the eight bells and alls well this morning.

You’re lucky to hear that bell chiming at nine coming down the home stretch on a Friday frolic, but to get down and out past the church with the bell going bong, bong, bong, bong….Eight times, that’s moving on with this new time change.

It’s a definite moving feeling to be moving down the road on The Morning Run and to hear that bell sound all eight times, with each sound you head further into the distance, but you can still hear the bell bonging….

It makes you think a bit of a question that I heard just the other day.

The query was, “What will you be doing the day after you die, and what will the others that are left behind be doing too”?????

What will you be doing the day after you die? Something to think about while out on The Morning Run……..